Women Entrepreneurs

Because of my Sweat Pink sisters I get to tell you all about these motivating friends:

These friends of mine inspire me every day!  I can’t choose favorites so I will go alphabetically.


Ana came to NYC then LA to study Fashion and Design.  We met swing dancing.  I knew she worked at a retail store nearby, but never realized how creative and talented she truly is until I saw her blog: stylesbyana.com She repurposes neckties, cleans then sews them and decorates them.  I think they’re adorable, fashionable and makes me feel pretty!  She has an enthusiasm for life and people.  She recently got engaged.  I have enjoyed seeing her creative talent go into costumes for a local community theatre too!


I was rushing in the dark, I was literally spilling cof- no, the sandwich from my hand, because I was late to Bible study one evening, when I tripped on an uneven sidewalk and skinned my knee.  I hobbled in and the first person that saw me offered me a chair but I sat on the floor to discover that I was bleeding.  It was sweet and friendly Elida.  She quickly went to grab me a first aid kit and helped bandage me up!  She is so funny, beautiful and delightful!  She is a OneHope wine distributor who also designs gorgeous jewelry.  Both support wonderful causes, and she has meaningful symbols behind each piece that she handcrafts.  Check her out! Elidadesigns.com


My older sister is a mother of four, a Reliv distributor, and now blogs about food allergies and nutrition at my-life-is-true.com 

She recently got a Fitbit and is usually chasing kids upstairs, biking or hiking, zumba or swimming.  She loves yoga and barre videos (cardio barre, pure barre, barre method etc).  Ask her how you can start a home business and find new epigenetic information on healthy nutrition!  She inspires me every day!!  I remember when she was laying in bed, too tired to walk to our mailbox, “will she ever be healed from CFS?”  Then one day, after a couple months of taking Reliv, I heard the energy in her voice and saw that she hiked 42 miles with her husband!  I couldn’t believe the difference.  Reliv has saved our niece’s life!  At first, before Reliv, my niece was underweight due to food allergies.  Reliv helped her gain healthy weight (and helped me lose 40 unnecessary, depressing pounds!)!


We first met when she was a nurse at Vanderbilt and I was at Trevecca.  We had a great connection over our love for Africa, serving and helping people and helping animals.  Lo and behold, fast forward several years later, they moved to the same hometown and she contacted me!  She was a nurse at UCLA and got injured, only to suffer the last couple years with chronic back pain, surgeries, and trying so many different things (yoga, pilates, chiropractors, herbs)!  She rescues animals with Best Friends LA.  This summer I started to notice she was finally feeling relief, and traveled more, and she told me all about DoTerra Essential Oils.  Go to facebook.com/essentialoilsemily to learn all about an OILY business and complimentary healthcare!


My new friend Jade I actually got to meet because Emily (see above) was doing a booth at a Christmas boutique.  Jade had her 31 bags there and I was enamored.  I had heard OF “Thirty-One Gifts” but never knew anything about it.  I have always struggled with finding the right size handbag, purse and wallet.  I’ve tried oversized, designer, thrift shop, and I can never settle on the right size because I love pockets and being prepared.  I want to have everything on hand just in case (two of everything – one in my car, one in my purse, one in my gym bag, one at home, one in my desk drawer at work)!  Remember the name of my blog?!

So, this year I made the goal of getting more organized. I love to organize, and I wish I was more minimalistic, but I also am REAL and want to be authentic!  I am married to a wonderful man who loves sentimental gifts from his grandparents or his 25+countries he’s traveled to (worked in, relaxed in, cycled through, or taught in!).  I love vintage things, but I don’t want to have a gazillion things to dust either!  So when I met Jade (only last month), I thought this might just be the solution to my problem and I may even (gulp) have to change my domain name!:) I entered to win her little drawing she had, which meant she took me to lunch and I won a thermal lunch tote! AHH!!!  I was so excited to lunch with her because we totally connected on so many levels.  She has two cute kids too!  The other night I hosted a girls’ night (another one of my New Year goals: to have more girl nights and RnR!) where she brought all these awesome products and we played really fun games.  She told us her WHY of doing this business and all about the cool bags (I can’t wait til my order comes!)  Check out her foodie blog: jonesinfortaste.com and her site, mythirtyone.com/jadejones (Tonight ONLY: go to my scheduled parties and click on my name Christiana!)

