Halloween Weekend 2016!

It all started with Lindy Groove Halloween costume ball! 

My husband got super into it, planning his costume weeks(ok, months!) ahead!

I think he looks the part, eh?!

Then Saturday AM I woke and transformed (it wasn’t too much of a stretch) into a Hippie for Spin class!

And for today?! 

First this am I got ready and walked Chewbacca before Body Pump class

And last but not least I was Dorothy (Er, Breast Cancer Awareness Dorothy!) for work:

We aren’t in Kansas anymore!:

Now for the rest of this week? 

-Continue my Kindness Word Study

-Start Whole 30 tomorrow

-Kindness and Gratitude Challenge

-Handwriting and Journaling

-More piano, more rest, more water (less stress, less Soda and other junk!)