Sometimes we need to just…stroll…

I have been on such a HIIT streak, working on toning and burning fat, happily seeing results! I love spin and running and mixed MA/cardio kickboxing, hiking, and swing dance. I like lifting weights but it is tough.

What do all these great things have in common? Cardio. Which is fine but sometimes I need to breathe, meditate, slow down to stretch,& do yoga.
Sometimes I charge into a group exercise class, I run hard in my neighborhood hills or on the treadmill, trying to beat my time, or I am just going around like a madwoman trying to get tasks done at work or home.
Yesterday we took a hike walk with the dogs we are pet sitting and my head ached all day then I took a self defense class. Sometimes I need to slow down like the dogs do,& just sniff and breathe! They charge out the door or on a trail, pulling you, then all of a sudden they stop short- they found a marking or a bush or tree they like. As part of SD summer challenge, I’m learning to unplug and take a deep breath. I use my iPhone for so many things, and it is helpful sometimes, but it is also making me miss out on real conversation, daily living, and true rest. There are times I have panicked because I didn’t know where my phone was, then I realized “I don’t have to have it you know!”& go on doing what I was doing, only to discover how great that day was when my phone was lost!
There are notifications I have turned off or moments when my phone is dark or silent but usually in my workouts I have it somewhere nearby because of an app I was using (iTunes or gympact app or Runkeeper). There are times when I happily discover I don’t need it and that’s okay!
I love pictures so I love FB, Instagram, Pinterest, & snap chat. However, there are times when I wish I had my phone to take a pic and then there are times when I didn’t need to post that pic, I was just showing off! Ha!
I love the gratification of a like(thumbs up), a pat on the back, a comment or text, then it hits me: “Ew I don’t like their attitude or tone, why are they telling me how I should live?!” Then I sit and stew over it, toxically draining wasted energy and guilt.
I am one who believes the Bible tells us how to live, but there are thousands of interpretations that are distracting me from meditating and hearing God’s voice on this or that subject! There are opinions on food and diet, workout fads, shoes, movies, musicians, and what to spend your time on. I say go out and be yourself, live your life to the fullest, and relax. You are your own beautiful person!

Appointment with Lonnie from Full Plate Living

I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  Just a lot on my mind, really.  

However, I have had a great morning so far.  I woke early and got ready for my spin class, knowing I had a 7a appointment with Lonnie from Full Plate Living.  He spoke very kind, encouraging thoughts and listened to my problem.  My dilemma is I am a big snacker.  I get tired of carrots, celery and apples, so I reach for potato or corn chips.  I ought to be reaching for something healthier, or maybe I just don’t need to eat!  I’m a receptionist so I sit near a candy dish too!  I used to be able to say no to candy and sweets.  Ever since I was a teen, I got into this 3-5p snack time habit.  I don’t understand it!

But Lonnie from this blog site really helped me.  He gave me some new, tangible tips, hints, tricks, and goals.  He asked me how adventurous I am, and we discussed possibly eating a bigger breakfast(I’m always hungry after the gym and try to eat a yogurt or a smoothie, but not a big breakfast, and then a medium lunch, and then a small, light supper. Genius idea!  Brilliant!  Now if I could get my husband on board…!:-)

Anyways, Lonnie was gracious in explaining habit forming things, and told me that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between cravings and actual hunger.  He said it sounds like I’m doing a good job, I just need to get creative with my strategies and goals! Which, I CAN DO!:)


Hop on over to my good pals at to see their #sdsummer challenge starting tomorrow!
To get some sugar out of the house, and because my gym buddy brought me almond butter, and one of my friends is working on a cookbook AND because my #sweatpink friends are building a cookbook, I had all the motivation in the world to come up with my own recipe.
I am always on the lookout for quick, on the go, easy, healthy protein snacks, especially salty and sweet, and this is great for anyone with allergies because you can opt out for certain things.

