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Disclosure: I received a free sample of Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest as part of my #sweatpink ambassadorship with Fit Approach. I did not receive any monetary compensation. The giveaway is sponsored by Manitoba Harvest. All opinions are 100% my own.

<3 Hemp Hearts <3

Hey guys! So, as a part of the Sweat Pink campaign, I received a sample of the Manitoba Hemp Hearts to test, and review. I did not get paid, and all my opinions are my own.


My heart fell in love with these little guys:). I have tried hemp in the past, and sometimes it smells or tastes a little too strong. These I didn’t mind the light flavor and loved the crunchy-chewy feel they added to my smoothies, salad, yogurt, cereal, and my energy ball bites I made(recipe taken from their website:

Energy Bites

  • 1 cup oatmeal (not quick cooking)
  • 1/2 cup nut butter (I chose almond but you can use homemade hemp butter)
  • 1/3 cup agave (could use honey if you don’t want them vegan)
  • 1 cup coconut flakes
  • 1/2 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life mini’s)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup of Hemp Hearts (to roll the energy bites in)


Put all ingredients in one bowl, mix, and roll them in Hemp Hearts. Then let chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.

Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to a week (but I doubt they will last that long in your house).

Recipe courtesy of My Naturally Frugal Family –


They were a nice addition to so many things! I added them to a couple soups, to different meals for added protein, and even my husband was on board. He didn’t really notice at first, then afterwards, he was scraping and licking each and every last one at the bottom of the bowl.

Best News EVER: Until the end of November, Manitoba Harvest is sponsoring a 20% discount code with Fit Approach, LLC Sweat Pink: HHSweatpink14


I even got the chance to talk to Manitoba’s Sarah, who told me they are sponsoring my first GIVEAWAY!! (Post to come!)

Zico day!

My friend told me about this wonderful event Zico (say zee-Coh) hosted last week, so I got the privilege of going.IMG_8741
First we did a fantastic workout with celeb trainer Jennifer Johnson, a hot, beautiful and strong sistah! She led this awesome banging bootcamp, which was like a twerking-hip hop-club cardio dance mix (with a great DJ named Nate), and we did these burning theraband (isometrics again!) booty/lower body exercises towards the end!IMG_8744
Ok, so confession time again: I am white. I may have soul, and you know I swing dance the basics(after years of practice), but I don’t have an internal metronome. I wish I could pick up Zumba and hip hop and other dances quicker, but I can’t because of my poor coordination. At least I got an ab workout because I was laughing and having fun!
Then we rehydrated with Zico. They had delicious smoothies(one even had banana which I can’t stand, and they had masked it pretty well!) and we got to sample their new Zico juice. Oh my word, the Zico oj and Zico pineapple mango were out of this world! Read more about it at

Then we opted for massages or manicures. I got Zico blue nails!(my favorite color: the color of the ocean!) IMG_8750

I felt honored to be there, especially since they gave us some nice freebies too.


Edit: This has been sitting in my draft box; I first had trouble with it because I somehow lost the all the links (I went back in and I guess I hadn’t saved them, but somehow they disappeared), and my friend from thebalancedbrunette and Robyn from WordPress helped me! Now it’s just a belated post!:

It’s been a month. Back to reality. Back to new computer systems at work, back to laundry and dieting (check out my game), back to the normal routines. I posted recaps and product reviews, but haven’t written my notes for all you fit bloggers out there.

Starting with 8/14 Thursday Laura Klein of
Survey your audience (Do polls, ask questions)
Pre-production: get organized, plan, keep it simple!
Story board:
make notes on what you want to capture
Tools, equipment, delegate
Don’t use flash (block or control?)
Use a white tent for food.
White board or black foam.
Directional Lighting
Camera will pick up young, tender greens, detail, FRESH
Why do your readers come to you?
Food allergies
Hubspot- inbound marketing, yoast
Layout, edit, alignment

8/14 Your Brand (Becky from USC, Dannon OIKOS)
stand out
come up with another new IDEA!
Upholding quality
media kit
places I’ve been featured
Ebb & flo (don’t have a set charge rate)
Case study

8/14 Rita Barry of
Your big picture
smart spending
limiting choice
Emotional connection with your readers

