A week of good-busy

So Monday-Wednesday was normal busy. I went to what I hoped would be the last trip to the store on Tuesday morning.
DEVASTATION: they were out of Brussels sprouts!!! I had this dream of making this Martha Stewart bacon dish with them. So I changed my tune:
I switched to 1 pot of steamed root vegetables and one pan roasted with a tiny bit of cheese. Then I made buttermilk pie (because I wanted to try something unique)! The latter was not healthy but I made up for it with all my vegetables. I enjoyed being back in spin class!
Tuesday night I didn’t have to do much cooking but my girlfriends brought over Turkey chili, guac, kale salad and Sprinkles cupcakes for a great girls night!!
We discussed how yoga and fitness can become a religion and a lifestyle – like football or an addiction like alcohol.
I think the rule is still
You can overwork yourself to death, you can overeat, you can overdose on even good things…
Yesterday was awesome!
I tried to tell each of my friends and relatives(even writing it on Facebook) that I’m thankful for them.
This morning we went to starbucks and both worked the morning just to get some little tasks done. I enjoyed a sweaty class with Jill from the cross training class at 24 hour.
Today I watched “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Lego Movie,” AND “Chef.” All three had some very meaningful life lessons in them! Favorite moments: “If you want rainbows you have to learn to deal with the rain.”-TFIOS
“Where there is no consistency, and never any negativity!”-Lego
Just seeing the Chef learning to have fun teaching his kid about cooking (and NOLA one of my fave places to visit!)
This year, a year of thanksgiving:
I am grateful for my family, for my blog buds, and that both of us have jobs, and I am happy and content and at peace!

Goals, lists, and guilt!

Jessica from happyishealthyblog.com is one of my fave new blogging buds I got to meet at Idea World Blog Fest! She posted two things I wanted to share with you:
About a week ago she posted that she was joining Mandie’s (mandiem.com )facebook group that is following Chalene Johnson (author, PiYo creator, and supreme motivator podcast vlogger Queen!)’s PUSH 30 day program! So I joined (like one day late). This is awesome because it is finally teaching me to focus and write goals, to write doable to do lists every day, and feel more organized!
This is so excellent because I was getting discouraged thinking I was “stuck at home” (not in the gym) while I’m in Physical therapy for my back injury. I was feeling behind and overwhelmed but also underwhelmed at the same time. I feel drained – drowning and swamped at work but unmotivated to cook, clean or workout while at home(my husband helps with the cleaning, especially since I hurt my back)! All I wanted was comfort food or a date night or binge watching! I feel guilty when I don’t spend time with my friends or I get behind on emails, or when I don’t spend time cooking healthy meals, AND, when I don’t blog every week!
Then yesterday I was feeling guilty because I “only” went to yoga. It was a busy full Saturday, errands and fun at choir, but I made time for rest and a DIY facial!:)
Then I saw Jessica’s post just now: she feels great and looks awesome after her Pilates workout!:) I realized something: I do not need to feel guilty! Today I sang choir and helped the kids at church and had a piano lesson. When I got home all I wanted to do was chill. My husband and I went for a delightful sunset walk and now I’m relaxing and looking over the goals and lists.
Last Tuesday I went on a slight “hike” in a way(my PT told me to stay off hills), visiting the nearby equestrian center and listening to an excellent podcast(by Chalene Johnson). She interviewed Greg McKeown who wrote “Disciplined Pursuit of Less” – and talked about the undisciplined pursuit of more! So good!
On the way back to my car- I prayed for my boss who’s friend has ALS(the worst, most awful disease!)- and it was as if God spoke to me through these two crazy squirrels! Hahaha LOL I am not kidding! These two little brown squirrels were fighting and squealing and running around acting pretty silly! I think they might have been fighting over food or a tree(their territory), but it was so funny after listening to that podcast and my prayer walk. It was so intriguing, seeing myself and others in nature- we can act pretty insane if we are hungry, territorial or stressed out! We can get mean, irritable or emotional because we are running around trying to accomplish more, do more, see or get what we want, in an impatient way.
It’s all in my perspective. If I just add to my plate and try to spin more, if I get on the spin bike and spin more everyday, I’m not going to get any better.
If I make small measurable goals and break them into tasks, then what I want can and will happen! Thanks to people like Jessica!:)

