Meal planning

Ok everybody let’s talk about my least favorite topic!
I love food. I love to cook.I even love shopping at Trader Joes and Super King. Baking isn’t my favorite but I’ll try it. Couponing isn’t a strength but I try to do it. I love laundry and housecleaning. I love practicing my piano and I absolutely love to work out and I love my job.
Last week we did ok. This week I warned him I would be working late and going over to cat sit before getting home (8pm or later which all the weight loss and PT folks will tell you is too late to eat!)…so, I decided we would eat like kings for breakfast, queens for lunch, and paupers for dinner(a light smoothie or salad). If that was too hard, we have sandwiches and leftovers for him.
Monday I had two run two errands but I still went on a run. Um, breakfast plan A didn’t happen(he had to run an errand also). Mon. Night we both were on our own for dinner because we were both out late (I got a veggie burrito out).
Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class and so, it didn’t happen.
Last night he was texting me while I was really busy at work, and I thought he had leftovers, but on my way home he said he was still hungry so I stopped at Kebab Daddy(you can look them up on twitter or facebook). Sigh -it was so delicious and fairly healthy but I scarfed it down too late!
I went to bed feeling guilty and so tired, only to wake up early again(considering we are house sitting)…so once I meditated and read and tried to doze,I just got up, started a delicious huevos rancheros. Oh this is where it gets good. My friend was texting me to please meet her at the gym(I was worried I didn’t have time), so I packed my gym bag, and put a tortilla and some of the eggs/beans in a Tupperware, and off I went! This is my issue- if I’m running to the gym I grab a quick fruit/yogurt/oatmeal, but I’m starving after my workout, never before and don’t wanna workout on a full stomach! This plan was Perfect! I did stair master and run/walked, abs&push-ups with my friend and showered and made it to work early so I could eat my breakfast!
Now how to make that happen every day?!
Who has quick easy meal ideas for me? Pinterest!;) thanks guys:) I feel so far behind so I’m going to return back to work. edit then I finished my day with this delicious green smoothie! Have a great day!



manifest happens to be a delightful motivating blog! Today in my reading Ephesians that word manifest came up!
Well, I am manifesting myself today. I am in a much better state of mind than I was yesterday. This morning I made a really good smoothie and took a quick walk and started the crockpot. I went to yoga and sneezed a few times and he said it’s good that we opened up my sinuses and lungs!
I did 31 push-ups for the Fitfluential and the zensah challenge and went for a run walk on the treadmill.
My friend Rae is doing a great Facebook challenge of being grateful and not complaining for her NotMundane where she does something out of the ordinary!
I am inspired to have a good day no matter what!

W.O.W,midweek thoughts, variety, and a spider

What a busy hump day! After a slow, chill beginning to my work week, things picked up today. But, LEST WE FORGET! First things first:
Workout Wednesday consisted of my friend and I needed a little variety to spice up the old mundane NTC. We met at Burbank, my favorite new 24, which I rarely get to go to because it isn’t as close as the others I frequent and sometimes there is traffic. We took the body combat class, which I like, and it’s more my pace (a mixed martial arts, slow paced turbo jam or turbo kick, like cardio kickboxing but slower choreography).
This brings to me the question: variety is wonderful, but how do you stop spinning plates to get good at ONE thing? For instance, I love cardio barre, but I’ve known people to get tired of it. I can see how my friends love Zumba, but I would need to go every day to ever even come close to trying to learn those moves. I am a big fan of functional training and cross training. I love running, and spinning (I can’t go as fast or far on a road or mountain bike like my husband) but I want to learn to swim the real strokes way! I love the gym for group exercise classes like Bodypump (weight lifting for dummies), and for things like these awesome new star trac lock n’ load technology over at af but I need my running too!
I want really good form and technique in Bodypump but also in running. I can’t do both every day! How do YOU find the balance?
So my favorite bloggers, people like Jill and famous beauty blogger Cara both have a once a week “fab Friday” or faves list idea that I want to pay homage and copy. I have now decided to remind myself every Wednesday and/or Thursday I will blog a “Midweek thoughts” and that should help keep me on track!
The day ended back at the house we are dog sitting 3&catsitting 2(that’s 5 animals!) where at first we thought one of the pit bulls had found a lizard.
Uh no, it was this ebony spider you are seeing.
I have arachnophobia so my husband helped guide the ebony guy (or girl?) back into the bushes but I was so scared someone would get bit !
Their bites can hurt but they aren’t poisonous so I will rest easy tonight!

Vega bar review

What could be better? Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I got the opportunity to receive a box of the deliciousness that is Vega protein bars! They arrived in dry ice and I happened to come home from work tired and drained, so I ate one. I was so glad to get 15 grams of healthy protein because I was too tired to cook that late and it satisfied me all night long.
The next morning I tried one after my Zumba+weights workout, which is how it’s meant to be used. A power bar recovery snack on the go, low carb option that is all natural (non-GMO) and yummy and all around truly great! The good quality may mean a tad more $, but this is good because don’t they say not to eat where you buy gas? ๐Ÿ™‚
Then the next day I knew I was in for a killer HIIT workout so I HAD to eat one on my way to the gym. Both mornings this bar kept me satisfied till lunch, and some days I am so hungry I feel I have to snack on everything (patients bring in baked goods, vending machine junk, etc.), so that was comfort knowing I had a healthy satisfying bar tiding me over.
I opted for the chocolate peanut butter which also has 2.5 BCAAs, 2g glutamine, and 1g of omega-3s. Brendan formulated these, and he is a vegan ironman triathlete. They have protein powders and energy gels too. I love that it’s not super sickly sweet but it helps my sweet n’ salty chocolate cravings too. My coworker ate one I gave her after her long hard day of work and she loved it! Thanks Vega and fitapproach !
Check out their awesome campaign at fuelyourbetter

