Yoga:a much needed practice

I had been looking for a running buddy on Thursdays. I didn’t see any classes that fit my schedule so instead of going in and getting bored with an elliptical or weights, I finally decided to try this yoga class at 24 hour fitness this morning. Oh it was weird but good! Breathing through different nostrils! Rubbing warmth back in to your body! Breathing positive in and negative out!
We are going dancing tonight but I knew I needed a good stretch. I could have tried running but when I wake up with a headache I give up on that idea.
The idea of pushing yourself so hard, through the pain so you cannot even think about work or family or your costume and candy. That’s all you got! To go breathe and put your body in different positions and just lie down for the sole purpose of relaxation.
What a novel idea!:) I had been wanting to find a yoga class I could fit into my schedule but just hadn’t figured out how or where yet. I know there’s DVDs and YouTube videos but unless I find a teacher, friend or class it probably won’t happen. And after class I could do weights or treadmill till shower&work time.
My friend Annie (while we sat over delicious Blaze pizza!) said “it doesn’t matter whether you are Eastern or not, yoga can be good for all of us” – it has a way of transcending the religions or jargon; I know what I believe so I might tune out something the teacher says that I disagree with.
This teacher played a little Smokey Robinson and James Brown so “that can’t be all bad”!:)
Have a great Halloween, All Hallows’ and all Saints! Don’t touch that candy;) or just have one:) Oh and by the way the purpose is to slow down. Don’t we all need that?

I was up all night dreaming

I couldn’t sleep. Laying there wide awake. Trying different positions and thinking of …what, can you guess?! Fitness blogging ideas! Photo shoots. Posting. Tweeting. So finally I bit the bullet and bought the domain and now I am adding Adsense. I am creating new business cards. This is my dream come true! To do what I love, health&fitness, to maybe somehow get paid for it, to go to fitness classes and become an instructor, and being a fit blogger mommy one day ! Here’s to Dreaming and a scheming! Cheers!

Notes from #fitblogla best day ever!

Tony Horton from p90x! How do you know HIIT is right for you?
He asks if you’re wearing a heart monitor…
Get your ego out of the game!everyone wants so much so fast, that’s why his program is 90 days.
Stay in that early easy stride when you just start out(3-5) then when you are more advanced you go almost to a 10…
Focus on Getting better
Well rounded and wide range of fitness knowledge
UCLA track Sundays
The big picture.-book
Sleep is everything
10 things we need to do to be happy: 1.exercise2.sleep 7-8hrs
Don’t treat your food philosophy as your religion!
Nutritionist Alyse Levine
Family, friends, and media all influence our food-relationship 
Lose diet mindset, Eat mindfully, Assess your hunger, No deprivation
Eat mindfully don’t live by the forbidden fruit theory
Choosing real food
Lose the diet mindset
Assessing your hunger
How do you know when you’re really hungry? Is the fruit enough? If the chips etc are all you want you’re probably not truly hungry. PMS – higher metabolic rate.
No deprivation.
Extra carbs turn into fat, not all carbs.
4 divisible sections on your plate: after you finish one, check in.
Put fork down, don’t shovel, once your fork leaves your mouth, don’t thrust it in the plate and into the mouth so quick!
Ellen Satter parenting tips
Why and how not what you eat
Liquid calories your mind doesn’t register the same. Just sip and savor. Don’t gulp.
Harley Pasternak(celeb trainer and author of The New way to lose weight)
Don’t juice cleanse. You’re missing out on tons of nutritious vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Then you’re not fully satisfied.
Keep appetite in check and keep moving.
Blending is great!
Fast on the go easy to clean not intimidating you don’t need a fancy kitchen, and filling…
12k steps a day
We are not moving enough…
Chronic movement, walk everywhere
Resistance training, strength circuit, nonstop cardio…
To maintain:
The monitor like a fitbit or pedometer that tells you how much you move(not so sedentary)
Keep grazing and keep metabolism up
Exercise (cardio and train)
Seed or nut(healthy fat)
Be present. Don’t let it take your whole life!
There is no shortage of success.
Have a newsletter list (for people to get your blog emailed)

What a day!

I had so much fun!!!! Thank you to @fitnessmagazine for a fantastic #fitblogla day at the Anenberg community beach house in Santa Monica! A huge thank you to the sponsors, bloggers,& trainers who made it possible! I will upload pics and my notes from the session. I feel inspired to blog more!

