Books/authors I love

CS Lewis(all time fave)
JRR Tolkien
G MacDonald
D Sayers
C Williams (ah those Inklings:))
GK Chesterton(deep)
Elisabeth Elliot (my granny)
Valerie Elliot Shepard(my mama)
Thomas Howard (my great uncle)
Donna Otto(friend, mentor!)
Beth Moore(women’s Bible studies!!!)
Francis Chan
Tim Keller
CJ Mahaney
Scotty Smith(former pastor)
Anne Lamott(makes me laugh!)
WP Young (I love The Shack but I haven’t read his newest book yet-controversial!:)
Francine Rivers(she got me into historical fiction/fictional history!)
Elyse Fitzpatrick(great Devo’s!)
Donald Miller(also controversial)

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