Disclosure: I received these Vega protein bars through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Go to the mattresses

My husband has been imitating Marlon Brando so perfectly lately, it really makes me laugh! This post is all about going back to the basics, the essentials, the bare minimum:
My new barefoot minimalist Vibram Five Fingers!
Woohoo! I love these shoes so much! Friday night I wore them around the house. Saturday I wore them around the house and on a quick walk around the block(pavement). Last night I had a really long walk (mostly pavement, a little trail, and heavenly grass!) and today I will try them out at work. (So glad my boss doesn’t make me wear high heels!)
It was thanksgiving 2011, and I had tried to get back into running for about 2 years. Everything was giving me headaches, neck and back pain. I didn’t want that to stop me from running. A new friend at the Turkey dinner table(the house in AZ I was visiting) said “oh have you heard of Chi, barefoot or minimalist?” I just then began checking out all the options and trail running shoes and books and blogs about it! I was so excited thinking this was my chance! My mama gave me a pair of minimalist New balance that I fell in love with for Christmas but they only lasted 3-4mos. Before I saw wear and tear(tiny holes). That’s my concern is how good is the quality if they are really thin? How supportive?
I love my saucony ride 7s because they do help me on the pavement. But I want to conquer the hills of Griffith Park!
If I were you, I would go to a store and try them on to get the correct size. Then I would follow their instructions and really just wear them a little bit at a time to break them in.
Go for it! Wear whatever shoes are best for you. In cross trainers my feet do better in the gym classes. In minimalist shoes (now my vibrams) I will get to soar up the trails!:)


Organic Sunshine Burgers review

I did not want to wait this long to post about the goodness that is Sunshine burgers.
All natural, clean, pure vegan patties that are non GMO, gluten free, and easy to prepare. They are healthy! They come in several different tasty varieties.
Not only are they all of the above, but, my friends, they are
The thing I absolutely love about them that I absolutely can’t seem to find in any other patties? Their consistency and texture are out of this world supreme!
I once had a bad experience with boca burgers. Maybe they changed their recipe! So I have searched high and low for a good veggie burger that satisfies, only to be disappointed every.single.time.
My friends raved about the Slater’s 50/50 restaurant vegetarian patty, so I thought I’d give it a try. It fell apart and it had corn and carrots (not my favorite)and I disliked the texture. Stick to the bacon goodness (50% bacon with 50% beef) that you’re known for, dear Slater’s(I love their other menu items and haven’t gone completely vegetarian yet).
So I fell in love with Sunshine burgers you guys. I finally settled on something delicious, worth the price, worth shopping around my neighborhood(not Sprouts, not Gelsons, but Whole Foods had them!), and it makes on the go lunches quick and easy and it totally made my 4th of July celebration 100% better!
And so, since I was so thoroughly excited, I tried them out on a couple vegetarian coworkers, who absolutely love them as well!
My personal favorite? The Hemp & Sage, followed by Loco Chipotle, Falafel, then Garden Herb, next, Barbecue. I am awaiting my special order at Whole Foods to try the Mushroom and the Southwest. I will let you know.
My coworkers loved the Falafel and Garden Herb and Hemp&Sage too, but most of all they loved the texture and how it doesn’t crumble too much nor does it taste too oddly healthy or anything weird. They loved the perfect consistency! They said the falafel was just a slight hint, it wasn’t too salty or overly seasoned. The tendency to overdo one ingredient happens all the time. Say you buy gluten free bread? It has sugar in it. Say you try fat free something or other? High in carbs or sodium. You want low sodium sauce? It comes with loads of sugar or some other unhealthy additive.
The coworkers that loved the falafel started in on “It would be good with tahini, hummus, tabbouleh, or…” And we laughed because I didn’t bring the whole entire Mediterranean faire up the hill to work that day!
Now, I am not a huge BBQ fan because I like the spicy tangier sauces rather than the sickly sweet versions. For more on this, go to serious eats from the BBQ post, 05/2011. I can say no to BBQ flavored chips any time ๐Ÿ™‚ And my husband says he overcooked my BBQ patty that time and he loved his and my coworker liked hers too(not her fave, but she isn’t a huge BBQ fan either).
I am using the microwave less and less these days, but I quickly flipped these on the stove at work/home and my husband threw ours on the grill. All easy, fast, and still delicious!
I am so excited about this product! Only sorry I didn’t tell you sooner!
Thank you my sweatpink family from fitapproach and Organic Sunshine Burgers for this great opportunity!

Disclosure: I received these coupons and a Visa gift card through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

More about the CORE

Yesterday I met with Lalo, a 24 hr fitness personal trainer. After the usual fitness assessment and some chatting, he taught me how to breathe during my core exercises…AND THAT IS HOW I SHOULD BE BREATHING EVERY TIME DURING MY WORKOUTS AND RUNS! I never really got it! Now I do. I didn’t understand – for a while I thought “tuck it in” is when you suck in air and hold it! Like that woman on the gas commercial elevator(remember that?! I’ll try to find it and post it here).
Then I started to understand with the transverse Abdominals and different exercises.
But now I get it! I totally see how to protect my back! Woohoo!!!
See the freedom in that?!
Happy Independence Day everybody!:)