Africa Yoga project!!!!

I am so excited and honored to be featuring this organization.  Have you heard of the Africa Yoga

Founder Paige Elenson started yoga training under Baron Baptiste, and then visited Kenya.  Her life was radically changed.  She saw poverty in a whole new light and right then and there started the wheels turning.

The way she puts it: “Instead of the cliche of ‘don’t give a man a fish but teach him how to fish’ they are revolutionizing the whole fishing industry!”

They go in and teach Africans yoga instruction, and pay them to teach. They are planning big things like a yoga fashion company, a yoga retreat company, an enterprise for opening new studios, a yoga for special needs, leadership trainings, and a kids yoga program.

Why am I connected?!  I fell in love with Africa when I visited Uganda and taught fine arts in Congo, and ever since I have been hooked!  So when Liquido Active with McKell Media approached me about reviewing these awesome pants, I was ecstatic.  (I wasn’t compensated and all opinions are my own.  I want to build awareness for AYP).  They give 10% of the proceeds to AYP!  From their site: “Liquido’s African Sunrise legging is designed exclusively for the Africa Yoga Project in order to support their education and wellness projects throughout Africa. Liquido is donating 10% of all sales of the African Sunrise legging to the Africa Yoga Project to help them continue their programs and spread joy and awareness domestically and abroad.”

I slipped them on and they were super comfortable, like I was walking in rainbows through the clouds!  I know that sounds a little sappy, but it’s true. IMG_1517

First I thought Arizona had amazing sunsets, then I realized California has the best, and then I realized that Africa tops them all. These pants are just as bright and fun as a sunny hot day in Africa!  I loved wearing them to Yoga today; they helped me stretch and relax.  Bonus:They are easy to wash too.  They helped me feel more alive and awake!:) This is me GLOWING in the Sauna after yoga the other day:

IMG_1525 IMG_1526 IMG_1524

They brought me joy, don’t you want to share some of that joy with Africa and the rest of the world?

IMG_1523 IMG_1522 IMG_1520 (yoga selfies are hard. I need a professional photographer!) Thanks, McKell Media and Liquido and AYP!!

Introducing my BlogFest Buddy!!!

Hey guys!! If you remember how new I still am at blogging, you might remember a post or two I did about the huge IDEA WORLD IDEA FIT BLOG FEST EXPO that I attended last year.  Well, you bet your bonnet, I’m going again THIS SUMMER!!!  I can’t wait, it’s in my home town!!  I can’t wait to learn, meet new people, and network and get some chotskies!  This year, Fit Approach (the ladies behind all my sweat pink posts and the geniuses that help us fit bloggers network!) is having us buddy up with someone who’s never been to Idea Fit Blogfest!  I got to “meet” Lea online because I stumbled upon her fun 4.0 fortieth birthday celebration VIRTUAL FUN RUN she did last year.  She had this amazing giveaway and fun scavenger hunt and an adorable fur baby, so I fell in love with her blog.  Little did I know we get to be blog fest buds!!  So here’s your intro:

Hi! My name is Lea. I live in Fort Worth, TX and  I am the blogger behind Running with Ollie! Ollie is my dog and we run together, but this blog is not all about him, he just looks cute in the pictures. Just don’t tell him that.  C:I grabbed this boxed image off her site:

NEW BIO LEA GENDERS  from Christiana:Isn’t he a beautiful dog?!

  1. Anything you’re really excited / nervous / anxious about the conference?

I am so excited about BlogFest! I bought a ticket last year, but then was unable to attend so I am excited to redeem myself. I am most excited about meeting my fellow bloggers in person. There are so many bloggers that I know in the online world and it is going to be great to meet them in real life.

  1. What is your favorite blog you follow and why.

My favorite fitness blog is Tri-ing to Be Athletic. If you’ve never seen this blog, I suggest you head over there right now (well, finish reading this first). She is hysterical. I don’t recommend reading while you’re supposed to be working because it may inspire spontaneous bursts of laughter.


  1. What type of workout could you not live without? 257157_188765667_XLarge

Running! I really do try to be more well-rounded when it comes to work outs, we even built the #shredshed for strength training, but running is my true love.

IMG_0002 edit:I think this ShredShed looks amazing, Lea!!

  1. What is your spirit animal?

Ha! I don’t even know what this means. But I always have been a monkey person. Plus I love bananas.


  1. If money was no object, where would you travel for vacation and what would you do there?

Anywhere with a beach. I’d lie on the beach. I’d sip a fruity drink. I’d do nothing. It would be wonderful.


Again, Thanks for being my buddy, Lea!  Thanks for the cute pics and inspiring me with all your posts!!-C.

Super fun, full day!

Saturday was really packed for me.  I had a long day of traffic and went to my friends bridal shower and a family dinner.  But I tried to make everything work.  I was super excited that JJDancer was at SIX:02 Santa Monica.  My friend who works at Six02 told me about their SIX 02 MOMENT and how they are pulling together teams, events, and awesome workout gear to help each woman with our 6:02 Moment:) What it means is we all wake up or work out or exercise or go for a run at 6:02(AM some of us or PM some of us) and we have that moment that hits us!

You walk in their store and its a glorious heaven of beautiful, colorful LYCRA spandex, running shorts, every kind of supportive jogging bra, and shoes you could try on for hours.

So Quest bar and Marquis energy drinks were there, and an awesome Dj, but right off the bat we got to work.  JJDance and her team led an amazing dance workout.  For about 45 minutes we danced and shook and twirked and moved hard, sweating a ton, then we ended with planks and abs then a cool down stretch.

The thing I love about this place is the groovy vibes and all the helpful hints and gear you would ever need is ALL right there with you.

Maybe it was Marquis and Quest being there and JJDancer shakin it, and my friend helping all of us in the store, but no, my first Six 02 moment was fantabulous!

Introducing the world’s first alkaline sports drink: PHENOH 7.4

Growing up, my nutrition concious Mama used her aloe Vera plant on everything.

I never knew you could drink the stuff and get health benefits!  I heard Mexicans make cactus juice, but I didn’t know why. I tasted the sugary syrupy sweet aloe juice in the stores, and did not like them!  I read somewhere that aloe is good for you internally. 

I saw alkaline machines that were super expensive and sounded amazing.  I have tried numerous energy and sports drinks and always felt they were to acidic for me (either made me too jittery, gave me a sugar crash, or gave me an upset stomach).

So anyway about this amazing drink I got to test and review.  I wasn’t compensated and all opinions are my own.  Before adding supplements and vitamins and drugs or any other stimulant or anything new, check with your doctor.


This all star lacrosse athlete came up with Phenoh 7.4.  Using only 7 natural organic ingredients, it is ph balanced, a light aloe flavor that is refreshing, and it is way better for you than acidic coffee or sugary sports drinks!

I have tried one before, during, and one after different workouts.  I tested one on a hot afternoon.

This drink was a light, refreshing pick me up!  It felt like it gave me the rehydration for my cells and picked me up after a burpee or a sweaty run. I now love this drink so much that if I see any other Gatorade and branded drinks I will NOT buy them, I will only choose this or coconut water or water!  Seriously, go out and get your ph balanced and get a bottle or a case!!