My insane weekend (including the Mud Run)

1956684_10153952635620035_952439137_o Before and After!

One week ago I decided to finally register and join my motivating (read: pushy;) just kidding) friends into doing the Lozilu mud run at the Pasadena Rosebowl. They have been trying to get my butt signed up but I was nervous, didn’t have the extra funds, until finally one friend dropped out but paid my way. I was amazed at this opportunity!
I kept saying over and over, “I can’t believe I’m doing a mud run!” All week. Then I said, “I can’t believe I’m here!” And I kept ending the day with “I can’t believe I did a mud run!”
Once we all arrived and got our little headbands and bib numbers, we headed to the crazy-energetic-fun-warmup with guys from Bella fitness. We did some hip hop Zumba and pi yo dance moves and then started around the 10am wave.
The very first wave was right at the main entrance to the Bowl, where you hop over wires then ran through the stadium(the seating area; thankful they didn’t yell at us to run up and down those stairs!)
Next was he mud bath where we literally crawled through wet sloshy mud under some flags. Then we had those wooden hurdle walls to get over. Those don’t have much of a ledge to climb or grasp! We also had a narrow balance beam(that majorly slowed me down!). We went through some crazy wire maze and climbed up a fun house (blown up) wall and over some tall ladders and up a ropes wall and through two more mud baths…I may be forgetting an obstacle in here, but it was so fun!
The last one was an exfoliating mud bath (felt like rocks) and then after the finish line we got hosed down, foamed up with Dr. Bronner’s magic foam experience, and got an Acai sample drink and then took pictures and went to the Lunabar booth and food truck. We went home cold because it was a cool gray morning, and we air dried off in the breeze.
I enjoyed sitting so long in the hot shower and standing letting it spray-massage my back! Then I had to quickly iron my dress and run to our pastor’s daughter’s lovely wedding. The warm sunshine, the lovely flowers, and the sweet, precious ceremony was quick and delightful. Everyone was thrilled and took photos. We had some light appetizers and then we were on our way to visit my husband David’s cousins in Santa Monica. His aunts were visiting from New York & the cousin from San Fran came too. They made us the most delicious New England dinner and I so thoroughly enjoyed playing piano, running around, and laughing with his 2&6 year old little cousins.
Yesterday we went to church and then a picnic for a friend’s birthday. We got to relax for a little bit and even watched “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” before running off to another friend’s birthday gathering. We love film noir and enjoyed this weekend, but hoped to never again have so many wonderful events back to back.:-D
I want to learn how to take things slow so I’m not rushing through, I’m savoring each day and taking in the smell of roses, coffee, and taking time to sit and talk with the people I love.

Review of the new Camelbak Relay Double filter technology pitcher

Oh I love Camelbak! They have the best water bottles.
And now, coming to a store near you,
to a refrigerator near you, comes their water pitcher filtration system!
First thoughts that are now behind me:
1. This guy looks a bit small. I drink a lot of water and the Brita takes longer to fill up. Will I just go to the tap because I’m in a hurry?
Rebuttal: THIS IS THE SPEEDIEST WATER FILTER OUT THERE! It saves space in our fridge! It’s got a 10 cup capacity. “Filters at the speed of your faucet!”
2. I always pour fast if I’m rushing and make a mess.
R: this has a controlled pour for less to 0 mess! And spill proof locking lid!
3. I forget to change the filter and get little black specs in my glass.
R: I know exactly when to change this because it tells me when on the Filter reminder dial! It lasts 2xs as long!
4. Water is boring, picks up flavors around it (metal from drinking fountain etc).
R: this tastes even better than other filtered water. Dasani tastes plastic to me. This tastes fresh and it feels so refreshing! Removes chlorine, taste and odor for great tasting water!
I went to bed with a headache and woke with one. You can bet the new water is what I’m reaching for!
I love the blue color, too!:)
Thanks Camelbak!
Disclosure: I received the Pitcher from Camelbak. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Notes on Les Milles Body Pump (24 hour fitness group Ex)

About body pump
The warmup is nice; start out with a light to medium barbell with a song to wake up the muscles. It feels like a nice stretch before the 50-60 minute sweat session.
Ok friends here goes: why I love this class and how it got me excited to try more group exercise classes! The First heavy squat & back track! It is exhilarating! They usually play an upbeat rock or pop song, and you just follow the teacher’s choreography. It’s not fast paced but it makes you feel strong, beautiful(or handsome), and sexy! After I put the weight down I feel like I can do and accomplish anything and my day is off to a great start! Complete with…ahem, elbow sweat!

Then comes chest. Try medium weight plates. You’re usually lying down on a step or risers/bench, and doing chest presses to the teacher’s count, to a fun pop or rhythm song.
Next up is Back so you can up your weight again. The Triceps make me happy because that helps me think I’m getting rid of flab! Lunges never get any easier! I love biceps too because the songs really pump you up.
Shoulders make you feel like you’re Arnold or another body builder, then when done do some Abdominals (planks, sit ups, crunches etc.). And stretch.
Remember to drink water! I usually do cardio before or on my opposite days because that’s what fits my schedule, but this class is so great (the teacher does all the thinking and hard work for you!:))