Why I marched

What a thrilling and exciting day to join 750 thousand people in downtown LA yesterday!

This is why I marched:

I am a Believer in God’s love and in Christ’s peace and in unity for all. 

I marched because I am anti hate.

I marched because I am for women. I stand with my fellow sister’s to unite in love.

I did not vote for our president, but I take a stand against the hatred he speaks with his tongue and his Twitter. 

I marched because even though I haven’t had an abortion, I pray for those women that chose to do that, and I agree that it is their right to choose to if needed. I stand with Planned Parenthood for Abstinence and birth control so that we don’t have to go back the dark alleys and do horrific things to our bodies.

I marched for women, beside men, beside children and the elderly, beside lots of varieties of beautiful diverse people who come from different backgrounds and faiths and ethnic groups and lifestyles. I was so thrilled to be a part of history.

I was raised to protest and do “Walks for Life.” Now, I am more pro life than ever in the sense that I am against wrongful Incarceration and I am for gun laws. I have survived depression and I know how dangerous mental illness could be.(And really, who needs an AK47 to defend their home? Not me! I support my military and law enforcement and my husband and my own self to do that:) I don’t need a gun and don’t want one.  If you want one, let’s get you screened and background checked just like our President wants to do to people of other religions. I am for the living, humans from baby in the womb to the mother to the doctor who performs those procedures, and for the judges who put the laws in place(that no government should tell you what procedures you can choose, whom you choose to marry, or what house of faith you worship).

I marched because, let it be known, I don’t want a misogynist and bully in office. I respect that Office. I have a hard time respecting the guy who thinks it’s ok to grope women.

I say sin is sin. I am no better. I stand for truth; though I have lied in the past, and I’ve seen every politician lie.  I want our president to be a great leader, and I pray for whomever holds that Office.  I march for freedom!  I don’t shrug it off as “just words.” Words matter! Especially when you’re becoming a leader.

I march because, “it’s the right thing to do.” If you couldn’t or didn’t, that is ok. I marched to support Science and the Earth and the Arts.  

I marched against racism and xenophobia and homophobia. God designed us each to be different, He blessed us with this earth, now let’s go respect each other with compassion.

Who did Jesus say to love? The women, children, homeless, prostitutes, tax collectors, the poor, the untouchables, the people who are different from you.

I love you because God loves me so I get to share that love with others. I do not love the things that God hates (lying, greed, gluttony, racism, fear, sloth, lust, pride, envy and unholy wrath). I do not like or appreciate a president who has been involved in these things and people who shrug it off as no big deal. I will not tolerate abuse. I will not put up with wrongful judgment and hateful fear and fearful hate.  

If you marched, text “Count Me” to 89800. And please comment why you marched or post pics on my fb or ig of your posters:) Also: Womensmarch

Thanks for “listening” to my peaceful rant.

A post for the New Year 

December was tough. I tended to reach for comfort food and overate at parties.  I was working on Physical Therapy for my knee, so I didn’t do all the workouts that I really wanted to do. I was very saddened by the loss of some of my favorite celebrities and artists and the junk in the news (disappointed by the Election and deeply saddened by the tragedy all over the world).  I was homesick and hormonal and emotional, waiting for that Christmas miracle of Pregnancy, only to be dashed yet again.

I had a fabulous birthday getaway in Palm Springs! We decided to get tickets for my sister’s destination wedding in Mexico in April!  I pet sat and enjoyed a Cousin Christmas and New Years and date nights and drinking! I shouldn’t complain!  I did get some workouts in. 

I just now feel it’s time to go Paleo!

My word for this year? BELIEVE.

I tend to doubt and get down, so my way of coping is being a hopeless romantic and idealist who is optimistic about life to cover up the negativity.

Good books that I want to read or finish!:

In Due Time, Caroline Harries

Present Over Perfect, Shauna Niequist

The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp

When God Doesn’t Fix It, Laura Story

I still am reading a couple E book novels…;)

These are not really resolutions, just things I’m reminding myself to work on:

More breathing, less doing/eating

More reading, less screen time

More loving me, less negative self talk

More of Him, less of me

More “Thanks!” Less “Sorry” 

More time with Lefty less iPhone/TV

More prayer less chatting

More God less of my own self

More debt paid less junk

More date night less girls night

More girls night less me time

More hiking less lounging

More JESUS less social media

More Scripture less News

More church less gossip

More worship less talk radio 

More stretching less tension

More Heaven less secular

More Holy Spirit less politics 

More books less articles

More loving, less critical complaints

More social justice less shopping

More donating, less to clean!

