About Lil’ Ol’ Me

Born 3rd of 8 to a pastor and his wife, I was happy and carefree, growing up surrounded by loving people and kids and babies (always lots of babies).  I learned the importance of motivating people when I found a great track coach in middle school.  Then in high school all that changed when we left all that was familiar to me in so Cal, to the other S.C. (South Carolina), and the high school didn’t have track and field.  I found a love for Photography and the Arts, music and Theatre, so I ran to Nashville (where they also didn’t have track, but I had fun in Theatre!)

Sadly, I fell into a deep, dark depressing pit.  I lost 5 years of my life to binge eating comfort food, sitting and sleeping on the couch escaping to movies or tv.  I didn’t know the importance of self-care or soul care for that matter, and finally I met a personal trainer friend who tried to get me into the weight room.  I bicycled and got a dog so that I could run!  My sister introduced me to Reliv’s Nutrition and their Slimplicity weightloss program, and in 8 mos., lost 40+lbs and was off the couch and into the gym and active outdoors!

I tried my friend’s bootcamp and ran a 10k when I was teaching fine arts in Africa and found a new passion for fitness.  I had gotten my confidence back, and soon I was running trails and trying out fitness DVDs.  I relocated to my beloved so Cal, and went swing dancing where I met my husband! He helped me put my bicycle together and we hike Griffith here in LA quite often.  This year we got Lefty Lou the Fearless Yorkie and my healthy crack? It’s still Reliv, my Fitbit and my (Doterra) essential oils!  Contact me how you can learn more about a Reliv business, good nutrition and epigenetics, or how you can use oils to complement your overall health and wellness.

I am active in my church community and everyonceinawhile you’ll find me singing or at a piano or working with children’s theatre on the side…  I still am very passionate and want to support the arts and am active at my secretarial job and here online in the blogosphere!