Once upon a time…

There was a little golden haired princess who loved to sit on her daddy’s lap. He would tell her stories and take her by the hand for walks, and make her laugh. They would watch movies and even the Los Angeles Lakers playing basketball on television. “One day, she said, I want to go there and see a live professional game!”
She ran long distance track and field and dreamed of being a Dodger diamond girl or an LA lakers girl. She wanted long blond curls and wanted to learn how to dance and cheer and sparkle like they did. She wasn’t very fast or super athletic, but running gave her energy and helped lift her spirits.
In college she fell into depression and gained weight. She didn’t have a team or any close friends she could confide in, and fell into financial troubles.
All of a sudden, one friend who happened to be a personal trainer, got her off the couch and into a gym.
She had found that with proper nutrition and exercise, she could have her wish of the LA Laker girl confidence she had seen on television.
Two years later a handsome Prince Charming danced his way into her life. He took her to a LA Kings game and a Michael Buble concert – both at the Staples Center where the Lakers played.
She didn’t give up on her dream. She became a serious gym fanatic and started this fitness blog and networked her way to a Lorna Jane active nation day where she met Christine Bullock.
One day she saw a post about trying out a fabulous fitness app called “BodyStream” and that Christine Bullock was doing a fitness challenge with them…
Guess what the prize was?!
Two tickets to a Lakers game with Christine! This girl won!
I tried the app while I was also doing the diet bet game. It’s a fun app especially if you enjoy posting your fit stats or a workout or getting fun easy recipe ideas.
I got to enjoy the game last night with my Prince and with Christine!
Thanks again Sarah from BodyStream, and to Christine for all the helpful tips and inspiration!

2 n 1 dvd reviews!

I realized I didn’t post these! I have had an unusual Fall: I tripped in August, twisted my ankle (uneven sidewalk), had a cold, and hurt my back. I’ve been in and out of gyms and running and back to just walking and resting and a little yoga and a little spin. So whilst I was cooped up at home I have checked out the Hip Hop dance workout and the Kickboxing DVDs!

First of all, I enjoyed the Hip Hop dance video because it was super fun. I need to re watch it and break down the dances so that, with practice, I can really truly learn the moves. (See my previous posts- guest post with Jennifer from thezbeat.com, Zico day, and others where I’ve mentioned I’m not a fast learner on the floor). I loved the three gals’ energy and how they each put their own style in. It was colorful and easy to see(see below- kickboxing was different). I think with practice I could get a really good sweat going! I was thrilled that the DVD came with a little stretchy band to put over your ankle(s)- and they show you how at the cool down.

Personally I didn’t enjoy the kickboxing dvd very much. I do like piloxing and body combat class! I like turbo kick (turbo jam) but am not very good at it! The dark lighting made it hard to watch. I got a little bored with the guy- he seemed so pumped but I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t learn much because he goes over the basics which I’ve seen done in kickboxing classes. Please try it though, someone else out there might love it and it might be the workout you’re looking for. I hated the same synthesized music over and over, too. He seemed excited but I couldn’t really grasp why.

I don’t know maybe I’m still just too social and should stay at my gym classes!

YAY! Guest post day with Jennifer from THE Z BEAT!

