I’m a plannin’ to!

Here are my plans, goals, hopes and dreams for the New Year.
I am in agreement with:
My husband finding a new job.
Learning to not say sorry(bad habit)& feeling overly responsible and letting go of past hurts and unnecessary guilt(long life goal)
Eating clean, whole foods(January I want to try Whole 30/paleo), less processed.
Blogging about once a week
Keeping clean nails and stop chewing cheek(nervous habits)
This year will be the year of faith and hope. I have studied joy, wisdom, serenity, but now I need to step out of my fearful worries and take new leaps of faith, actively waiting and resting.
I want to start a family, play more piano, sing more, and get a dog, but those aren’t the circumstances that will make me happy. I am happier, healthier, and less stressed when I wake up, meditate, exercise, work, eat healthy, and stretch before sleep. I am learning peaceful contentment no matter what state (California, hungry, tired, whatever state!:)) I am in!
Thankful and hopeful. Happy New Year everyone!

It’s all in the teacher

No matter what class a person takes(whether it’s group fitness, basket weaving, or finance) the teacher makes or breaks it. I can learn just about anything if I have a good teacher. Today we had a sub that took forever explaining the NTC circuit stations; the mic didn’t work and she just…well, it was a lame workout. I barely broke a sweat and didn’t like her style and had to strain to hear her yell, then I didn’t really get what she was saying…I’m not bashing or hating, just a bit disappointed.
Truth be told I had both good and bad math teachers and had a bad tennis teacher so I don’t excel in those! I have had good swing instructors and bad ones, and still love swing.
Maybe I had high hopes because the normal teacher is good and challenging on Mondays.
On another note, I had a lovely run yesterday but the hills are still slowing me down. I am not a sprinter. Thoughts? Tips? Ideas?

And I call myself a blogger!:(

Woe is me. I haven’t blogged in almost a month. I have so much to tell you!
Met new vegan friends. Been working on the church Xmas play. Fighting a cold. Started 10 day nutrition challenge. Had a great thanksgiving with the cousins and aunt. Got new business cards. Already decorated, singing carols, and getting into Secret Santa at work, but am still not ready for Christmas. I’m only feeling older and wanting to eat more, so fitness is becoming my life:) I kinda like it that way!

This year has flown by. I can’t believe we are celebrating advent and trying to stay away from sugary gluten-ous yumminess! I am still learning small bits of whole raw clean food is just enough, and am learning to slow down and savor the moment. Went through Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21 day meditation journey and it was fabulous.

I want you to help me meal plan. I love cooking, but during the week I get tired, run out of time, and start wishing and hunting down foodie places. Then the weekend comes and I am resting, once again too tired (but having the time) to cook. Or I fill my weekends with social stuff, cleaning, or other things so I forget. I know of great emeals and meal plans that are done for you (check out csa ) but I’m afraid I’ll forget and we will never make it to the store. I work late so if I could prepare on sat., sun., or in am, it would make my life easier, but I just don’t know how to remind myself to keep at it.

So ya know my beloved group ex classes at 24hr? I have one on M-W, F&S, (I rest or walk Sundays) but I haven’t fallen in love with one on Thursdays. I revamped my meetup.com account and was looking there too. Coming up with nothing and not much else, my friend Julia just told me she could run with me or be my accountability buddy!:) yay! I don’t want to sleep in or do a half hearted workout by myself. Some people are better off on their own on the trail, road, or gym, but I need a motivational coach friend the whole way!

Oh goodeness, I have a video, pictures, and funny memes to show you, so I will try to get to that. I’m also really into Divergent by Veronica Roth. It is so good!