The Fitness Games (review of one fun little app!)

disclaimer: As part of the FitApproach, LLC Sweat Pink team, I got to test the premium TFG app for a campaign. I wasn’t compensated monetarily and all opinions are my own. As always, before starting any fitness program, please go talk to your doctor!

I was first introduced to at IdeaWorld health and Fitness Expo. I downloaded it but…to be honest, got busy and forgot about it until Fit Approach’s wonderful sweat pink team allowed me to review it. So began my search for virtual friends to compete with!

Basically you create a profile, you choose a workout(create your own, strength/cardio, or choose a preset workout plan),&compete against someone online or even yourself!

I was thrilled about this idea! I am sad to say I didn’t make time to use it every day (due to work schedule changes or my other gym classes I usually attend). I enjoy little badges and points(I am a gold star girl), so this idea totally makes sense to me. In order for it to work, you must keep the app open and actively submit the workout right away when you complete it.(I was like 1 minute too slow so I lost the wall sit challenge that first challenged me to but that’s ok).

I sweated and huffed and puffed through a bodyweight HIIT challenge with a user named URG, and I posted it on Instagram saying, I DONT CARE THAT I LOST, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT I DID IT!:) I was inspired and motivated by these challengers!

One of the workouts I did I forgot to enter the reps, sets&weights I did! But what does one do if they don’t have access to all the gym equipment? Now, once I did one against myself, and I had to wait in line, the gym happened to be super busy at that time, so that slowed me down walking to find the machine, a free bench, or the right size weight for me.

TFG is really helpful if you are like me and you walk into a gym without a plan. I usually rely on the class instructor (or a personal trainer) to do all the thinking for me, but this makes it fun.

Thanks for the opportunity TFG! Readers, go check it out at your App Store.


Recap of Active Nation Day with Lorna Jane SM store

Ok sistahs, who has been practicing their LJ move? Well, you can enter to win a $1000 LJ gift card! Whattt?! That’s right! Details are and download LJ’s app too! Find my version on Instagram:)
So yesterday I got to go to the Santa Monica pier, the mall, and the Lorna Jane store hosted this awesome Active Nation Day, complete with an awesome workout with ! My fellow blogger sweat pink sister was there, too and I met such cool people! was there, too! I got to sample Larabar, Zico, and Ugo coffee. Skin care ladies touched you up from Bloomingdale’s Chanel, Bobbi Brown, and SK II as well as Azure Salon and the fun creatives behind The Crown Collective had gorgeous flowers for our hair. Because I used the LJ app, I got 20% off at the LJ store.
This morning while dog sitting and sipping coffee, I enjoyed being inspired by LJ’s wonderful book MORE of the fit woman’s secrets .
Don’t worry more posts to come as I am awaiting my new MNB bracelet.

Disclosure: As part of my #sweatpink ambassadorship with Fit Approach, I voluntarily participated in the Active Nation Day campaign. I received a free Move Nourish Believe bracelet. I did not receive any monetary compensation. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

ACTIVE NATION DAY! Lorna Jane is where it’s at, y’all!

I had heard of Active nation day, but wasn’t sure what it meant. I can’t wait to go to the beach tomorrow to check it out! Since 2012 this is a global movement made for women! It will be the first one in the US!
I heard all about Lorna Jane’s MOVE, Nourish, Believe challenges, but I am discovering how great her app is! When you open the app, you get to hear Lorna Jane’s cute Aussie accent and you can track your activities, get recipes, and so much more! Go here: or
Now, for the extra fun part: the #LJMove competition is all over social media. Cute little girls, pretty women and fit females are all over, sporting the LJ Move: (like the douggie or the runnin man or soulja boy- so many famous dance moves, now has her own!). Why? Because you can enter to win a $1000 gift card to LJ stores!
I get excited when I see other women being fit, active, eating healthy, or taking good care of themselves:). I enjoy being a voice for those who can’t speak up. I remember, a part of my depression years ago meant that I didn’t do my hair, I overate and sat on a couch. I wasn’t moving, I was trying to drink in order to sleep, or I would hurt myself. That was a different me.
I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! Now I am learning to love the gym more than I love food. I try to do my hair, makeup and jewelry almost every day. On the weekends I cleanse or do facials or DIY mani pedis. I meditate or stretch instead of just tv and snacks. I am thankful for my health, grateful to be fit and happy again!

Disclosure: As part of my #sweatpink ambassadorship with Fit Approach, I voluntarily participated in the Active Nation Day campaign. I received a free Move Nourish Believe bracelet. I did not receive any monetary compensation. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Review of the amazing 10min.Solution HIIT DVD

I tell you what, I love my gym classes but every now and then I need to mix it up a little.
Also, my work schedule keeps changing so on Monday morning I popped in this DVD. I guess I am more social, because usually I do so much better in the gym or with a friend or in a class. So I don’t do a lot of videos in general (only if it’s raining or I don’t have a lot of time).
But, guys! This video blew me away!
I was drenched with sweat. This DVD is really cool. You have the option of simply doing one 10min workout or mixing them up (you could do a 20, 30min etc). And the best part? No equipment needed and it’s a great bodyweight workout!!!
I liked how the girl (Lisa Kinder who happens to have a great workout in next month) was energetic and not too cheesy. She counted and demonstrated and helped me understand what exactly each workout did or how each worked.
I really recommend you give it a try!
Get your copy here!