Today’s post comes from fellow fitness blogger Jennifer of thezbeat.com!  She is a big help to fitness gurus – both online and in her fun Zumba classes! Here she is IN action!!
I e-met Christiana through Girls Gone Sporty and immediately loved this blog. I read her post on Zico Day and had to laugh. As a Zumba instructor and blogger, I think EVERYbody can enjoy dance-based fitness. I know it can be a bit intimidating, but here are some tips for getting started if you’re nervous about trying a dance fitness class.
1. Try it!: Duh, right? But, you’d be surprised at how many people tell me Zumba isn’t their thing despite having never tried a class. And, if you’re brave, I recommend trying it more than once before passing judgment. Every instructor is different; some are more dance-y and some are more fitness-y. You might be missing out if you don’t try!
2. Know what to expect: Whatever format you try, I guarantee there are websites, blogs, and YouTube videos that can give you a sense of what to expect. That will make the class feel less foreign and allow you to focus on having fun and getting a good workout. In Zumba, each class uses about 70% Latin/international music (salsa, reggaeton, calypso, etc.) and 30% current hits and pop music. We also use intermittent training, mixing very fast songs with some slower rhythms to bring the heart rate up and down (a little) during each class. Here’s my advice for new Zumba students.
3. Don’t assume it’s not for you: I’ve heard it all, “Zumba is only for Latinas,” “I never went to dance school,” “I don’t listen to music,” “Blah blah blah.” Dance fitness can be for anyone! Most instructors tell students to just keep moving, whether you get the moves or not. The idea is to break a sweat and enjoy yourself, and everyone can do those things.
4. Take my advice: Stand somewhere in the room where you can clearly see the instructor. Get the feet first, then add the arms and the flava. Don’t worry about anyone else, because they’re focused on themselves, not you. And, ya know, have a great time.
Jennifer Lauren blogs at The Z Beat. Friend or follow her on Facebook or Twitter for her posts.
Thanks again Jennifer! Loved getting to know you!

Gasp! Tribesports with SweatPink!!!

Hear ye hear ye!
Fitness enthusiasts, bloggers, and runners, gather round!
TRIBESPORTS.com (the awesome fitness apparel) has teamed up with my sisters over at Fit Approach Sweat Pink (check them out over at sweatguru.com also)
to reveal some awesome smexy beautiful workout gear!!!!
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My version of Dieting Better

I’ve been meaning to post this review!  I know you guys were dying to know my results of the Diet Bet game, the pros and maybe a con, if any, of the dietbetter site and app.

SO, here goes! In August I had the privilege of meeting one of my favorite lil’ bloggers, Kristin from ExploringDomesticity.com AND she even gave me a snazzy lil’ tee with my favorite colors on it, that said, “DietBetter”!  I was all gung ho.

Till I decided to actually PLAY a DietBetgame and HOST it!

Don’t get me wrong – it was awesome!

… uhh…

I just love to eat and HATE dieting!

WOW, what a good challenge and motivator this was!  I invited so many people and tried to get all hyped up, not knowing what I was really getting into!  I was afraid we would all lose, lose our money, lose our confidence, or go home crying or something awful (yes, I presume the worst sometimes…)!  I don’t know why, because Kristin had great success with it and kept helping me and prodding me (gently nudging and kindly offering tips).  I didn’t eat hardly any snacks or desserts or candy for a month; I was conscious of the diet bet – afraid my friends or the diet bet staff would check up on me!

I had trouble sending in my official weight the first time; so it threw me off and I felt like I messed up, but if you follow their little instructions, it’s not that hard.  I synced my wi-things scale to the diet bet app which made it easy during the month.

I liked the Diet Bet App, but I didn’t use it a whole lot.  To be a host, it’s probably easier to use the website to set things up and keep it active.  My friends loved it; they loved the motivator and that one of my friends and I actually won our money back (or you can use this as credits towards another game)!  My supervisor really enjoyed it and she motivated me at work to keep on track; knowing she and I were in it together we could easily say No to baked goods or candy, et cetera that other coworkers had.

I really want to try it again (Maybe after the holidays or if-when I get pregnant and have extra baby weight to lose after), and there are virtual games with a lot more money in the pot.  I wouldn’t do them continually all the time because I don’t really need to lose a lot of weight.  I just don’t like watching the scale creep up. I want it to stay or drop 2-3lbs (which is what I fluctuate between anyway!)

I encourage you to check it out.  Or please check out my friend Kristin’s blog and she can help you also!


Officially Announcing the Winner!

Just wanted to give a shout out to the winner of my first giveaway! First, I want to thank Manitoba Harvest, I want to thank Fit Approach Sweat Pink, and I want to thank all my readers and followers, especially those who entered. Everyone, give a big applause to Linda, who won on the random pick of Rafflecopter.