Making Memorial Day Memories

This morning it felt so good to sleep in. Then we had some cleaning and organizing around the house. My friend then met me at Deukmejian wilderness park for a nice uphill hike, (it was short, just over a mile, but boy was it hard!), complete with lovely views of our valley. We went to Magpie’s after for a salad lunch and went our separate ways. I stopped by La Canada memorial park where they had several booths, including the Humane society with cute pets to adopt, concessions, Cold pressed juice from Orchard Flats, snow cones and root beer floats. After a nice shower I returned to the park with my husband and we danced to the live band, Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries! There were a lot more people and picnics this time. It’s always fun to see the community (my workplace is part of it too) working together, and dancing outdoors brings families together and it’s a super fun way to #sweatpink!:)
This was a great ending to a long, busy, fun filled, tiring weekend! Saturday we drove up to central coast, went wine tasting and had tri tip with friends, yesterday we went to Manhattan beach, and a church picnic, so all in all it was a very full but fun 3 days!


First inspirational week with FitApproach

Fit Approach has a global ongoing (from 5/22-6/21)event happening right now!! It’s super fun and it’s called…(drum roll please)…Say something inspiring! This is my kind of challenge! I have always felt like my gifts lie in motivational encouragement, cheer, and coaching. I don’t have the talent or education to train or cheer lead, but I love being a #1 fan of those that I love and believe in.
Growing up people would say “oh you’re just being nice” or thought I was just giving flattery, but I really do mean what I say. I speak the truth because I am a positive thinker and I know how it feels to be shot down, bullied, or stifled. I want to be that kind of a person who walks into a room and makes it a better place.
So on Thursday and Friday I found two favorite quotes on Pinterest that inspire me. Fit approach gives us a topic each day too. Yesterday I had so much fun sharing some sweet words in honor of my best friends and sisters.
Today I felt inspired when I ran my best time at the beach.
What are your favorite quotes that inspire you? Who are your favorite inspiring people or authors or speakers?
Go out and make it a better place!

PureLYFT natural caffeine!

I had so much fun trying my first Lyft stick today! It came in the mail yesterday so I opened it up and read the instructions on the side of the label, stirred it in my water for 10 seconds, and drank some before and during my run and my weights workout.
To be honest I started to get nervous that the first ingredient is sugar, but hey it is only 1 gram! I am also sort of sensitive to caffeine but sort of addicted. Let me explain. I will get a migraine if I don’t have my one morning cup. I sometimes have an iced tea or a early afternoon cup of hot tea, but if I drink it too late in the day I’m awake during the night. So during my fitness journey I read articles saying I should have it before my workout and some say I can drink it after (because I don’t want the acidic jitteriness in my tummy). I almost always have it after my workouts. In the summer I like it iced with cold milk and in the winter I always have it hot with a little cream/milk(soy etc).
I had heard of green caffeine in pill form for weight loss (figured it was a diet fad), but this LYFT idea is truly terrific!
It did not make me jittery or did not make my water too sweet. It was light and refreshing and I hardly noticed it. I seemed to hold my speed on the treadmill pretty well and was alert during the weights portion! I am usually sleepy and groggy trying to focus. I purposely didn’t eat a whole lot until after because I really wanted to see how I would do with this LYFT stick. I will try the second one on Tuesday when I do my double header Spin and BodyPump(a long exhausting but fun day then I go to work!)
I like the ease, the look and feel, hardly a noticeable taste or smell, but it is refreshing and fueled me for my energizing run!
I like how I didn’t feel too jittery or notice a strong flavor nor did I need coffee and food (which takes more time and prep), I can grab my LYFT stick and go.
I am an energized gal anyway but now with my LYFT stick I am able to get up and go without running around, trying to carry too many bags, spilling coffee, and dropping things.:-)

Disclosure: I received the Lyft sticks through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

‘Cause I’m happyeeee!

Today I came home from the gym and finally decided that I’m happy with myself. (My physical body as well as my soul/spirit and mind). Sure I still have a lot to learn (I love learning!) and He isn’t finished with me yet, but I am done apologizing for what or who I am. I am done condemning myself for those 5 lbs I keep fluctuating around, up, down, and the old belly fat I can’t seem to get rid of. I had a goal (maybe it was just a dream or an image) of looking great in a bikini, but who am I trying to impress?! My husband is thrilled to love me for who I am (all of me, all for you-Thanks John Legend) and loves my curves, so why did I have all these strongholds, hold ups, hang ups?
Next weekend I’m looking forward to spending a little family time back east, especially my four little nieces and nephews. Growing up I was the bigger sister (I don’t think my family said this, I just felt bigger and overweight and struggled with overeating). I let their comments(out of love and caring concern, not judgments) really get to me and hurt my too often sensitive feelings, which built up walls and made for more cry baby tear scenes and fights.
Somewhere back in my childhood I remember a cute Charles Shulz Peanuts cartoon of Charlie Brown getting frustrated, muttering, “I should’ve…! I shouldn’t have…! I should have…!” And the punch line (Lucy was it?): “But we don’t live in should’ve’s!!!”
I am happy with the way I look. I don’t need a lot of makeup but every once in awhile I like dressing up and going out dancing with my man. I don’t tan a lot because I’m still pretty fair and have skin cancer in our family, but I love the healing sun. I have grown my hair and nails out, and I love a hot shower or bubble bath and a DIY facial or mani pedi once a week. I play piano and sing my way around the house, and if I wear pjs, yoga pants, or a dress, I am happy. I am happy in my own skin, I am happy in a swimsuit or in a skirt. I don’t love my work uniform because it seems a little boring but I just need to wear a little accessories and then I’m happy. I feel strong from weights at the gym and from helping with babies and from learning so much at my beloved job, and so,
I am thankful.
I am grateful for inner strength(even if it’s not as quiet or as slender!)



Music is so important to me! Some people can just run out the door without any music and jog for miles. Some people just walk into the gym and don’t mind hearing the gym’s playlist overhead. Some people love their fitness instructor’s playlists or their own in their ears!
What do you like to listen to? What makes you go farther, faster, longer, and feel stronger?
Yesterday my little brother who is visiting us came to do his Perfect Push-ups, weights and his own sets in the gym with me and had to have his iPod shuffle of EDM. I went to Nike training class (which this teacher likes to play the same pop hip hop mix every Wednesday; it’s a tough workout but I’m ready for a new set of tracks!)
Running and spinning seem to be a similar mix of 100-120 BPM I think, but it does take time to create playlists that are helpful and motivating.
I love going into a group exercise class and the teacher does all the thinking for me!
Do you have a favorite artist or genre or is it an eclectic mix?
Thanks I’m always up for finding a new selection!