Why I marched

What a thrilling and exciting day to join 750 thousand people in downtown LA yesterday!

This is why I marched:

I am a Believer in God’s love and in Christ’s peace and in unity for all. 

I marched because I am anti hate.

I marched because I am for women. I stand with my fellow sister’s to unite in love.

I did not vote for our president, but I take a stand against the hatred he speaks with his tongue and his Twitter. 

I marched because even though I haven’t had an abortion, I pray for those women that chose to do that, and I agree that it is their right to choose to if needed. I stand with Planned Parenthood for Abstinence and birth control so that we don’t have to go back the dark alleys and do horrific things to our bodies.

I marched for women, beside men, beside children and the elderly, beside lots of varieties of beautiful diverse people who come from different backgrounds and faiths and ethnic groups and lifestyles. I was so thrilled to be a part of history.

I was raised to protest and do “Walks for Life.” Now, I am more pro life than ever in the sense that I am against wrongful Incarceration and I am for gun laws. I have survived depression and I know how dangerous mental illness could be.(And really, who needs an AK47 to defend their home? Not me! I support my military and law enforcement and my husband and my own self to do that:) I don’t need a gun and don’t want one.  If you want one, let’s get you screened and background checked just like our President wants to do to people of other religions. I am for the living, humans from baby in the womb to the mother to the doctor who performs those procedures, and for the judges who put the laws in place(that no government should tell you what procedures you can choose, whom you choose to marry, or what house of faith you worship).

I marched because, let it be known, I don’t want a misogynist and bully in office. I respect that Office. I have a hard time respecting the guy who thinks it’s ok to grope women.

I say sin is sin. I am no better. I stand for truth; though I have lied in the past, and I’ve seen every politician lie.  I want our president to be a great leader, and I pray for whomever holds that Office.  I march for freedom!  I don’t shrug it off as “just words.” Words matter! Especially when you’re becoming a leader.

I march because, “it’s the right thing to do.” If you couldn’t or didn’t, that is ok. I marched to support Science and the Earth and the Arts.  

I marched against racism and xenophobia and homophobia. God designed us each to be different, He blessed us with this earth, now let’s go respect each other with compassion.

Who did Jesus say to love? The women, children, homeless, prostitutes, tax collectors, the poor, the untouchables, the people who are different from you.

I love you because God loves me so I get to share that love with others. I do not love the things that God hates (lying, greed, gluttony, racism, fear, sloth, lust, pride, envy and unholy wrath). I do not like or appreciate a president who has been involved in these things and people who shrug it off as no big deal. I will not tolerate abuse. I will not put up with wrongful judgment and hateful fear and fearful hate.  

If you marched, text “Count Me” to 89800. And please comment why you marched or post pics on my fb or ig of your posters:) Also: Womensmarch

Thanks for “listening” to my peaceful rant.

Cinco de Whole30! Pilates too!

I have made it five days. Even I’m impressed with myself!;)

This am my husband had the idea of going on a family hike! Griffith is nearby, so he usually bikes it or I hike or jog it, and so, it was very refreshing for us!:

Once we made it home, I made a healthy breakfast of egg and kale. My coffee with the last of the Nutchello was especially delicious(see my Instagram for the froth video;))

I went to teach piano then came home and made a huge salad.  I spent time chewing and savoring each bite, tasting each flavor and crunchy bit!

Ok you guys it has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I saw this Club Pilates open up near me (within walking distance!)…and (gulp sheepishly) I never made it a priority to change my schedule to actually make a demo class or try a real class! The other day I saw an email in my Inbox about their One Year anniversary party, teacher training info meeting, and a free demo class that just so happened to fit in my schedule today!!  I invited a few of my workout buddies but guess who actually committed and showed up. My blogger friend and workout bud Valerie!

General Manager Sara Pauley led us into an amazing 30minute session on the Reformer. Boy was it awesome! 

Afterwards, they let us fill up our water bottles with the cool FloWater cooler! They had leftover snacks from their party and chatted with us, listening to our stories of becoming fitness enthusiasts!  These ladies (Rebecca and Jeanine who also work there and teach) were so warm and loving and kind to us!

Right now they are offering a huge deal on their membership. Get the first month for $99 if you sign up for three months!

Now, after my shower I really did feel like a New Woman!:) Long, lean and aligned!

We went on a date to Joe’s in Burbank to hear one of our favorite local artists, Barbara Morrison sing with her jazz quartet.  This was a fundraiser for Barry’s Kitchen who strives to serve nutritious meals to the homeless and unfortunate in the greater Pasadena area! Also, Barbara’s non profit, her Performing Arts center, is helping with the proceeds towards the California Jazz and Blues Museum too. Barbara is so sweet and fun, she caught me singing while we danced, and even invited me on stage to sing with her!! Such a surprise dream come true to sing “Just the Way You Look Tonight”!

We ended the night by making these delicious Paleo Stuffed Peppers!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back and go out there and vote!

Embrace the Shake

Our pastor shared this today and it is so profound:  http://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake?language=en

Amazing artist, learning to live with limitations and using creativity, showed me how to let go.
The pastor said, “Freedom isn’t just flipping over a new calendar year. Freedom is found in what God gives us…
A life without limits leads to a soul without rest; a soul without rest leads to a life without joy.
To live free, you must limit whose thoughts you will linger on this year.
To life free, you must limit what advice you will listen to this year.
To live free, you must limit whose applause you will live for this year.”
To be honest, I can be a little like Lady Gaga sometimes: I live for the applause. I crave attention and I’m a people pleaser. I grew up in a large family, next a drama queen, then a depressed, stifled housewife. I care so deeply for others, but I also like the flowers, chocolates, words of affirmation, or the pat on the back I get when someone notices me or my gifts.
In gym classes, I tend to compare myself to so many, thinking “oh I don’t have her _(body part)_”! Or “if only I was as fast or as coordinated as her!”
When I am running, I wish I was faster or could go longer up hills.
This year I want to live free. I want to rest, not drive myself to try harder.
How about you?