How do I want people to feel?
Discovery? Revolution? Enjoyment? Achievement? Nurture? Influence? Authority? Belonging?
(I think I’m a nurturing blogger who wants to give people a sense of belonging).
Emotional space and fonts
Domain hosting
clickables, less is more (navigation sidebar)
Affordable-pro, not cheap

8/15 Cassey Ho of
Finding your voice
comment back, people wanna hear you.
On Instagram: hashtags in the comments
Serve your readers
Value: newsletter, mailchimp
Amplify, official: logo, branding
Passion in health
bikini ebook

bodypop and dietbet

8/15 Jillian Michaels (who needs no intro – she is the most inspiring!)
Fitness is a tool
What is your vision?
Growing your business
Recruiting help
Pick your battles, hot yoga?!
Tailor science to personalities
Direct path from A-B, A-Z
How did she (JM) get to where she’s at?
what’s the worst that could happen?
Embrace your mistakes
don’t mistake failure for regret.
Don’t repeat patterns of negativity.
Positive thinking isn’t always REAL.
Co dependent-like to rescue, save and help
it’s not your fault!
People are fat because they wanna be (DR. PHIL)
motherhood, efficient, clean eating
Give energy, it will grow
don’t and it won’t
Be PC don’t judge, but it’s ok to sing your praises, but with sensitivity.
Curb your enthusiasm, forget the $$$$.
Don’t be extreme, keep it simple.

8/15 Ashley Kong, attorney.
Treat your blog as a business (bank name, IRS)
Medical disclaimer (First consult a physician…)
Insurance: medical, sexual harassment, abuse, facility/premises claims
PII: privacy info
Trademark registration
Your content-your copyrights (take down rights)

Beaming wellness: Keep separate from personal
Create entity/register (LLC)
apply for a fictitious name
Set up a business bank acct
EIN #/tax id (not your SS)
set up tracking system
try quikbooks

Track revenues (all income), expenses income statement, assets, mileage, tax payment
any payments to vendors >$600, 1099 forms.
Home office expenses
and medical/personal expenses

Expense deductions: meals, entertainment
car/truck expenses
home office, business insurance
office expenses
office rent
legal/pro services
pro development
taxes and licenses
Save receipts, save for 3 yrs, record keep.

8/16 I learned the most I think from Amanda Vogel, excellent fitness writer. She talked about:


your idea= pitch to publish

-target audience

-write query

-write article

who: intended audience/reader

She taught us how to write a Query Email/Letter & how to pitch an idea to editor.

Dear (Name of Editor (Mr. or Ms.)

Lead: opening line in 1st sentence, hook the reader and say welcome


your expertise – most relevant or recent credits & credentials

Links to clips 2-4 direct links (direct links to each post not just your domain)

You might do a word count…

Thank you for your consideration, and sign.

Call editor before deadline if you wanna change, edit, or omit some (if you already have tons of info and wanna start a new project or idea)

-Assignment: be specific, write up a contract, do your research

Using your voice

your style

your audience

Assignment parameters.

Package & repackage, lingo, how it’s organized

Stay focused, organization, and what platform.

Broad: “Exercise Motivation” vs a focused idea: “How _(music for instance)_ motivates you to exercise”

One main idea (keeps you from being overwhelmed)

keeps it short

greater impact and conserves posts!
We discussed Print vs web


web exclusives and q&a.

Word choices (For a web or blog Approx 800 words)

Fitness kicks vs workout sneakers vs exercise shoes (depends on your audience or the magazine)

Online: less clever more literal

Long term success

Health and fitness “Service” articles (how to or “what” tips etc.)


Complete the service and follow through






Web exclusive: $150-300/article

guest blog: $25-500

Print: $0.25-$2.50/word

Payment on acceptance or paid on publication

Reselling an idea vs repackaging

Say I wrote(published) for X (Women’s Health magazine for instance)

Should I mention that link or clip in the query to Z (Self magazine for instance)

Like magazine fan pages on facebook. Use linked in, pinterest, twitter and


She seems so brilliant and she was so friendly and down to earth too.

8/17 Amanda Vogel talking about Social Media.

Avoiding the WHO CARES?

The Strategy: good plan, calendar, agenda


Tip of the iceberg (people spend 40minutes on facebook per day) 6% see your posts

likes, comments, shares, links, clicks, videos, articles, photos are best!

Save feature: The more people engage, the more activity, then FB will post to everyone’s new feed. SHARE!

