Sundays are our rest days:)

Today marks the first Sunday in Advent. Advent means arrival, appearance, emergence.

Today we rested and read. I just had a little fruit.

We went to a wonderful church service.

I went to Yoga.

We had brunch of eggs, bacon and a little sweet tater.

We put the tree up!

I went to Target(which was a zoo).

We relaxed and read and had more Tea.

We finished with the best thing ever:

Paleo nachos from Pinterest! Thanks Sam!

Today was all about Rest

This morning I read and prayed:

I did a JessicaSmithTV 30min yoga video! I did 30min of finishing up work before the busy day/week tomorrow, and then I went to a beautiful church service.  

I visited Goldline church (different from my home church where my husband was serving and ushering).  My good friend from On Level Ground Storytelling class, Bianca, a Fuller student preached the good Word of God to us!  

I loved being surrounded by warm, loving people. I loved the Liturgy and responsive reading and the lovely praise chant songs.  The community prayer time gave me hope and refreshed my dark week and tired spirit!  

I really appreciate them and respect their mission and their ministry, it was very moving and comforting to see that in my local neighborhood.  

We had a healthy brunch of eggs, bacon and Trader Joe’s “Sweet Potato Ribbons.”

I fed my friend’s cats:). We rested allllllll afternoon(as you can tell if you’re a Fitbit friend of mine).  It was a warm day so we relaxed and read and snoozed with the dog. 

This afternoon I played piano and I menu planned and meal prepped.  I made chia pudding and I chopped celery, carrots and cucumbers for snacks.

Tonight we had leftovers we had to eat up: salad, chili, and man, oh man, my new favorite discovery: Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash “fries”! It actually feels like you’re eating fries!

Have a restful end to your Sabbath weekend all!

Tres Dia de “Whole30”

Toi. Tri.

I’m listening to Carla Bruni so I’m in a silly mood…

Day Three has been hard, maybe because it was finally slower and quiet today at work (M-W were super busy), so maybe boredom made me munchy?

This morning I tried to sleep in (didn’t make it to Spin class).  I organized my Leggings drawer into Shorts, capris, and Long (lularoe, yoga pants, etc) 🙂  Lefty my Yorkie has this thing about that drawer. He hears it open and runs to lunge at it, hoping to yank and pull to play tug as I try to put them on!

I made a smoothie and coffee, as well as packed a great salad for lunch.

I went to Yoga, which was hard maybe because I was tired, but it was so good.

The best part of today?! Acupuncture!!

I once went many years ago as a teen for headaches.  Today went to Ercaclinic community acupuncture but still so relaxing! I almost cried (emotional release -in a good way), I deep breathed the whole time, she gets me, it didn’t hurt, it’s affordable. I even had a slight out of body experience for a second too!!!  I bought a Chinese herb and two mini inhalers for calming and for female hormones and wellness.

Then work was actually ok: )

Next best thing?! My husband made me salmon and asparagus (and he had rice for himself)!  

Good night world<3

An epiphany during Yoga

The last few weekends I’ve been trying to make it to one or two yoga classes if I can!  During the week is more hard HIIT classes or running, spinning and other stuff.  My mama wanted to do a Pilates challenge with me, and I didn’t stick with it. I always have lofty goals of doing stretches or other videos in the evenings but if I already go to the gym in the morning, I’m tired and just walk my dog at night and I forget to do other exercises.  

So Sunday is my rest day. I sometimes do a fun run or long hike, but lately I’m trying to add in a yoga class.  It’s nice to meditate on the sermon you just heard or pick a song from church or your praise playlist (or however/whatever you want to meditate!):)

Last weekend in Palm Springs I told you about Holy Yoga🙂

This past weekend I was really concentrating on my breathing.

Two weekends ago though, I had an epiphany! For a couple years I struggled knowing the difference between and trying to learn a cobra versus Updog.  I “knew” it in my head, but I didn’t feel it. I saw it and watched teachers or friends do it but I could not grasp it.

All of a sudden it hit me two weeks ago: 

OMG! THE MORE I START WARMING UP WITH A FEW COBRAS, THE EASIER AN UPDOG JUST HAPPENS!!! I was ecstatic! I couldn’t believe I never even knew or realized this mind blowing idea!  My baby cobra got me ready for a cobra which in turn helped my back and core do an Updog! It felt incredible!!!  

I ended class by thanking God for my health, my body, and thanking myself and my husband for allowing me to get there.  It was awesome!!

What do you do to help yourself slow down? A cup of tea? A bath? Wind down by watching tv? A good book? So thankful:)

A desert weekend

A weekend of Desert RnR?This past weekend I went on a delicious girls’ retreat at the Palm Springs Hilton!

Me and Marilyn:

A few highlights: the huge pool and free time I had all to myself: people watching, getting a drink as I read my book, the nice hotel amenities like the fitness center and massager soap

And most of all 90 minutes of blissful solitude with God, reading and journaling from a guided meditation…And Holy Yoga!

What’s that you say? Yes, Christians do yoga! I never had a problem with it because to me it’s a stretch or just a workout but I know some people don’t like it (if they feel it’s against their religion, which is ok, to each his own) BUT Holy Yoga is nice when it’s pleasant inspiring music (praise and worship or contemporary Christian), and the certified instructor leads you with Scripture to meditate on. You can google search Holy Yoga to see if there’s a church or a park hosting classes!(nominal fee or donation).

It was awesome. I am so thankful for this amazing time!

A few low lights, though: there was a dust storm that first night so for some reason there was hardly any sun with a huge grey cloud cover and haze, and what was so weird was that it was super humid. Ugh. I am spoiled living out here, I am still not a fan of humidity! So when I expected to get a desert tan with the cacti, that didn’t happen but that’s not a big deal.

 It hit me that maybe I need to learn to be quiet, be a better listener, slow down and not be so rushed…But the more relaxing the room was, and the more I wanted to go find the fitness center, pool, or a quiet coffee corner. I realized we came for solitude and rest, and I wasn’t getting that. I had a great time, just not as restful and quiet as I had hoped. Here’s a couple highlights:

Me and Lucy:

Me by the pool:

My carpool friends and I had the best time, one brought a great play list and one brought lots of car snacks for us! And a date shake for the road:

I am very thankful for such a wonderful time!

Starting your day off with Breath, Breakfast, and Movement!

This is it. The most important lesson anyone can teach you (or that I can teach myself).  The importance of balancing your mind, body, and spirit in the morning is so HUGE!  A lot of people who want to lose weight, or those that “really think they don’t have time” just rush into their day, their office, or their kids’ school or a playground, with nothing to eat!  That’s like, um, ahem, THE WORST thing you could do.  And if we are rushing around stressed we can also injure ourselves by not breathing or stretching properly. Continue reading Starting your day off with Breath, Breakfast, and Movement!

My Yoga Journey

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