I am enjoying learning new running tips on Runner Girl and lately the subject of chafing came up. Uncomfortable, painful, dry, itchy, chafing. So what do you wear? What running shirts? Do you go commando? What brands are your favorite? Are you a compression pants fan? I had one pair that kept sliding down (as if I needed suspenders!)
When you do yoga, do you wear yoga pants?
When you are on a spinning bike or a bicycle, do you wear padded shorts?
When you are cold do you love thumb holes? Ear warmers with headphones? (The latter was a favorite birthday gift I got this past year!)
You see, I was always a t-shirt and jeans girl. In middle school I started running long distance and joined an Athletes in Action track and field team. The coaches were incredible, my friends motivated me, and I caught the running bug. I was never fast, I was always in the back, but I learned to love it. In high school and college, we didn’t have a track team, so I stopped. I occasionally went to the gym in college but would wear old tee shirts and comfy VS pink sweat pants. In the mid ’00s my crazy friend who could run an hour on the treadmill, a Personal Trainer who wore makeup to the gym, said I needed to get a track suit. We looked at all the Juicy and Baby Phat (hot pink with gold trim) and other designer brands, but I never found one that I really loved and could afford. I kept gaining weight since this was in my couch potato days, and I just kept wearing more layers and even larger baggier clothes to hide my depressed state.
Enter the new me! In 2007 I went back to my PT Friend to take me to the gym and show me the ropes as I was losing weight with Reliv’s Slimplicity! I was slowly gaining confidence!
However, I have always been self-conscious about my under toned arms. I am attracted to sculpted arms, so therefore feel like mine are way behind and I have a long way to reach…go, I mean.
I finally joined 24 in 2009, and was still wearing my old tees (from 5ks, theatre or church or work team activities etc) and whatever comfy pants or shorts I had. Last year I tried cutting them, like a V or a ripped collar or make them sleeveless. This was my way to motivate me to tone my arm flab.
One day I needed to do laundry and found a tank top to wear. All my friends at the gym commented, noticed, said my arms were looking good, and right then and there I started really paying attention to the proper workout gear. It has been so long but finally I invested in some good cute ones from Marshall’s (more affordable for this budget deal hunting gal) and my friend said, “See?! Don’t you feel sexier and cuter?” Well, not really.
I don’t get it. I just wear what’s comfortable. My goal is not to look amazing at the gym, my goal is to feel better naked (yes I’ve read the book!) I kind of hate it when a guy notices me at the gym. They can talk to me when I’m dressed nicely on a date with my husband, but not when I’m all sweaty and gross. At work, when I dress to the nines, I get the wrong attention, from patients who like flirting and who crave female attention, so I tend to just wear the basic minimum. Work shirt, pants or skirt, usually a bun or ponytail, and eye makeup, maybe lipgloss. I think I’m way too vain! I show it by worrying way too much what people think of me…
I guess with all the mirrors, I should coordinate from the color of my headband to my socks, and just stare at my own biceps instead of caring what other people think of my arms.

Fat day.

About once a month I feel this way.
Bloated like a whale!
I say and think terrible things about my body:(
I look and sound miserable.
I tear myself apart:(
It isn’t fun, so I tend to give in to temptation and want to sleep in, want to eat chips, ice cream, and soda. It is all lies!
I realize that my life has been consumed and revolves around food.
Today is a new day! Clare from peak313 posted on the GMGsite today and quoted my granny!

We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies to ourselves.

I knew and heard the verse “your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit” but it hadn’t really sunk in until today.
I love beauty products and treatments.
I am learning to appreciate rest and exercise. I love vegetables, salad, and water!
So why am I struggling today? Why is the crunch of potato chips sometimes tastier than carrots or celery?
My favorite spin teacher played the “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams. That helped, but then I sit by the candy dish at work.(I’m not asking for you to comment and give pity, just wondering if anyone out there struggles like I do.)
In my devotions I was reading about honesty and about wisdom. I’m baring all right now but how wise was that piece of candy I just had? πŸ˜€

Laughter- an ab workout?

