BE FIT Product Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Sweat Pink and BE FIT teamed up so that I was chosen to review this product for free. Please check with your medical doctor before starting any diet supplements or new workout routines. And all opinions are my own.

I love the ease and simplicity of this product line.  Continue reading BE FIT Product Review and Giveaway!

Review of Nike Terra Kiger Trail Runners

Yes, so this morning I met some nice folks from Fleet Feet Burbank to try their Winter Trail Running series!!  IMG_7153

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I’m back!

Hey guys,

So I got confused and frustrated and gave up on blogging for awhile. I didn’t stop, and you can always find me on Instagram, but I needed a break.  I was comparing myself to other bloggers, writers, fit peeps, and the like, and I needed to quit! Continue reading I’m back!

Wow what a fun Friday!!! Yay!

 A small recap of everything I did today!
Puppy woke me early so I figured I’d rather be downtown than at home, so I went to take the early train…Which was delayed 20-25 min:(

I finally got there (even got coffee!) for the 7a workout with Kaia Fit Kore Konditioning; whew! What a workout! It’s a franchise that even I could open one in LA!:). Bodyweight mixed with conditioning mixed with dance!

You guys the Blogfest has been so helpful! I am growing and becoming more confident:)

Then we got to hear: drumroll please

Gabriella Reece, so inspiring!

And I got to work out with her!

Another workout you say? Indeed. And this is a HighX HIIT CLass! It was super hardcore!  Body and weights and speed all mixed!!!!

The afternoon sessions were fun and helpful too!!

Then I enjoyed the expo and then our networking mixer-Yay! More to come!

Totally Drenched Fitness

Y’all, I am totally DRENCHED!

Let me explain.  One of my favorite blogging friends, Melissa from thevalentinerd, kindly invited me to a Drenched Fitness event.  I had briefly heard someone mention “Drenched,” and have heard of these gyms such as Orange Theory or others that mix cardio and HIIT and strength training all in one action-packed workout, but did not know much about it.

From my own experience, all of these combined really give great results, and I have learned to love Tabata and other HIIT classes such as Nike Training at 24, or other bootcamps and plyometrics.  I have felt lighter yet stronger (more toned and sculpted) with these types of workouts than any other!  Women’s Health Magazine has an article on how Britney Spears feels more toned and fit doing DRENCHED than anything else, too!  So at this event, I got to take home their issue! Check this out:


What Drenched does, is, is pure genius.  They even have a kids club and even better, offer healthy salads and soups that fill your macro needs!  Drenched uses treadmills and free weights, balls, therabands, and more.  We warmed up on the treadmill, and the teacher calls out intervals, like sprint at this incline, or jog or walk at such and such incline.  Then we switched it up: A few of us would do bicep curls or abs with the ball, while a few of us did the Flexline which I’m about to explain:

NOW, drumroll, please:IMG_0567

I was one of the honored guests to try their brand new hydraulic system called “FLEXLINE” !  The creator of FlexLine had just installed it that day so that we could all try it out.  It is so unique!  It’s like a computerized cable system but with hydraulics, so you can plus or minus how heavy you want to lift!  It is SUPER AWESOME and you should GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW (if you live near Drenched!)!!!  I had a little trouble at first because I don’t think I had the right stance or form or technique down right away!  But the two teachers (one was the Owner) showed me and it was REALLY COOL!

The DJ Cleveland Terry was there playing awesome tunes, the nearby smoothie place Nutrition Fix was there (check them out on Facebook and yelp), and everyone was so excited, friendly, and helpful.  QUEST protein bars let me sample and try out so many flavors and even a protein chip pack! (Have you tried their Protein Chips?!)  I got to sample this AMAZING vegan gluten free cookie from Karma Bakery too

All in all, we had a lot of fun and I got totally drenched!!

IMG_0570 me with the owner! IMG_0571 IMG_0576Me with the Valentine RD! 

IMG_0569 Preworkout  IMG_0568

All my fave MLM products in one!!!

