Just keep breathing. Breathe in. Breathe Out.
I early voted so I was happy to take a family patriotic pic:

I was excited to take Lefty to this amazing park.

Then had a great workout with my friends!

(I know, so pitiful with the picnic table-timer, I didn’t fit us in very well).
I had the same easy breakfast from Sunday’s meal preps.
Lunch was filling. Leftover turkey and cauliflower rice and Brussels sprouts.
Work was alright. Busy but then quiet, so I was hopeful by checking the polls and the posts and the Pantsuit Nation.

I picked up Gluten Free and vegan pizza from Blaze, and four of my friends came over(with dogs too).
We thought we would go to bed happily celebrating tonight.
We are tired and depressed.

My friend Claire gave us beautiful therapeutic artsy coloring pages which helped!

Praying for our nation.

With a heavy heart, I say Goodnight.

Day 6- almost to 1 wk!

We are almost to a week of Whole30!
This morning I should’ve had a light snack because I was hungry all through church.
Church was super wonderful though. 3 of my favorite songs, a great sermon and Communion, followed by a healing prayer service(we went up and received prayer for infertility). It was amazing.
Then I went to Yoga, with an apple in hand!
Next I made a really yummy brunch, eggs and good bacon, hash with kale.  
I got to have an enjoyable reading time and meditation this afternoon!

Tonight we had leftovers(chicken and veg stew).
We got all gussied up and went to a Ziegfeld follies swing dance party! It was super fun!
However, I was tempted at the Snack table. I splurged by having veg, fruit, and just a few potato chips. I know I know. But I didn’t drink or eat any sweets!
We had a really fun filled wknd!

Halloween Weekend 2016!

It all started with Lindy Groove Halloween costume ball! 

My husband got super into it, planning his costume weeks(ok, months!) ahead!

I think he looks the part, eh?!

Then Saturday AM I woke and transformed (it wasn’t too much of a stretch) into a Hippie for Spin class!

And for today?! 

First this am I got ready and walked Chewbacca before Body Pump class

And last but not least I was Dorothy (Er, Breast Cancer Awareness Dorothy!) for work:

We aren’t in Kansas anymore!:

Now for the rest of this week? 

-Continue my Kindness Word Study

-Start Whole 30 tomorrow

-Kindness and Gratitude Challenge

-Handwriting and Journaling

-More piano, more rest, more water (less stress, less Soda and other junk!)

Girl power!

Today I was the only girl in Bodypump class! I have gradually learned to love weight lifting! It makes me feel so strong:) 

My friend took me to lunch the other day and told me we are praying for her granddaughter to have courage.  The poor little girl flips out over a spider or something, which is something I used to do all the time. I still get nervous on bridges or when I’m up high and look down, but I no longer have anxiety panic attacks anymore.

 People have told me I was raised too conservative and that I had grandmas that were overly conservative.(“Elisabeth Elliot?!” They say. “Oh she is that one who talks about submission…”)

Not 100%true. I have huge hearted parents who gracefully taught me grace, and to be gracious.

And furthermore this is what my grandmothers (tried to teach)taught me:

To be fully present.

To be strong.

To be brave.

To be bold.

To be fearless.

To walk with purpose and travel with courage.

To recycle and be a good steward!

To use my gifts (love of music namely).

How to properly do housework.

To be joyful and content.

How to be a caregiver.

Keep your mind sharp and your hands busy.

Exercise. Walk if you can’t run, swim etc.

How to be a scholar and read and learn.

Personal grooming, taking care of your body.

Pick and cut fresh flowers.

To always write thank you notes(the thing I miss the most is their letters, scribbled post cards, poems).

To bring a hostess gift and/or how to host and entertain and lead and serve.

To serve God with reckless abandon.

To be confident in Christ.

To be feminine and lady-like.

To visit lots of churches(not just one!) and see where God works.

To study the Bible (not just what Dad the preacher or Granny the author says).

To hug and shake hands politely.

A treat is once in a while (a cookie with tea, a mint or a small chocolate), it wouldn’t be a treat if it were every day!

Cooking: soups, healthy recipes and skillet cornbread or fresh steamed mussels…

Always make connections with people wherever you are, network and introduce and discover.

To laugh.

To pray(both ladies were prayer warriors).

To love. And to live and love well.

Once again, please like and share this:


I was going to title it with a million exclamation points but I won’t! SWEAT PINK (of FitAPPROACH, INC) has a goal of a million minutes (with all the thousands of health-wellness-fitness bloggers out there) this summer! Here is their madlib:

I am so excited to join #1MillionMinutes with #sweatpink! This summer my goal is to do  _1800____ (number) minutes of gymtime(run,yoga,spin, or weights!) (activity), while wearing my favorite _teal/turqoise (color)  _ shirts/pants__(noun).

I predict that we’ll _UBER SURPASS_____ (Verb) the goal of #1MillionMinutes – we’ll actually hit 1,001,002__ (number) of minutes this summer! I predict that __running_ (activity) will be the top-logged movement.