More listening less advice 

More family time less binging at parties

More exercise less sitting

More vegetables less starch

More water less sugar 

More meditation less clutter
Oh and “Don’t take any $&/+!”;)

Happy New Year! I am so thankful!

I made it!

The results are in:

I lost about 7 lbs!

I lost half an inch off my hips, thighs and calves! 

I can’t believe I made it all 30 days (give or take a Thanksgiving cheat day!) !

Now tomorrow I’m not gonna pig out but I will limit my Gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods if and when at all possible!

I don’t wanna gain weight back!

Today I went to the gym and did arms and core! 

I had a delicious berry kale collagen smoothie and an egg cup for breakfast. I had my veggie salad and bone broth for lunch. I had to work late so I made a quick shrimp and veg one pan dinner!

I did have a piece of dark chocolate to kind of reward myself:) 

Thanks for hanging with me on this ride!

Speaking of, will you pray for my family? Last week my brother in NC was in a car accident, my brother in law in UK was hit on his bike, and today my sis and brother in law in Boston were hit as they were crossing the street!

Thank God they are all ok and gonna make it, but please understand I’m a bit shaken and emotional!


Ragin cravin!

Today started out a little frustrating. 

Lefty was super annoying this morning at the park.  A nice gentleman with his well trained dog (who was off leash) warned us that the neighbors might complain(I told him I wouldn’t bring him again).  I was embarrassed because a) I don’t want him to distract us from workouts b) I would hate to bother those neighbors c) I second guessed my mothering skills. I know I should ignore him just being a yorkie, being himself, but when he gets loud and aggressive or rudely wanting attention or protective, it’s really tough. My husband agreed “Yeah, that’s rough, don’t even bring him back there again, don’t worry about it!” So I got over it. We finished the 21 Day challenge and are now moving into the end of year challenge:) Then when I got home my readings were All about this!!! Amazing. Faith and trust. 

My breakfast was so delicious. Eggs, avocado and salsa:)

Lunch was a salad. I did get snacky and min by in the afternoon. It was weird like a hormonal chocolate craving or something.

Work actually ended alright.  A patient brought me a beautiful scarf as a gift and my coworker texted me that I was super helpful (I thought that was really nice).

Dinner was Brussels sprouts, Cornish hen and veggies from the crockpot, and salad. 


Sundays are our rest days:)

Today marks the first Sunday in Advent. Advent means arrival, appearance, emergence.

Today we rested and read. I just had a little fruit.

We went to a wonderful church service.

I went to Yoga.

We had brunch of eggs, bacon and a little sweet tater.

We put the tree up!

I went to Target(which was a zoo).

We relaxed and read and had more Tea.

We finished with the best thing ever:

Paleo nachos from Pinterest! Thanks Sam!

Giving Thanks

Well, I tried to sleep in a little:) I was tempted to stay in my Pajamas all day.

We had baked stuffed apples together this morning:)

Lefty and I went hiking:

Watched a bit of the Parade and some Twilight Zone!

Then we ate our fill at the Cousins’!

I did ok, but gave in with the whipped cream! I was good about grains and didn’t have a lot of sugar just a few bites of everything. Still feel very full.(Did I gain the weight back I just lost?!)

Tonight we watched the remake of Anne of Green Gables:)

I’ll close on what I started the day with:

Thanks to Gretchen for that quote!

Weekend Warrior

Oh man we were exhausted from our fun party last night, so we tried to sleep in.  Lefty doesn’t really get that, but we try.

I woke and had green tea while I read and cuddled Lefty, and then finally got moving and started housecleaning.

Next I got to go to Pop Pilates at my gym, 24 hour fitness!  I rarely get to just because of my schedule and I even had a few moments in the sauna.  This Pilates teacher is so funny.  She was doing this one move with us and said, “This is the part that’s ABSolutely Amazing!” And kept right on going but I pointed it out and laughed and said, “Oh! Getting it!  ABSolutely!” (Hearing from every teacher or therapist or trainer that Pilates works your abs, your core strength…:)) She laughed and said “Yes I love Puns!” 

Then I had a quick chia pudding breakfast and was on my way to teach Piano.

However, poor planning meant that I was hungry, my husband was starving after his bike ride, and we had no food!  So I went in to Chick Fil A. They were playing an instrumental version of Newsboys’ “Shine”! At that moment I looked at my phone and checked Facebook and it said “Happy Friendsaversary!” To my brother and Me!:) It was funny since he is into Music business and works for Live Nation and is into the Music scene and would get that reference because we listened to a lot of CCM growing up:) 

I went for the Cobb Salad with grilled chicken and no cheese and no dressing.  I think I made a wise choice! It was delicious!  I brought David home a Spicy chicken sandwich meal (tempting!):)

After lunch I went grocery shopping and planned meals.  Lefty and I walked to Starbucks and I had the Youthberry tea(no sweetener!) while I read, journaled and prayed.  My husband steam cleans the tile floors for me on Saturdays so it was nice to have time with Lefty.