Hit a wall

Yeah so I hit that wall about 40minutes into ‘s boot camp class today. Whew. That wall that you don’t wanna do any more exercises. The wall she has talked about but I pushed through in the past. Today was harder to push! The wall when your body is yelling “Stop! Just leave!” And your mind screams, “Come on, dammit keep going! You have to finish! Stretch, water, coffee, breakfast is coming- you’re gonna make it!” The wall where your muscles ache and shake. The wall that won’t move. I had to keep pushing. Like in “While you were sleeping” when he moves the couch and she says “PUSH!” & he goes “I DID!” But it won’t budge:)
I slowed down but I finished. Stretching now. I am done. Over and out!

Ok I can’t keep my excitement hidden any longer…fitness blog event!

But I’ve been invited to attend this Fitness bloggers’ event !
fitness magazine blog event
So if you live in the area and blog about fitness, I want to see you there!:) I love Fitness magazine and reading other fitness blogs so I hope I can meet and network. People used to tell me they could see me as a fitness instructor, I just never focused in on educating myself in that area.
I had a rough end to the busy work week, so I was nervous sharing this news since I do have to request the day off from work, but my boss is okay with us taking a personal day when we need one, so that we are re-energized for the rest of the week.
I am an independent distributor for Reliv international ( and I am a secretary for a physical therapy facility, and my new passion lately has been health, nutrition and fitness. I have enjoyed running off and on since middle school, but I always struggled with my weight. In college I fell into depression and comfort ate myself into trouble. With Reliv’s slimplicity, I lost 40 lbs., was off the couch and into the gym which is my second home. I don’t mean I stay all day there, but it have reached a comfort level with fitting it into my schedule and I love the new friends and instructors who help me.
My mama was always into nutrition and I just thought it was a bunch of herbs and “eat your greens,” boring and tasteless. But learning from her, getting help and results with Reliv, and reading blogs and pinning recipes and ideas from Pinterest, are all helping me toward my goals.
My coworkers are very motivating! A lot of them work out on lunch breaks, they help with stretches and tips, and we tend to all eat healthy or want to meet specific goals. My supervisor got us into the Fitbit pedometer, which is now my third arm.
Because I was a nanny and am now in healthcare, I see the good of exercise and nutrition, and it breaks my heart when I see someone suffering from poor nutrition, poor health, and lack of exercise. Even someone in a wheelchair can exercise! When I hurt my back I found fun videos of arm, back, ab exercises for immobile types.
I am so thankful for my health and for group exercise classes that have helped me. Today I am tired and headachy but maybe a walk or tea will help. I know water and prayer will:)
Enjoy your week, stay motivated! Get out there and be safe, healthy, strong and fit.

Walk to defeat ALS!

Why did I decide to skip my normal routine of rest on Sunday and drive out to walk(adding a few steps on my Fitbit pedometer!) in the heat?
Why would I walk two miles and eat pizza after?
Why did I leave my husband at church only to meet up with coworkers on the weekend?
Why did I set my alarm and arrive early for a walk?
Why does anyone do these supportive causes, raise funds, walk or run in organized hundreds or thousands out on the street, dancing or shouting whoops and hollers?
To support those we love and care about. To lift the depressed spirits of those suffering, to honor the memories of those who have gone before…
To raise funds for research so we can really feel like we are doing something.
ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) is an awful, horrible, terrible thing. It slowly robs you of everything while you’re still watching it take control if your speech, breathing, and your muscles. It is horrific to watch someone I look up to have to fight it alongside her partner, a lovely, strong, kind woman who is battling it. We celebrated with her, laughing over pizza, and hope that in some small way we can help.
I hate ALS! Why does our good and loving God allow this stuff? His reasons are sovereign, but I am having a hard time trusting Him when I see dementia and ALS and cancer take those that I love…
I had a really fun day, but the whole time I’m thinking and praying for the cure, for the answer, for encouraging words to say. I think we all know someone who has battled something dark and scary, and all of us could be doing more, but no guilt or judgment here. I love supporting a good cause (in any way I can, since I don’t have a lot of extra money right now), especially if I motivated by strong people around me. God grant us the serenity…the courage…the hope…the strength to fight this. He is love. He has the power to change, deliver, to rescue. All in his time.