Twitter: at reply versus @mention so: @amandav versus Thanks @amandav! dot or period before the handle works too.

Add meaningful keywords to your IG profile.

Stay current!

Hootsuite, twitpic, econosquare, statogram, VSCOcam, pics art, pic frame, picstitch, instaquote

Try to post when you think most of your readers are online (11a-2p is usually good)

Group XPro

Copy/paste links, once it populates, then delete the long click stuff before publishing…

Memes- shouldn’t always do them or shouldn’t always use other peoples’! Only if it really helps you.

Camera plus (cam+) snapseed picmonkey

Followers vs Audience (use klout): high numbers but still lower vs engage, buys, brand, loyal

Search relevant hashtags

How do you want to portray yourself?

It’s mostly about them, not you



Relevant #selfies once in a while

what’s it for? (you are a little piece of the pie graph, the rest is mostly them)

twitter: 5 #s too many ig: you can use way more (in the comments) fb: one might get something trending but they don’t always work real well there.

Too many #s: like having a messy front yard!

Mostly post separately so the tags fit and the visual.

Variety and creativity!

8/17 Patrick Jak, “Best practices for integrating Devices and Apps with your clients” (Mostly for Personal Trainers and Physical therapists and coaches, but I learned stuff and I love my Fitbit!)

Inspire and igniting change

devices in their hands (digital natives – his 2 cute kids!)

Best Buy is now selling health and fitness activity trackers

61% use a wristband

18% do nutritional tracking

Ask before you post personal goals and wins and losses

Analyze data

Rest: disconnect to connect

Digital intervention

Digital Sabbath

Praise effort (not ability) = more effort

incentives, rewards and badges help

Agent of change

corporate wellness programs


Start running club or wellness group where you work

Read the Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Segment, chunks, take it slow

Ignite, don’t multitask!
Essential nutrition by John _(I didn’t get the last name, does anyone know?) I think it’s by John Berardi?

KISS Keep it simple, safe, fun

fitnessquest10, coaching apps, endofit, endomundo, behavior change, Fitwall, lifetime (24 hr – bodybug)

Monday Diva Night at Fleet Feet!

So Monday blues had me on the couch sick with a cold. I kept drinking tea, cleansing smoothies, and watching all the tv I could until I spotted post something about Fleet Feet (nearby) having a diva night. I was like, “oh gosh I feel better already! So I flew there! (I was past Contagion but I knew it was worth it once I stepped in the door!)
The first thing on my agenda was to try on the most comfortable thing in the world:
A! Of course you know it’s Save the TaTas pink breast cancer awareness month, right? If you know me, you know I have struggled with bras ever since I was young. From the wrong attention and nasty comments from men, to bullying jealous girls, to back pain, weight fluctuation, I have always had trouble. I kind of almost understand why Angelina removed them. They can be troublesome! 8 in 10 women wear the wrong size! I liked their popular style (fiona), but I fell in love with and ordered the Fineform (with the snazzy hook in back for the optional racer back!)
Then I got down to business. The fun and spirited running coach-Fleet feet store hostess was so organized and had delicious refreshments for us(think wine, cheese, popcorn and veggies!) She had this amazing raffle giveaway (where I won a great goodie bag with delicious protein snack bars!) but the fun part was we each got a chance to survey the vendors and if we answered each question correctly, we had more chances to win. We even got to sample some! image
One of my highlights was meeting and hearing from Melissa, the Valentine Registered Dietician. She talked to us about nutrition and helped us with runner’s issues or questions we had about diets and what to eat pre and post workout.

We also learned about the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe 5k runhardrockcafe.comwhich helps homeless youth at and heard from the team at (a fabulous charity that supports childhood/pediatric cancer). We checked out insoles(my Physical Therapy coworkers tell me those are the best!), and We even had a fabulous yoga demonstration from the neighborhood,!


Take that, Monday Blues!
Thanks to Melissa and Fleet Feet!

Review of Barre Fitness DVD

Disclaimer:I did not receive monetary compensation, just received this dvd to review it, and all opinions are my own. Remember to consult your doctor when beginning any exercise program.

