What a week!

Today I woke feeling like a truck rolled over me. My cold has worsened. After being lazy in bed all morning, I had a light, healthy, fruity breakfast and I meditated and took a bath. After brushing my hair and putting on a skirt, we went to go file our taxes and decided to get sushi, green tea and miso. We walked downtown and enjoyed seeing several wedding parties taking pictures at City Hall.
Yesterday I thought I was feeling well enough to work, so we took a walk. I was happy to be back and they said I was missed and so I felt appreciated. Last night I thought to myself, “maybe work wasn’t the best idea” but glad I went because I got a lot done. I made my 12,000 steps a day goal!
Thursday I took a walk, but still wasn’t feeling well enough to work. I was coughing a lot. I made a delicious chicken vegetable herbal spice soup&fresh salsa! I am very grateful for produce, for glorious tea, for rest, for my haven (a.k.a my bedroom!)! If you’ve been following along with the mnbchallenge it was Thankful Thursday!
Wednesday this low rumble cough and sore throat had my energy down to zero. I was happy to rest because my body and a headache showed me I truly needed it. I didn’t have a temperature, but felt sore and achy and hormonally a mess. The mnbchallenge was to Be Happy so, I was literally so happy to make a healthy smoothie and happy to lay low in front of the tv and my books. I was happy to watch my show Criminal Minds and some Olympics. These Olympian athletes are amazing, but Winter Olympics scare me even more, with all the dangerous risks, the injuries and ice and crazy slopes!
Tuesday was 5minute Mindful Day, so I woke to meditate and I did my nails. I spent time in the sauna (after spin and Bodypump) and meditated and stretched at lunch. By Tuesday night I was worried I may be coming down with something but couldn’t figure out what was going on!
Monday I pampered and spoiled myself by lighting a candle and making tea as I woke to fresh cold ice lemon water. Sunday I had filled a bunch of water bottles with fruit and ginger. Monday I made it to the gym early so I stretched in the sauna. I spent longer than usual doing hair and makeup and wearing earrings. Anything extra nice like that makes me feel like I’m spoiling myself. The NTC class was really good and challenging too! I even treated myself to a piece of dark chocolate.
This challenge has really motivated me to keep my attitude into check this week. Lately I have been really irritable, thinking it was my hormones and my circumstantial stress. But that shouldn’t be my excuse. If I’m just excusing it with, “I’m being real! I’m not covering it up pretending to be happy!” But inside or in private I’m moody and griping, grumbling my way through life, that’s not a way to live either. Now I’m waking up excited to read and write, meditate and go walk, stretch or work out. I’m so thankful for a good job, my home, and my loving husband. I’m thankful for even little things, the beautiful weather, my friends and loved ones far away. I choose joy and contentment in the midst of sickness, job loss, headache, and even in bad news in the airways. Thank you, Lorna Jane & FitApproach, for helping change my perspective in life!

Converse, butts, and more buts

Monday was Meatless Monday (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!) according to the MNBChallenge.  

Tuesday was not only Take Your Lunch to Work Day, but I found out good news.  If you know me, you know I absolutely love my Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes.  I love that they are timeless, cute, and to me, comfortable.  They are stylish and classic, fun and sporty.  I wouldn’t run in them but I love swing dancing in them.  I wanted to wear them for my wedding but my wonderful tailor friend said “Uhh, no, sorry you can’t wear flats after I’ve tailored this lace to your heels!”  (I Hate, loathe, high heels.  Haven’t found a pair that feel remotely comfortable for me to walk in!  I think wedges are “okay” and I wish I could walk in heels but I cannot!)  However, I quickly got rid of several beloved pairs when someone (a Physical Therapist) I trusted said “They aren’t supportive you know!  You should only wear shoes that are supportive!”  And because one Converse addict I knew had switched to Keens (also very cute and comfortable).  Then, all of a sudden my friend Jo, a spin teacher and fabulous fit chick, posted a pic of her in her chucks on Leg Day.  I was like, “Woah wait what?! Stop the press!  They are ok to wear to the gym?! How come I never heard of this?!”  She said that when you are lifting you want to feel close to the floor (I had always been afraid to lift barefoot and thought I would drop a weight or a barbell on my toes!)! 

On Tuesday, my coworker, a Physical Therapist, actually verified this.  He had heard that people wear them for weight lifting.  We talked about how they used to be “THE” basketball shoe back in the day.  He had read my blog post “Converse Flag” from 11/10/13 and wanted to let me know they aren’t all that bad.  I even google-researched it (one of my new favorite things to do!) and look what I found: bodybuilding.com has a forum thread going about it.  People are talking about it over on fitnessinventor, shore strength fitness, reddit, yahoo answers, anabolicminds, and on athleticx.   I’m happy and sharing this good news with you: that I can wear whatever shoes I want, and you can wear whatever is comfortable and fitting for you, too!:-D I love when people grant me the freedom to do what I enjoy instead of being all “judgy”!