So you all know I supplement with all natural, non gmo, gf, vitamins, minerals, and the superfood that is reliv with Lunasin…? Ok good. It is safe for animals, babies, pregnant women and the elderly. It has changed my life and it once helped me lose 40lbs. Got it? I take it twice a day & I’ll never stop taking it! How do you get it? My sister (over at does the business from her home and I can help get you involved or help you get a discount. I also support the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, which helps nourish The World!!!

Then there’s DoTerra. This year I just found out about essential oils and how aromatherapy, topical and internal use can all help! My friend Emily does the business and it has helped her back pain! Now, my favorite product Digestzen has helped my bloating and digestive issues and PastTense helped my headaches.  Check her Facebook Page also

You might be able to see the floral lunch tote from my friend Jade from Thirty-One! (Her blog is at I am hosting my first party soon! I love how bags help organize my busy, on the go lifestyle.

You can also spot my cute Jamberry nails from my friend Bethany who introduced me to Kathleen who does the business while she is in school. Check out:

Lastly, you can see my cherry red lips from Mary Kay. Over the years, I have met several friends in numerous companies but I like to say Mary Kay is the grandma to all of us. I have several friends and contacts in Avon(I use their eye shadow all the time), Younique 3D eye products (saved my poor blond lashes! Check out my friend, Arbonne and Mary Kay, as well as other skin care and makeup companies! I just used my pampered chef items for dinner! I truly believe in these products and companies, because I see how it helps people supplement their income, or changed a life through nutrition, or complements their healthcare. I have tried several, and these listed are my tried and true favorites! I give them all 5 stars and happily review them here so you all know to reach out and support some good people!

I still love my job but this way I feel like I’m supporting the friends around me who get to work for themselves or who have created some fantastic products! Please let me know if you need help finding something and I’ll hook you up.

Review of the huxfit TP Buddie

I ran into huxfit at Idea World fitness expo. I had never heard of this new grassroots company, but I was drawn to their innovative massager, the TP Buddie. The what?!, you say?
It’s a buddie for your Trigger Points!
Ouch? Uncomfortable? Quite the contrary, my friend.
The minute I tested the product I became more relaxed, right then and there.
I am not a fan of vibrating massage chairs, electrical stimulation, or even battery powered hand massagers. It makes me numb, too ticklish and tingly, and it is uncomfortable.
I am hyper mobile and I think I have ADHD. I am hypersensitive to noise and it takes me forever to force myself to slow down and relax. Yoga, meditation, ocean or gardens or parks, bubble baths, essential oils, all help me but I seriously need to force myself to schedule those. I know I could use more massages, but that takes time and money. I am so sensitive that I have to tell masseuses and trainers and therapists to be extra gentle- I can’t handle the deep tissue!
And, on top of it all, is the fact that I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders. With the TP buddie I control how deep I go or can simply tell the other person to go harder or softer, etc.
When I feel tense now, I grab the TP Buddie or I hand it to my husband and he helps me massage my back.
That night during the Expo I took it to show my friends I was staying with and massaged all the tension out of my friend’s back. He had had a long stressful day driving to visit a prison(I think through a church ministry), which was draining, and I almost helped him to go to sleep. He fell in love with the TP buddie.
Ever since August, my husband loves the TP Buddie also. He just uses it on his own neck or shoulder or asks me to work on a spot on his back.
This is so great for couples or friends to use.
The TP buddie gently rubs all the pain and tension out in a slow healthy doable way. So you don’t need a partner but you may want to give one so you can have your own!
I hope gyms, chiro and physical therapy clinics will all give it a try!

I received a wonderfully handy tool the TP Buddie for review. No monetary compensation, and all opinions are my own. Please consult your doctor if you’re experiencing pain or inflammation.


