Reebok, Cross Fit, Sport Chalet free event DTLA!

Oh man, I have been dying to tell you about his free event my friend and I went to last night!
My coworker (a physical therapist and cyclist who used to work at Sport Chalet) told me about this free Crossfit event in downtown LA. I registered us both so we went and I parked in the shopping center lot. After the warmup (complete with a live DJ and beautiful outside surroundings of the night sky and skyscrapers!), we did the WOD (workout of the day): 3 rounds of: 1minute each: kettlebell swings, sit-ups, dumbbell thrusters, and burpees, followed by a minute to rest then a cool down. At the end they had delicious salads and some sliders. They gave out a free towel, lanyards, wristbands, and coupons for the store. If you spent $25, you got a protein shake and cup. I appreciated the fact that there were several coaches and trainers there to help with form, technique, and motivating you. I heard crossfit is so hardcore, it’s worse than drill sergeants at a tortuous boot camp. These people were so inspiring and helpful!
We had a blast! We walked around downtown after too!

Pumpkin=kettle bell

You know it’s the day after Halloween when you’re using a pumpkin as a sub for a kettle-bell in your workout. It worked okay! – from my fave workout buddy Lucy H!:) I love you girl!

I went running this am and it was such a lovely day. “Good Life” came on my iPod and then I kept thinking of that verse “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” My husband is trying so hard to find work and it’s been discouraging. Well, on my way to work I heard about the shooting at LAX and when I got to work I heard one of our favorite patients who has been a part of our lives for ten years passed away last night. Please hold your loved ones close tonight. I’m thanking God I’m alive.