Wednesday was What I Ate Wednesday.  I am terrible at food journaling.  I conveniently forget, or I forget one important item, or I lose track of time and my head is hitting the pillow when I remember to log.  I know there’s cute journals and fun apps, but I am still not caught up. 

Thursday was Smoothie day! I filled my elite cuisine with spinach, flax, chia, kale, 1 cutie, blackberries, blueberries, and chocolate coconut milk.  Smoothies are usually whatever produce I have on hand! I actually made it to yoga on time and right there I almost cried. The instructor, with his beautiful, deep, rich voice said to allow the emotions to flow, let it all come out in a healthy way before you begin your day. Lately I have been frustrated dealing with the stresses of life, and right there I breathed a huge sigh of relief, allowing myself to feel free. Wow was it ever healing!

All that being said, I’ve never paid much attention to my glutes.  I was reading Runner’s World on Friday and they talk about strengthening your glutes to protect your hamstrings while running.  I’ve made a new goal: to warm up by going up and down stairs and/or on a stair master and doing a lot of squats (properly)!  I usually run with my Saucony Guide 7s or my Pumas, not with my Chucks.:)

Today I ran a slow jog and took a walk in the park with my husband.  I have way too many excuses (but there were hills! But I was tired! But I had a beer last night and felt sluggish! BUT!)  We just watched “The Pursuit of Happyness” and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were meant to watch it, since my husband is looking for work.  It lifted our spirits! 

Have a good rest of the weekend, Friends! Go put on your shoes(whichever are most comfy!) and take a few more steps than you did yesterday!



A week’s wrinkle in time

At the physical therapy place I work at, my coworker (a hardworking PT aide) made a big bulletins board of “50 reasons to exercise.” One of the main reasons is stress!
I had a stressful week. Actually 2014 has already been stressful. At work we have gotten even busier, while people like my husband are wearing themselves out by looking for work. Then I ran into a very small car window issue which made my financial worries seem worse, but my husband graciously got it fixed inexpensively. My heart wasn’t really into my reading or meditation nor happy to chat with my family(we instant message and text through the week). The only thing that rescued me from my funk?
My #mnbchallenge from Lorna Jane and Fit Approach !
On Monday, I went running since I knew I had to be at my doctor’s appointment and didn’t have time to go to the gym. I enjoyed the beauty of the views, but hills still slow me down. Running has been my love since middle school. I had a time where I didn’t run, but that’s because depression seemed to keep me on the couch. I love the results I get from running, I love the natural beauty outside, and I love the high I get after sprinting on a treadmill. I love minimalist trail running, running barefoot in the grass, and I love running on the beach because even though it is a huge challenge, the ocean calms me. The Move, nourish, body challenge from LornaJane and FitApproach motivated me to post my favorite way to sweat, which is running.
Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class. I love how the group instructors do the work for you and a good teacher cheers you and plays good songs, helping you learn proper form while you sweat. Normally I stay for Bodypump class, but MNBchallenge told me to mix it up, so my friend and I did everything from box jumping, kettlebells, weighted medicine ball throws, to TRX plank-push-ups, to ropes(snakes), and foam rolling.
Wednesday was my funk day where I stressed about my car, could not read or enjoy my day, had a rude patient at work, BUT my Nike training class and walk up and down 9 flights of stairs saved my day. I had a nice evening with my husband and 4 friends. Nike training is like a circuit training boot camp, a crazy hard challenging cardio and strength mix of insanity!
Thursday I am glad I joined my friend at the gym because the MNBchallenge was to work out with your buddy. I was late, but made it to Bodypump. She was setting up for me and we laughed and took cute selfies. She is always gorgeous with perfect hair and makeup and nails! AND she is a working mom!
Friday I went to the insane Bootcamp with Jill at 24hr. Jill is super tough, an adorable mom, and amazingly strong. She likes making us do things like chest to deck push-ups, manmakers(Marines do this crazy burpee!), and I get super sweaty and bit all kinds of walls, but I still keep going back for more.
This morning I went to run and do a quick fitocracy workout, then walked through Americana (the outdoor mall).
How do you see fitness, running, exercises, yoga helping your stress?
How do you survive a stressful week?
What is your favorite stress reliever? (And don’t say food unless it’s vegetables;))