I love all things multicultural and diverse! One day I told a coworker I won two months of hip hop dance class. We laughed and laughed thinking how comical this was because I may have soul but I got no rhythm and I got no coordination either! She said “You will get a great ab workout laughing while you’re doing it!” And it’s so true, I did! This morning I laughed about the warm up that looks kind of silly, where we punch the air and skip with a high knee. Then I laughed while I was doing the doggy leg lift thing, thinking about how a dog lifts his leg to mark the territory! Next I was laughing as we did quick feet thinking about Seahawks player Richard Sherman and his bad attitude last night.

Hey just so long as I stay focused on form and I’m sweating, I’m still getting a good workout!:D Cheers!

Funny how different a day makes

So I had been running over the holidays (traveled and didn’t get to go to the gym) but returned Friday the 3rd and felt empowered! The fourth I felt good and strong too. I ran on the 5th(and Sundays are usually my lazy days!)…the 6th though, I must have been tired(from Downton Abbey partying?) because I did NOT feel like working out- as in, I pushed myself to go, but the whole class my heart was not in it. Felt distracted, bored, not into it(and it was one of my favorite teachers too!) so I ran on the treadmill and got over it. Tuesday I had a good spin class, Wednesday I was back in it, sweating and high five-ing! Thursday I enjoyed yoga and running, Friday was awesome. Saturday I didn’t have a lot of time but tried fitocracy app for the first time and did the stair master. We danced a little Saturday night, too.
Yesterday was migraine day- could not find energy and barely moved. Today (similar class to last Monday!) I was re-energized, rejuvenated and loved the strength class and even ran a mile. I just don’t get how every once in a while I hit a wall and start thinking, “I hate the gym! I hate sweating! I hate this _exercise!” But it’s just the lies, the argument that I have with myself. I actually love it, and I have to remember the good (throwing out the crummy crappy crampy days!)! On 60minutes they had these Memory wizards – people who can recall dates and details from long ago! Like if you say, “what day of the week was August 13, 2013?” They know and they can tell you what they wore and what they ate and what everyone did etc. There are times though that they wish they didn’t have this gift because they remember even the bad feelings. This 10year old boy woke up one morning on vacation and his dad asked him how he was, and the boy said, “one year ago today was a bad day. You yelled at me.” The father felt awful!
I want to stop holding grudges or staying in bondage of negative strongholds! I want to live life to the fullest, thanking God I’m alive and healthy, and I do not want to listen to whiny complaints or negative tear downs. I want to remember the good and see the beauty!

Problem solved.


I love you, Fitness magazine! I have been trying to figure out what to do on second-day hair day, because I work out in the am and run to work. You guys are geniuses. You made my year with #fitblogla and you teach me new things and continue to inspire me every month.

Ahhhhhh! Yesterday it felt so good to be in the gym with my favorite instructor. We housesat 2 sweet dogs over Christmas and traveled east for New Years, so I kept jogging but didn’t fit in a class or weights. Even when it rained I used my resistance band, and still tried to walk, but I miss 24 hour fitness when I can’t make it in! Today (normally I spend more time into e gym on Saturdays), I was tired and short on time after errand running, so I just ran two miles and did a body rock ( ) video. Silly question, but while in the gym, where do I put my phone (attached to headphones) when I’m watching a video and holding weights? πŸ˜‰ *sheepish* – in an armband I guess? But when I tried to it paused the video thinking I was done (on the iPhone you click the top right hand “power” button to turn the screen “off”)…thoughts, guys?

Sundays are usually my rest day but with fitbit, now I always want to hike, find a yoga class, walk, bike, or run! My lazy ideal Sunday would be: sleep in, brunch or church (whichever first), then a leisurely stroll. But I am also used to waking up, enjoying the quiet(less traffic) streets on a jog, showering, church, and lunch. Weekends I also try to do a DIY at home spa day so I need to make time for that tomorrow. (See my post “Pamper Thyself” from 7/15/13: ) I ask you, what is more important, sleep? Run? Facial? Because being on time is important since I’m teaching the littles tomorrow. Then we will end the night with our Downton Abbey party!:)