Tonight we went to church and it was so beautiful and moving.  Juli spoke. She is a nurse at the Living Room hospice in Kenya!  I was really touched by this Aaron Keyes song she sang with her brother Joshua McGowan.

After our dinner of salmon, broccoli and salad (he had rice) we put our outfits together for tomorrow’s fun run!:

Super Mo(o)nday 

Last night had a beautiful moon and tonight it looks amazing too!  

Today was a MONDAY. It wasn’t a bad day. It just had one tiny bad part!

This morning I had to take care of a time sensitive lab specimen before I went to work out.  Of course they were shorthanded but there was no wait so I waited while she took her time. Of course she knew the “reason” as it was listed in the system from my husband’s specialist doctor, and so I said “Oh yeah, we have been trying for over 2.5 years…” but we left it at that and I rushed it to the lab (hoping I didn’t ruin it by wasting time)!

I went to work out. Lefty was loud, barking at everyone and everything, but it was a good workout then I rushed to hit the shower and run to work. I remembered my chia pudding but forgot my Egg cup and had a great cabbage and tuna salad for lunch.  

Then late in the afternoon, that same lady coworker from the other department from this morning rushes over some paperwork and when she sees me she says in front of the whole office, “oh how’s the new mommy to be doing?”

After my jaw hit the floor, I said “Well, we are hoping but still trying and it hasn’t happened yet so don’t say that! Please.”  She laughed nervously and then left.  Then I turned around to look at my supervisor who mouthed the ol’ “Wtf?!” Her face said: She should know better! I’m sorry that happened to you. She totally sympathized with me.  

AnywayZ! I finished work and ran to my friend (who is expecting)’s home for a Friendsgiving (where I tried not to eat everything in sight! I did pretty well- turkey and veg!) and I played with a baby there:)

All that to say, it didn’t ruin my day, it just annoyed me.  All day I got a lot done and had fun with friends.  But it still makes me sad inside!

Yes I am thankful. Sure I have a lot to be grateful about. But don’t ever say that, and not in front of other people! (Against HIPAA!)

Oh and another annoying thing? Knee! I didn’t think I had been running and my knee was so swollen today so I iced it.:/


Good night Moon. 

Today was all about Rest

This morning I read and prayed:

I did a JessicaSmithTV 30min yoga video! I did 30min of finishing up work before the busy day/week tomorrow, and then I went to a beautiful church service.  

I visited Goldline church (different from my home church where my husband was serving and ushering).  My good friend from On Level Ground Storytelling class, Bianca, a Fuller student preached the good Word of God to us!  

I loved being surrounded by warm, loving people. I loved the Liturgy and responsive reading and the lovely praise chant songs.  The community prayer time gave me hope and refreshed my dark week and tired spirit!  

I really appreciate them and respect their mission and their ministry, it was very moving and comforting to see that in my local neighborhood.  

We had a healthy brunch of eggs, bacon and Trader Joe’s “Sweet Potato Ribbons.”

I fed my friend’s cats:). We rested allllllll afternoon(as you can tell if you’re a Fitbit friend of mine).  It was a warm day so we relaxed and read and snoozed with the dog. 

This afternoon I played piano and I menu planned and meal prepped.  I made chia pudding and I chopped celery, carrots and cucumbers for snacks.

Tonight we had leftovers we had to eat up: salad, chili, and man, oh man, my new favorite discovery: Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash “fries”! It actually feels like you’re eating fries!

Have a restful end to your Sabbath weekend all!

Rockin the Praise

I woke up and prayed. I spent time snuggling and cuddling my fur baby.

We went to the Park. I had a great workout. 

I did well on my slow low down push-ups!:)

We rocked the Praise music the whole time. Breakfast was the usual.  I went into work a way better mood (not in such a funk) as yesterday.  I had a good grilled chicken salad.

Then at lunch I began seeing the posts and articles. Some still so full of hate and fear and some more nonsense of how this guy is choosing his advisors. But the worst?

A teen committed suicide because he was afraid that now he would be sent to conversion therapy.

A Trump support grabbed a woman in the street.

Children and students of all ages were scared to go to school. Afraid of being thrown out of their own country or of bullying getting worse.

Husband cooked salmon for us. I fed my friend’s cats and walked my dog.

This is only the beginning. We rise up. We stand for Love. We voice our concerns and pray for help and unity and peace.

Kyrie Eleison.