1 egg
1 cup almond or nut butter
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup brown sugar

Optional texturizing fun:
1-2 scoops of Speculoos cookie butter
1-2 scoops of peanut butter
Coconut shreds
Chocolate chips/cocoa nibs

Start by beating the egg. Then add almond butter, blending the soda and sugar in together. Fold in options, as tastes vary.
Scoop tablespoon fulls on cookie sheet but give them room to spread,& bake in 350 degree preheated oven for 10-13 minutes(my oven took about 14 but I don’t want them too dark and crispy:))

Thanks for the motivation, friends!20140619-221429-80069261.jpg


Engage/Suck it in/Belly button touch your back: A lesson on the core

Yesterday I learned how to make tummy fat obsolete!
What’s that, you say!?
Well, in my excitement, I forgot to mention the lesson my Physical Therapist friend/coworker taught me (that you will want to know once you hear it!). I was so excited about my bicep weight but I learned something far more important!
Get to the point, you say?!
On Saturday in spin she sat behind me and watched me get all distracted, lazy, flabby, and loosey-goosey! She started to get my attention as class ended: “hey on Tuesday we are gonna work on your core! You have got to learn to engage!” Our friend next to us said “hey be nice! She doesn’t know:) it’s her pt brain coming out!” And so I said, “no really, it’s ok I know I need it! So thanks!” I mentioned I try to do planks or ab workouts but I just don’t realize how easily distracted and forgetful I get during a run or other parts of the workout or class. She said to me, “you are doing enough! You work out but in order to get those left handles you have got to engage your core the entire time!”
So yesterday she showed me on the spin bike all the positions and all that I did wrong and how to correct it. It finally hit me, how I should remember to engage not only in my runs or when I lift or hike up, but even walking around for my posture and back’s sake!
Spin was actually harder and more challenging and body pump was tough. I felt so thin and strong, so slender but so focused!
One of the things you have to start with is turn in the transverse abdominis, like a pelvic tilt or thrust (“Elvis moves his pelvis” is all I can think about)!
Don’t forget to breathe while you are sucking it in. This is hard! But you can do it!
The entire 50min. Class I protected my back by hardly moving my upper body- it was mostly all in my legs and core keeping me more balanced.
I had a professor in college start English every morning with “let’s center ourselves.” We helped her clean her cat house when she left and became a nun. She was a unique lady, and her number one lesson? It works for so many things.
My friend showed me that in third position (your hands are loosely (not tense) gripping the upper part of the handle bars), not only keep your back straight/flat like in a plank (don’t arch or hike or hunch!) but jut your back and hips way back- like the small of your backside can barely graze the nose of the seat but when you start arching and getting all loose, the hips might touch side to side on the seat and that will be a reminder to engage.
I came up with my own acronym to help me:)
What are some tips that help you? I wish I could afford a Pilates trainer but this was so valuable! If only I could remember it every second of the day:)

So invigorated!

My coworker dead lifted 175 lbs! So she inspired me to keep pushing! On Saturday I tried to up my bicep weight in bodypump and did okay! I was sore from Jill’s tough Nike training bootcamp on Friday. This one girl had 50 or 60 lbs on her bar and I was so blown away!
So today in bodypump I thought, “I think I can, I think I can!”& I did!!! I really did! It felt so good!
I might try again on a different body part next time!:)
I have been successfully either getting my steps in and working out or jogging every day(even Sundays which I thought I used to just need to rest)!
Now if only I can stay off chips/snacks in the afternoon…
I love clean eating and feel so much better, but there are days where I love a good crunchy snack. I just need to plan ahead and find more of a variety than celery and carrots!:)
I’m learning to make iced tea or coffee so that even though I love bubbles, I don’t crave a soda(diet or regular! Did you hear Coca Cola is coming out with a stevia version?)
I wish my refrigerator and pantry could just get together and send me the menu plan for the week:)
How are you? Any tips would be appreciated. Go out and enjoy the weather!:)


For my readers&fellow bloggers

A few questions I’d like for you to comment, email or discuss!:
Do you prefer following my Instagram or my you tube for videos (workouts, vlogs, songs, etc.) or do you wish I had them imbedded here? I am still new to this am learning how to upload media and all that!(to other bloggers: what methods do you prefer?)
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Do you need workout tips or do you get those from personal trainers, Pinterest or elsewhere? Would you like this on here, my Pinterest boards, or just in your email inbox occasionally?(like a once a month or week option or the RSS feed etc.)
Do you like healthy recipes here or Pinterest? I am a foodie who loves pics of food to get ideas, but I know some people dislike this.
Would you like to follow my food journal on my fitness pal or see my workout calendar? Or is this unnecessary and a deterrent? I thought food journals are personal, but it helps me be accountable if I know others are watching and learning (like my fitbit steps and who is ahead of me!)
I want to get in the habit of blogging regularly and I haven’t. I will work on a calendar soon and let you know my plans:)
Do you need help with any of the following& what would you like to see more of:
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I have big dreams and goals for this blog. I want to help you achieve your fitness goals and am working on learning how to make it better and more useful.
Thanks for your input!