What I think about while working out

Have you read “What I think about while running” by H. Murakami? Such a good book! This morning during 24 Hour fitness’ Nike training class (taught by PIT Fit PT Tawna; a HIIT and circuit-boot camp drill type class) I got to thinking. When I don’t have a lot of time I do 30minutes on the boring elliptical or treadmill, or jog or hike outside, but I’m usually slow, unmotivated, or disinterested. I sing in my head to my music. I know friends that watch or listen or read things but I get distracted, clumsy, or bored! Truth is I don’t get full workout benefits – and when I go into the gym weight room (even if I look up workouts on Pinterest) or stay home, I do it so half heartedly and therefore I’m not challenging myself.
Early this morning I felt sleepy and did not want to go to the gym. I was tired and not awake, not interested.
Until I got there! Once I’m in class sweating and huffing and puffing I feel alive, awake, and full of energy! I don’t know what it is about a group exercise class that really gets me going (it could be spin or a weights class, yoga or swing dancing) because I don’t feel like talking in the morning either! But it really truly pushes me. I don’t know if it’s the mirrors because sometimes in spin it’s dark. I don’t know if it’s their music because I have good playlists and I don’t always like all the songs they play either.
This morning helped me “get up and go!” A good teacher, good music and friends or even just gym acquaintances literally turns me on to exercise! It wakes me up for work. When I don’t have a class and I meet a friend I sometimes go hard but not always go all out. So I don’t know why, but I’m trying to figure it out.
I think about healthy meals, I think about my day ahead, I sing in my head, and I think about form and technique. I listen and watch the teacher and am inspired by the people around me. I tell myself to keep pushing, keep going, and I don’t like drill sergeants but I yell at my own self inside my mind.
Once I looked at my friend and said “Come on girl!” And she yelled back, “I’m coming I’m coming!” It made me laugh.
Exercise actually cheers me up because I know I’m taking care and being kind to myself even though it feels like I’m beating myself up a bit!
I think about my husband cycling up hills, I think about the sermon at church on Sunday. My mind starts to run as I start to pick up speed. I’m not very competitive but I just want to keep up, maintain my weight, and feel good. I want to be strong so that I can kick some aggression or stress out, too.
I am thankful for A/C because even though it’s lovely outside every now and then an A/C breaks and it’s humid and I can’t breathe.
But really I am grateful to be alive and healthy!

It’s that Monday blues kinda day

Hi bloggers it’s been awhile and I miss this. All weekend I’ve had this slight cold. The kind that I think I can do anything but need to rest. The kind where I wake up and think I’m better then I move around and start coughing all over, or sneezing and feeling oogy (as Annie Wilkes would say in Misery )…. I’m flooding my body with garlic, vinegar, oj, tea, veggies, fruit, Reliv, vitamins, supplements, and all good things. I am relaxing, reading, watching, and sleeping. Today I want to enter into directed rest, as Dr Caroline Leaf writes about. I miss the busyness of work and my friends there, but they don’t want me spreading germs. I wanted to find a sub for Sunday school but I had to teach anyway. Our friends came and took us to Slaters where I had a delicious burger. Saturday I thought I was feeling better, worked out, started yoga, and went to a friends grad party (with vegan tacos and sangria!) but I only have gotten worse. I’m loving Runners World and Competitor magazine articles that make me laugh:) I did run a lot more than usual this past week!
Husband made me a delicious healthy breakfast today and a hot shower and Epsom salt bath helped.
For our second anniversary we had a lovely stay at Peppermill Reno, visited Virginia City, Genoa & a bit of Lake Tahoe. I am so happy here, thankful, in love, grateful for all that I have, but I want to learn more, see more, do more!:) I’m curious where God is directing my husband(looking for work)and thankful we aren’t depressed or anxious.
Just thought I’d update you:) see you on the other side;)