This SoCal gal isn’t used to running in the rain

I was kind of on call for work yesterday then ended up not having to work but am being called in soon (earlier than normal). So this morning I went for a run, but had no idea it was going to rain. Sometimes arthritis will tell me! I guess my supplements are working;) It was a nice refreshing quick watering, the gentle sound against my hard heavy pounding and my playlist. I got a little wet but it’s kind of like when you get a hard workout sweat soaked shirt, it actually wasn’t that bad! I did slow down on the downhill because it was slick, and my pace is still slow uphill. I could blame that on just my tired, worn out self too, not just the hills.

dietbetter.com anyone? Have you heard of it, tried it, done it before? They have a great smartphone app too. I’m excited but only have 1 maybe so far. I’m ready to get my team started! I’m hung Ho because I’ve been feeling sluggish and stressed lately. I have a lot on my plate, so sometimes I don’t plan well and then I eat poorly too(or over eat the comfort foods). I have watched the scale go up instead of watching it go down and I am Ready for a change.

Last night I heard from some amazing women musicians and met some cool artists at wonderwomenla.com out at Arcadia Blues club. My fantastic friend aprilsnowmusic.com was there not just a producer of the event but she sang and played piano! I also really enjoyed facebook.com/niambisings and met the wonderful facebook.com/rebduce and loved colormehomemusic.com too! I liked tamibahatphotography.com as well as mixedmediagirl.com ! We also heard some amazing poetry too. What a great night!
I felt so motivated and alive after talking to theseasonaldiet.com ! They are a fabulous resource for Healthy Living!!! I am learning so much from them.

Pamper thyself

I am putting this in all categories because I believe it’s important to be a whole person. My friend and one of my mentors, author Donna Otto, taught me that since the beautiful Queen Esther spent 6 months undergoing beauty treatments before she met her king that it’s important for us to take care of ourselves. So every Saturday (or Sunday whichever is your sabbath or weekend) I check my nails (all 20!) for any mani pedi needs, light a candle, put my relaxing tunes on, and jump in the shower. First I cleanse (I have heard you should use gel cleansers in hotter months and cream cleansers in cold dry months, but it’s up to you&your skin type. I have combination) then scrub, and exfoliate as the steam opens my pores. I do my face with the Clarisonic scrub brush (battery operated, and I got it on sale at Marshall’s!) and then apply a clay mask or a peel (whatever i have on hand) and I exfoliate using a body scrub neck down. While my face mask is drying I wash my hair and then use a hair mask, oil, or conditioning treatment. While that is setting, I shave and then I want to rinse or soak in a bubble bath because that’s what is relaxing for me(but you can do as you please. You could also just do the facial part over the sink if you like). I also scrub with a pumice and soak my feet. I love to use Mary Kay satin hands and lips if I have it or have time. When I’m done I towel pat dry and tone (witch hazel or toner) then moisturize(vitamin c serum, sunscreen or night cream(depending on time of day), also eye cream or gel)… Lastly I moisturize with body lotion. I know it seems like a lot but I’ve done it under 20 minutes before!
10 with just the facial:)
Facial: steam, cleanse, scrub, mask/peel, tone, moisturize.
What do you do on your time to feel beautiful?

I wanna like it more

I once heard Judd Apatow being interviewed on NPR and so I got excited about his film “This is 40.” I am glad I didn’t spend movie theatre prices and gas to go see it. We were disappointed, disturbed, and disgusted. Ok I laughed a few times but not at the usual Hollywood sex jokes- they weren’t funny. It was disinteresting after a while. It was sad and didn’t resolve. Ok so maybe it was realistic to think some people cuss that much at each other but my husband and I are blessed- we don’t fight like that. Maybe we are too laid back?! But I’ll take that over all the yelling and cussing that I just heard for two hours. I liked some of the actors but kept going, “really?! Every other word?” To me that’s just gratuitous. I did like some of the aging rituals – trips to doctor or tests or things that 40 year olds may go through, but we didn’t need the whole hemorrhoid scene where he holds his
Legs up the entire time(what guy could do that for that long?! No stirrups!) I just didn’t think it was worth it. If you saw this&enjoyed it please tell me why I should 🙂 after a busy day at work I enjoyed The zankou meal my husband got us but really?! Ugh- I picked a dud.

Fun times!

Every year I try to see as many Oscar nominees as possible, but it never happens… I love movies, they can be like an escape to me, and I love supporting the arts. Either I host or we go to a party. Tonight happened to fall on my friend’s birthday so we got to go to her fancy party. This girl went all out with decor, film themed food, and even a little photo booth op! (Maybe I can post pics later:)) She did very well!

Last year was my first year to win big and get a lot of them right(I guess I guessed well?) but tonight I lost, really, really lost. I only got 6 right (and one was best picture “Argo”!) but I think it’s either I didn’t see enough, and didn’t pay attention to enough of the talk or critics’ reviews, and so I went with what I wanted but had no clue who might win. All in all it was fun, and I loved all the musical numbers:)
What did you think? We’re you surprised by the outcome? What were some of your fave moments?