Disclosure: For this post, I did not receive any monetary compensation. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.
Before starting any new health and fitness program, please consult your physician.

Virtual 4.0 race!

I have always wanted to do a virtual race or fun run, and never really followed through. I loved how ran a neon dash to celebrate her last day of her thirties, but she planned a huge virtual race, a 4.0 mile fun run and scavenger hunt, complete with a giveaway we can enter to win!
So yes, it is free and you still have a chance to do it, too. My cousin saw me post it on Facebook so she walked it! I want to do it all over again too!
Yesterday, I printed my bib (she made us one!) and got all ready after church. I think I run faster at the beach so I left my husband near the waves with our gear and headed a couple miles to Venice beach and back to Santa Monica. It was super fun, because
A.people watching there is the best!
B. perfect weather
C. Fun scavenger hunt(something beautiful, unique, etc)
D.I only stopped to get this tshirt salesman off my back and to take a couple pics.
E. All of the above
Dingdingding! E is the correct answer.

So, happy birthday to one fantastic blogger!

November Project LA(a newbie’s review) (one of my favorite magazines) has been featuring and I have been dying to go check it out.
OR start one here.
OR see if they had one near me.
Lo and behold a friend posted something about the San Fran one and his friend thevalentinerd.comtagged me on Instagram telling me
So I went this morning, dreading waking up and driving ten miles but there wasn’t traffic and I made it right on time!!!
So what is it you ask?
Who would work out at 6:30am every Wednesday? And it’s a hardcore challenging HIIT or run or something crazy too! Who in their right mind would do this?
I ended up having such a great time!
I met lots of cool, motivating people and we all yell and cheer each other on.
Orrin was our leader, and he told us the plan for the day. November Project was started by two guys in Boston when they couldn’t train during their normal sports season in the cold winter months. You have to have an accountability partner who will meet you at 6:27 am every MWF or until you get a group going. Read more in RW mag or in their blog.
This morning we ran up and down all the stadium stairs with burpees in between; it was tough!
I think I’m addicted! We will see if I make it next week.

A thankful heart=a grateful post

“If you want to be humble, be grateful. Remember to say thank you, and you will go places!”- my dad always raised us on this mantra.
Have you seen the thankfulness posts on Facebook where you challenge someone to do five days of gratefulness?
Lately, I have been stressed, overworked, and tired. We are implementing a new computer system at work and so we have all been trying to figure it all out, and we have been swamped and drained.
Yesterday I complained all day. When I saw the sunset I started thinking, “but I have valid, justifiable reasons to whine and moan!” Then I realized for every complaint I have a positive response.
I hate the humidity but I love the sunsets.
I hate ALS, cancer and dementia, but I am healthy and I have happy memories with those loved ones who are battling those.
I don’t like the new computer system and the pressure we have been under, but I am thankful for my supervisor and my great coworkers.
I hate job loss and unemployment and I hate waiting! But I am happily married to one sweet, helpful husband who’s looking and trying.
What are you thankful for?

This SoCal gal isn’t used to running in the rain

I was kind of on call for work yesterday then ended up not having to work but am being called in soon (earlier than normal). So this morning I went for a run, but had no idea it was going to rain. Sometimes arthritis will tell me! I guess my supplements are working;) It was a nice refreshing quick watering, the gentle sound against my hard heavy pounding and my playlist. I got a little wet but it’s kind of like when you get a hard workout sweat soaked shirt, it actually wasn’t that bad! I did slow down on the downhill because it was slick, and my pace is still slow uphill. I could blame that on just my tired, worn out self too, not just the hills. anyone? Have you heard of it, tried it, done it before? They have a great smartphone app too. I’m excited but only have 1 maybe so far. I’m ready to get my team started! I’m hung Ho because I’ve been feeling sluggish and stressed lately. I have a lot on my plate, so sometimes I don’t plan well and then I eat poorly too(or over eat the comfort foods). I have watched the scale go up instead of watching it go down and I am Ready for a change.

Last night I heard from some amazing women musicians and met some cool artists at out at Arcadia Blues club. My fantastic friend was there not just a producer of the event but she sang and played piano! I also really enjoyed and met the wonderful and loved too! I liked as well as ! We also heard some amazing poetry too. What a great night!
I felt so motivated and alive after talking to ! They are a fabulous resource for Healthy Living!!! I am learning so much from them.


Ever heard of As you can see, I have just created a diet bet game!
Who’s with me? Who is sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Who is tired of seeing the pounds and the number creep up instead of dropping down?
Who is ready to make a change?
I will be posting regularly about this. The wonderful Kristin at has had great results and brought me along for the ride. So, how’s the time to join up! Comment or email me to join! And go to their site to watch the fun intro video.
I’m excited!