WCW post

Confession time: I realized I do have girl crushes!
Fitapproach and Sweat Pink and SweatGuru have been challenging me everyday with an exercise or healthy snack and also some inspiring ideas to help me blog and post new things! One being the people in my life that motivate me!
Today I want to tell you a little about L and M.E. I don’t want to hurt their privacy so I won’t go into great detail but they are battling the most awful:
ALS(Aka Lou Gehrigs).
L was my boss for about 4 years. She has been working in Physical Therapy for about 35 years. Educating and motivating people who are injured or have fallen, directing us at the hospital and starting “Team Verdugo”(just R our small group of coworkers who wanted to stay fit!)- through all of this she became like a mentor to me.
All of a sudden a little over a year ago she shared an intimate and devastating piece of news: her partner of over 25 years had been diagnosed with this horrible disease.
The last two years we walked the ALS walk with them and I wanted to say what their smiles do for me. Remember the ice bucket challenge? My husband did it to honor M.E.
M.E worked in the health insurance field so she became a friend to me too! L’s daughter is a friend to me too. Their grandsons are adorable!
My heart breaks every time my granny with dementia has another stroke or another fall. I even have a group of Catholic sisters in MA. praying for these two! I cannot imagine if something devastating liked this happened to anyone close to me. L takes care of M.E and has been constantly by her side and we really miss her at our workplace.
They aren’t my SweatPink blog sisters but these two are great heroes in my book! So now I challenge you to go meditate, go out and walk a block or run a mile. #noexcuses!


All my fave MLM products in one!!!

So you all know I supplement with all natural, non gmo, gf, vitamins, minerals, and the superfood that is reliv with Lunasin…? Ok good. It is safe for animals, babies, pregnant women and the elderly. It has changed my life and it once helped me lose 40lbs. Got it? I take it twice a day & I’ll never stop taking it! How do you get it? My sister (over at my-life-is-true.com) does the business from her home and I can help get you involved or help you get a discount. I also support the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, which helps nourish The World!!!

Then there’s DoTerra. This year I just found out about essential oils and how aromatherapy, topical and internal use can all help! My friend Emily does the business and it has helped her back pain! Now, my favorite product Digestzen has helped my bloating and digestive issues and PastTense helped my headaches.  Check her Facebook Page also https://www.facebook.com/essentialoilsemily

You might be able to see the floral lunch tote from my friend Jade from Thirty-One! (Her blog is at jonesinfortaste.com) I am hosting my first party soon! I love how bags help organize my busy, on the go lifestyle.

You can also spot my cute Jamberry nails from my friend Bethany who introduced me to Kathleen who does the business while she is in school. Check out: https://www.facebook.com/kathleentjams

Lastly, you can see my cherry red lips from Mary Kay. Over the years, I have met several friends in numerous companies but I like to say Mary Kay is the grandma to all of us. I have several friends and contacts in Avon(I use their eye shadow all the time), Younique 3D eye products (saved my poor blond lashes! Check out my friend eyetastic.com), Arbonne and Mary Kay, as well as other skin care and makeup companies! I just used my pampered chef items for dinner! I truly believe in these products and companies, because I see how it helps people supplement their income, or changed a life through nutrition, or complements their healthcare. I have tried several, and these listed are my tried and true favorites! I give them all 5 stars and happily review them here so you all know to reach out and support some good people!

I still love my job but this way I feel like I’m supporting the friends around me who get to work for themselves or who have created some fantastic products! Please let me know if you need help finding something and I’ll hook you up.

Embrace the Shake

Our pastor shared this today and it is so profound:  http://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake?language=en

Amazing artist, learning to live with limitations and using creativity, showed me how to let go.
The pastor said, “Freedom isn’t just flipping over a new calendar year. Freedom is found in what God gives us…
A life without limits leads to a soul without rest; a soul without rest leads to a life without joy.
To live free, you must limit whose thoughts you will linger on this year.
To life free, you must limit what advice you will listen to this year.
To live free, you must limit whose applause you will live for this year.”
To be honest, I can be a little like Lady Gaga sometimes: I live for the applause. I crave attention and I’m a people pleaser. I grew up in a large family, next a drama queen, then a depressed, stifled housewife. I care so deeply for others, but I also like the flowers, chocolates, words of affirmation, or the pat on the back I get when someone notices me or my gifts.
In gym classes, I tend to compare myself to so many, thinking “oh I don’t have her _(body part)_”! Or “if only I was as fast or as coordinated as her!”
When I am running, I wish I was faster or could go longer up hills.
This year I want to live free. I want to rest, not drive myself to try harder.
How about you?