Paula’s Choice Radiance Booster

After a sweaty workout we hit the shower right? And after a shower we moisturize right?
Right! But do you use a toner or a serum? Do you use night cream?
I was asked to review a new product for the skin care line, Paula’s Choice. I was not monetarily compensated, and all opinions are my own.
I have been experimenting with this product morning and night. I either would apply before moisturizer or blend it in with sunscreen.
At first, it came out much faster than I expected so I felt like I wasted a bit.
So the second time and thereafter, I used sparingly and felt great.
My skin has been feeling more fresh and radiant when I use this. Sometimes in winter it dries out or feels tired, but now with this booster it feels soft, smooth and supple.
I love that it didn’t feel greasy or clog my pores! I love that it didn’t smell of heavy perfumes or make my skin tingly red or burn at all.
I want to share this with my mama or friends, but I believe I was testing out their newest product so I don’t know what is even in it yet!
I’m glad I got to try this and want to know more. Usually I’m wary of these kinds of items thinking they won’t deliver, it might be snake oil, but this actually did what it said it would.
I do like this product and will want to confuse using it year round. Thankful for this fun opportunity!
I will definitely need it in the morning as I am tired but cannot sleep because I’m having a coughing fit. Rest well friends! Sleep is one of the main things that helps our skin.

Introducing the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue

Remember I went to this huge, amazing IDEA WORLD Fitness Expo and BlogFest? The blogfest part was amazing, thanks to my SweatPInk, Sweat Guru friends over at Fit Approach.  However, I was so fascinated by all the new products and, even more excited about all the networking with Fitness Professionals at the expo.  I ran into trainers, met technicians, saw athletes and watched dancers. Best of all, I met new friends like Marc Erickson from Studio-Cycles, who I have been communicating with.  Recently, his colleague Justin brought me my very own SCHWINN AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue to try!


After meeting at IDEA World, we have been discussing the idea of me testing different products from them and blogging reviews, here on my site and on their site.  I was thrilled that they would offer me this opportunity!

Disclaimer: I was asked to review a Studio-Cycle Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor cycle bike.  I was not compensated monetarily and ALL opinions are my own.

From the moment I clicked in with my Pearlizumi shoes, I knew I had found a wonderful bike.  The saddle is comfortable and I can get a really good workout or just glide to cool down.  I found that they purposefully make this a smooth and quiet ride for most users, and it’s not clinky-clunky or awkward like some of the lesser, cheaper bikes I’ve had to ride on.  (I usually go to 24 Hour Fitness, but I’ve tried YMCA, Total Woman, and Pedal Spin; they all use different bikes, but I don’t think they use Schwinn).  It isn’t squeaky or makes a loud clang like I’ve heard elsewhere.

I fell in love with the design and easy feel.  I almost got too comfortable, so I easily turned the red knob a little and got one, hot, sweaty workout!  I have tried short 20-30 minute rides and they have given me great workouts on this bike.
The true test was a one-hour sweat session I gave it. I went up hill and down, with a full warm up and cool down.  I straightened my back and rolled my shoulders and stretched my arms.  I sped up and did some good straight sprints with this bike, and also enjoyed the slow tread that the resistance knob gave me.  I haven’t seen anything this chic – it’s cool and calming, but still gives me a super hard workout!

The specs: The handlebars have dual cages for your valuables and a water bottle.  The red knob eases to the right for a hardcore incline, or you can easily switch to the left to go downhill or work on speed.  The seat is easily adjustable to my height.  The bike even has adjustable “feet” that protect my wood floors.   The pedals are not only “clickable” they have little shoe cages too (if I’m in a hurry to start and I can’t find my cycle shoes, I can use sneakers).  (For more info on clips vs. clipless shoes and pedals, go to their website studio cycles where you can substitute these pedals in as this allows for clipless or clips with SPD!

If you’re an indoor cyclist looking for a really great indoor bike for home, office, gym, group class or by yourself, this is the top notch bike to get!  Call their toll free line at 888-909-BIKE (2453) and check them out if you’re local: 420 Hindry Av Unit F, Los Angeles 90301.