Later Post!

This is how we were pretty much all afternoon and evening!  So much so that I forgot to post!

We started the day like this:

Running (jog walking) the Mustache David for men’s health! 

Boy was it a lot of fun! Really nice freebies (I only had Whole30 approved stuff though)and booths and the coolest medal(his legs move)!

The rain started so we went home afterwards.

I made a healthy protein brunch (eggs, bacon, he had toast).  We drank tea like all day while the rain came down!  I colored and snuggled and caught up on my shows:)

Dinner was really good Turkey burgers and baked sweet potatoes and a small salad.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

Weekend Warrior

Oh man we were exhausted from our fun party last night, so we tried to sleep in.  Lefty doesn’t really get that, but we try.

I woke and had green tea while I read and cuddled Lefty, and then finally got moving and started housecleaning.

Next I got to go to Pop Pilates at my gym, 24 hour fitness!  I rarely get to just because of my schedule and I even had a few moments in the sauna.  This Pilates teacher is so funny.  She was doing this one move with us and said, “This is the part that’s ABSolutely Amazing!” And kept right on going but I pointed it out and laughed and said, “Oh! Getting it!  ABSolutely!” (Hearing from every teacher or therapist or trainer that Pilates works your abs, your core strength…:)) She laughed and said “Yes I love Puns!” 

Then I had a quick chia pudding breakfast and was on my way to teach Piano.

However, poor planning meant that I was hungry, my husband was starving after his bike ride, and we had no food!  So I went in to Chick Fil A. They were playing an instrumental version of Newsboys’ “Shine”! At that moment I looked at my phone and checked Facebook and it said “Happy Friendsaversary!” To my brother and Me!:) It was funny since he is into Music business and works for Live Nation and is into the Music scene and would get that reference because we listened to a lot of CCM growing up:) 

I went for the Cobb Salad with grilled chicken and no cheese and no dressing.  I think I made a wise choice! It was delicious!  I brought David home a Spicy chicken sandwich meal (tempting!):)

After lunch I went grocery shopping and planned meals.  Lefty and I walked to Starbucks and I had the Youthberry tea(no sweetener!) while I read, journaled and prayed.  My husband steam cleans the tile floors for me on Saturdays so it was nice to have time with Lefty.

Tonight we went to church and it was so beautiful and moving.  Juli spoke. She is a nurse at the Living Room hospice in Kenya!  I was really touched by this Aaron Keyes song she sang with her brother Joshua McGowan.

After our dinner of salmon, broccoli and salad (he had rice) we put our outfits together for tomorrow’s fun run!:

Day Four – and a Party!

Not gonna lie. It might not be all that hard but it sho ain’t easy!;) If only I didn’t love variety so much! I love the new restaurants, new coffee shops, trying out a new cultural food, because that’s what foodies do, they taste and savor, enjoying each moment of every bite!
My salad was so boring. I was rushing around this morning so I didn’t get a chance to really peep breakfast, so a boiled egg had to do it.
I made it ok, even in Trader Joe’s where the land of every chip and cracker was calling my name…Finally I found this:

Hello! I have been looking for sugar free beef jerky all week!:)
Then the ultimate test: my husband’s work party slash surprise baby’s shower for his coworker! Man that Mediterranean food was so good! I mainly had meat and veggies saying no to the cake and drinks, be proud!!
Ended the night by massaging my knee (after Nov Project’s workout this am and tonight’s dancing!) with DoTERRA deep blue pain rub and my myofascial releazer.
All you local ladies check this out!:

Check out my friend Valerie’s 21 Day Scrumptious Body Challenge starting Monday!!

Day 2 of Whole 30

For some reason I was awake til midnight last night. Then I woke so early for November Project!

We did burpees and planks and ran relays with our friends but I jogged and it was fun! However, the knee has been swollen all day…:/

My friend and I went to Tierra Mia for coffee and I ordered an almond milk latte. Then the barista accidentally made it with whole milk and the other barista had to change it for me; I said “Normally I would have drank it but I just started on this diet so I better not.”  But they were nice and apologized and re made it!

Once I got home I made eggs and some broccolini.  It was delicious!

I made a salad but it was not filling enough, I still fought cravings.  I had an apple, but I still was hungry.  

I had a hard, long and busy day at work so I enjoyed coming home to my crockpot meat loaf and salad!  Yum!

Tired! Good night all!

BE FIT Product Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Sweat Pink and BE FIT teamed up so that I was chosen to review this product for free. Please check with your medical doctor before starting any diet supplements or new workout routines. And all opinions are my own.

I love the ease and simplicity of this product line.  Continue reading BE FIT Product Review and Giveaway!

Review of Nike Terra Kiger Trail Runners

Yes, so this morning I met some nice folks from Fleet Feet Burbank to try their Winter Trail Running series!!  IMG_7153

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I’m back!

Hey guys,

So I got confused and frustrated and gave up on blogging for awhile. I didn’t stop, and you can always find me on Instagram, but I needed a break.  I was comparing myself to other bloggers, writers, fit peeps, and the like, and I needed to quit! Continue reading I’m back!

Twitterpated (Topo Magnifly Shoe Discount and Giveaway!)

I’m in love.

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What a Day!

The above phrase can have a negative connotation(what an exhausting or stressful day) and a positive one: What an amazing and inspiring day!(which is what I had)! This morning I woke super early to carpool with The Valentine RD (who gave me a REALLY sweet KIND bar gift with KIND granola and a lovely scarf and a water bottle!) and grab a coffee/tea and meet up with our #betrublogfest #runningbuddy blog friends before the first opening session.   Continue reading What a Day!

IDEAWORLD idea fit blogfest with Fitapproach is One week away!

IDEAWORLD Blogfest is one week away!!!

I can’t wait!

I requested off work, I made a list of what to bring, and I’m arranging carpooling and transport (I’m only 20min away but with LA traffic I’m more like 45!)…

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