That Moment When…

…Your Life Coach tells you that you need Therapy!

Yes, here I was sitting all smiles at the second session with the Life Coach, and I hear “You’re a powerhouse! Your top five strengths are so rare, it’s one in 33 million!” And then we ended the session not by scheduling more sessions but having two possible therapists to contact.

First I started out by saying what a rough day I had.

Then I shared some more past history. Some dark skeletons and some happy things and some scary things. 

That’s when he said he can’t help me, that I still need to address the shame based guilt(where I go to the gym, to work, to church and all social activities, and in my marriage) filled with doubts and feelings of “It’s all my fault!” 

The overly responsible, trying to hold it all together but knowing I can’t, the sweet people pleaser, the fun and pleasant always nice to everyone Christiana. 

My friends and I have been reminding each other of priorities: 

  • Soul care (time with God or meditation)
  • Then Self Care (exercise/eat right/hygiene/relaxation)
  • Lastly take care of everyone else (your work, your kids or pet, Etc).  

In order to have a healthy whole mind body soul and strength, I pressure myself to:

  • Get enough sleep (but I have trouble relaxing and having deep sleep)
  • Drinking water (but I love soda, coffee and tea too)
  • Taking my Reliv supplement (I keep thinking it might help me with TTC but…it’s all in my head!)
  • Use Doterra Essential Oils(where I spend a lot of my money is on health and wellness)
  • Eat healthy (but I still love wine, cheese, potato chips, French fries too!)
  • Exercise (6-7 days/wk, and if I don’t sweat I think it’s not good enough!)

And if I drop one of these little juggling balls, I negative self talk and blame myself internally! 

I don’t think it’s my parents’ fault, I don’t blame God, and I don’t think it’s all my exes’ fault. 

I am super gifted:

I am a WOOer where I win others over,

I am super positive,

I include everyone (reach out to the underdog, as an ally or an advocate for those who don’t have a voice)

I am an empathetic relater,

And I am a Communicator!

What are your strengths? Have you realized that the way you were designed is actually a good, wonderful and beautiful thing?  I cried in the first session because I had no idea, no one had ever told me those five things were really a great thing, I’ve just had people stifle and rein me in!

Hence, I am addicted to the likes and comments I get on social media! I love the rush and thrill that someone agrees with me and understands me. 

That’s enough for now, good night folks. More healing posts as I process this!  Go out and do good:) 

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Whether to run, bike, go to a gym class or hike? That is my question every day! I walk my yorkie everywhere, and I swing dance with my husband. I am a liberal Christian and the third of eight from a pastor's family:) I am a granddaughter of missionaries and love to write about what exercise and fitness means to me. I am inspired and motivated by my four sisters and four (soon to be five) nieces and nephews:) A supplement called RELIV changed my life several years ago when it helped me lose 40 lbs and got me off the couch and into the gym. I want to help other women gain their confidence and mental health. I am on the warpath against anxiety, depression, pornography and trafficking and hate! Love is all we need!:)

6 thoughts on “That Moment When…”

  1. Dear Christiana,
    I have no idea what all you have been through. But I do know that the one true God who made you in His perfect image, did not make a mistake and that he loves you exactly the way he made you. My heart breaks for you. Praying for you to rest in His approval earned by Jesus-said and done! Much love sent to you!

  2. Christiana, I just love you my friend. Thank you for being so open and honest and sharing. You have amazing strengths and I am so thankful for everything that means you are uniquely YOU.

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