Wow what a fun Friday!!! Yay!

 A small recap of everything I did today!
Puppy woke me early so I figured I’d rather be downtown than at home, so I went to take the early train…Which was delayed 20-25 min:(

I finally got there (even got coffee!) for the 7a workout with Kaia Fit Kore Konditioning; whew! What a workout! It’s a franchise that even I could open one in LA!:). Bodyweight mixed with conditioning mixed with dance!

You guys the Blogfest has been so helpful! I am growing and becoming more confident:)

Then we got to hear: drumroll please

Gabriella Reece, so inspiring!

And I got to work out with her!

Another workout you say? Indeed. And this is a HighX HIIT CLass! It was super hardcore!  Body and weights and speed all mixed!!!!

The afternoon sessions were fun and helpful too!!

Then I enjoyed the expo and then our networking mixer-Yay! More to come!

What a Day!

The above phrase can have a negative connotation(what an exhausting or stressful day) and a positive one: What an amazing and inspiring day!(which is what I had)! This morning I woke super early to carpool with The Valentine RD (who gave me a REALLY sweet KIND bar gift with KIND granola and a lovely scarf and a water bottle!) and grab a coffee/tea and meet up with our #betrublogfest #runningbuddy blog friends before the first opening session.   Continue reading What a Day!

My Yoga Journey

You can read more about my Yoga journey and how I won gorgeous PRANA clothes here:

You can read my friend Lyndsay’s version here.

But let me tell you about the perfect prAna yoga photo shoot we had!   Continue reading My Yoga Journey

IDEAWORLD idea fit blogfest with Fitapproach is One week away!

IDEAWORLD Blogfest is one week away!!!

I can’t wait!

I requested off work, I made a list of what to bring, and I’m arranging carpooling and transport (I’m only 20min away but with LA traffic I’m more like 45!)…

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I have always struggled with too much or not enough conditioners or oils on my hair! I have long fine thick hair. I say it’s fine because it won’t hold anything(even pony tails and bobby pins won’t stay long, and I have to use too much product when I want a curl then it won’t last long!:()  I have tried so many over the counter and professional and so many that were recommended and beauty blogger favorites, but this by far surpasses them all!

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