It has been too long! I have lots to write about but didn’t have as much time this week as I thought I would. So here goes: let’s dive in!
Jessica Smith is darling. Check her out at She takes you through some hard, sweaty cardio, discusses toning, abs and stretching. I absolutely love barre workouts because it makes me feel like a dancer and it gets into the isometric(small weights, zeroes in on those small muscle groups). I am so uncoordinated, but this I could follow.

I don’t want to tear in and rip this apart but I couldn’t stand the synthesized classical music. I am picky and like to think I’m eclectic, but I am used to classes or workouts that use rock, hip hop and pop. I think classical is great to teach children in an intro ballet or intro fine arts class, or better yet, go to a full symphony orchestra concert! But it doesn’t get me going in the morning. It was almost trying to get me to sleep, but annoying-fake-synthesizer will keep me awake.

More importantly, this was a great introduction to barre workouts. Never fear! You don’t need to go out and renovate your home into a dance studio with nice smooth bars, you can use the back of a chair.

In Wellness systems, LLC offers a fun, good workout DVD here! You can find it on

There is always time for rest…and YOGA!

DISCLAIMER: I received this DVD but no monetary compensation, mainly to test and review the product, and all opinions are my own. It is important to consult your personal physician before trying any exercise program.

From the cover:

Ashley Turner is one of the premiere yoga teachers in Los Angeles.

To my credit, I was walking in the dark, but I think because I was hurrying or carrying my stuff(always spilling coffee or dropping things;)) I didn’t see the uneven sidewalk and so, I tripped and fell Tuesday night, scraping my knee and twisting my ankle. Wednesday I couldn’t join my friends at November project and hobbled around at work icing the swollen, painful ankle, so I checked out this DVD. I was super frustrated thinking this injury would set me back, considering I’m trying to lose a couple lbs before next week, the end of my Diet Bet game. Today I only put in half a day at work because I have a cold. Ugh. I can’t swallow, so mainly liquids for me. Perfect chance for more yoga! Which also happens to be part of the Instagram next milestone define brave challenge.

God slows me down- He wanted me to rest! My husband is back at work, which such a relief after a long struggle of him looking for work. Now I have canceled weekend plans so that I can rest up. I do feel swamped at my job, but I really need to rest.

So this DVD! Ashley has a calming voice and sounds very knowledgeable. She has been teaching for 10 years and has a masters in Psychology and has been named one of the “Who’s Who of power yoga” too. The DVD featured gorgeous calming scenery(of my pacific!) and a lovely, relaxed sense of being throughout.

Did I tell you about all the times people have assumed I’m pregnant? Could be a cultural thing, could be a gluten bloated belly, could be a newlywed thing (in the last three years), could be the shirt I was wearing…but I can’t stand it. I have always desired a flat belly(I don’t mind about the 6 pack I just want to lose this old tire), but there are days where I’m happy with myself and days where I hate it and days where I love starchy things and days where I want to burn all carbs! There was once a time when a lady came up to me (4mos after our wedding) and put her hand on my belly and said, “oh what’s this?! Oh, is it holiday bloating? I was gonna say that’s a little fast for you! Oh, I know we all need to do more yoga don’t we?” I was so stunned, not realizing she was joking, and I got over it, but from that point on I started working on my core!:) I didn’t think yoga could really help me lose weight.

Now this DVD comes along. I didn’t know what to think. But as you’re slowly stretching and breathing(nothing like a fast paced HIIT or a speed interval run!) you are listening to Ashley’s mental focus: it’s all about how you view your body, what your weight loss goals are, and how to listen to yourself and how to breathe and center yourself.

I have so enjoyed watching the new show “The Red Band Society” on Fox. I think it’s cute, funny, and heartwarming. There is a lovely girl that has an eating disorder. I don’t think she looks all that skinny but I am drawn to slender people. I always wanted to be thinner and leaner, toned and sculpted, but I felt like I was big bones and I knew I loved to eat so there was no danger in me becoming anorexic. But over eaters Anon? Yeah, afraid that’s me. Self mutliating? Depressive and anxious stress eating? Negative self talk? I know all about that.

So I need to uh, do this DVD every day until the positive self talk becomes a part of me. Until it drowns out the past voices of preggo talk and judgmental voices (of others or my own self).

Go check out this DVD from Anchorbay on amazon. It is worth it, fit buds!
Go stretch. Remember to breathe. Listen to the waves of mercy washing over you…

Stop. Rest. Meditate. Move to the rhythm of your breath!