I’ll get extra minutes in by __walk/run/bike______ (verb) to__church, walk my dog, or the gym!________ (place)!

My favorite way to get extra minutes in is by __hiking_____ (verb) with _husband or puppy__(person). __Husband  ______(person) is my BEST activity partner because he/ is so _encouraging/motivating and an avid cyclist, and PUPPY is SO ENERGETIC______(adjective). Our favorite way to relax post-workout is to _EAT! or_cuddle with a book or movie______.

I tag _THE BALANCED BRUNETTE________, __THE VALENTINE RD_________, and __HEALTHYISHAPPY____ ( people) to help us reach #1MillionMInutes… or more!

Over the weekend we went to my friend’s beautiful wedding and stayed in a super swanky hotel, The Padre.  


I was super excited to try their fitness center (my favorite thing about traveling is finding the trails or the resort gyms or spas!) and ran 30min. and tried their cable machine.  Today I went to SPIN class!(forgot to snap a pic)!  LOGGING THOSE MINUTES, BABY!  It helps a lot with my stress or the grieving of my grandmothers.  It also helps relax me since I’m trying to start a family.  It helps me get extra steps when I walk my puppy for my FITBIT goals too!

Grief observed…

Since March, I have lost my two beloved grandmothers.  Yes I am happy they are at peace, but I miss them and I have been really sad.  My runs and workouts and blogging have been sporadic and I miss yoga:(. My schedule keeps changing and I haven’t been sleeping well. Then yesterday and today I was in such a better mood until I heard and saw the sad tragic story unfold in Charleston:( my heartfelt prayers are with the families.

My grandmother 

She was 91, a mother of 5, former missionary and funny and feisty and sweet!

Now, my granny some of you may have heard of her

Elisabeth Elliot has authored 30books, was on the radio for 13 years and traveled the globe. She was mom to my mom and a missionary to Ecuador. 

Now her namesake lives in England. If you don’t mind please like or share or comment or tweet this post to get the word out that we are raising funds to get my sister and all of us there in July for the Memorial service.  Thanks and God bless!

Dr. Levi Harrison: The Art of Fitness DVD

I had been trying to research and read up on Dr Levi Harrison’s THE ART OF FITNESS.  It’s a beautiful book and fitness DVD combo, by the doctor and personal trainer himself.
I met him briefly through my husband’s work party and I saw that the fabulous PRK met him at the Fitness Expo!

What I love about Dr Levi is his enthusiasm! The DVD had a taste of this represented, and he had about 6 people working out with him at the high intensity, medium intensity and low impact levels. I liked that he believes in going at your own pace and that he took time to correct form and technique. One chapter actually breaks down some core moves and strength training such as plank and push-ups.

I love that he believes in the importance of health, wellness, and wholeness for your mind, body, and spirit.  He wants you to find what you can do so that you can learn to love to move!

The aerobic part, with a warm up and cool down, was fairly basic and fun.  The music was a fun mashup with mostly techno dance club beats, but I even heard some electro swing which I loved!
It seemed like we were dancing or using strength AND cardio, which is one of my favorite mixup ideas! I get bored just walking or doing 100s!
Then we ended with abs, so we did sit ups and different bicycle type core moves with our legs at different levels.
I was impressed with his knowledge and how he took the time to find the right form. I appreciate that on a video you can pause it or whenever in this case the teacher will totally slow it down and break down the move step by step.  I’m clueless and feel uncoordinated sometimes such as in a fast paced Turbo Kick or turbo jam or zumba classes!
When it’s raining or I don’t have time to go the gym, this video is a great complement to your workout routine!

Introducing the world’s first alkaline sports drink: PHENOH 7.4

Growing up, my nutrition concious Mama used her aloe Vera plant on everything.

I never knew you could drink the stuff and get health benefits!  I heard Mexicans make cactus juice, but I didn’t know why. I tasted the sugary syrupy sweet aloe juice in the stores, and did not like them!  I read somewhere that aloe is good for you internally. 

I saw alkaline machines that were super expensive and sounded amazing.  I have tried numerous energy and sports drinks and always felt they were to acidic for me (either made me too jittery, gave me a sugar crash, or gave me an upset stomach).

So anyway about this amazing drink I got to test and review.  I wasn’t compensated and all opinions are my own.  Before adding supplements and vitamins and drugs or any other stimulant or anything new, check with your doctor.


This all star lacrosse athlete came up with Phenoh 7.4.  Using only 7 natural organic ingredients, it is ph balanced, a light aloe flavor that is refreshing, and it is way better for you than acidic coffee or sugary sports drinks!

I have tried one before, during, and one after different workouts.  I tested one on a hot afternoon.

This drink was a light, refreshing pick me up!  It felt like it gave me the rehydration for my cells and picked me up after a burpee or a sweaty run. I now love this drink so much that if I see any other Gatorade and branded drinks I will NOT buy them, I will only choose this or coconut water or water!  Seriously, go out and get your ph balanced and get a bottle or a case!!