Transformation Tuesday

This morning, I don’t know if it was the red shirt from the Mustache Dache, or my new leggings from Girlfriend Collective but my Trainer friend Valerie noticed I am losing weight!!!

So that made me feel good and start my day on a high note!

I made the most delicious breakfast

Had a grilled chicken salad for lunch!

Work was fine; my knee has been bugging me a lot though.

Tonight’s dinner was chicken sausage and peppers and onions and salad:)

Blessed and thankful.

Get that aggression Out!

Look what our Trainer Valerie brought! 

We kicked it and whacked it and punched the heck out of that thing! It did help get my aggression out!

Then I went home and got Lefty and went by the store to refill my Kangen Alkaline water. I made a berry smoothie for breakfast.  Then I spent like 30min browsing Barnes and Noble!

I had a pretty good day at work (except for a minor printer frustration).  Lunch was a salad(I am getting tired of salad;))

My doctor’s nurse called with good news about my test AMH “egg health” being normal so that is good.

Tonight was “Spaghetti.” I had salad, bison and good sauce and made him the noodles, but I put mine over butter nut squash! Yeahhh!!! 

Lefty and I took a nice stroll to the park and now we are all going to hit the hay!

No stress, no hate, no judgment, no guilt!

Later Post!

This is how we were pretty much all afternoon and evening!  So much so that I forgot to post!

We started the day like this:

Running (jog walking) the Mustache David for men’s health! 

Boy was it a lot of fun! Really nice freebies (I only had Whole30 approved stuff though)and booths and the coolest medal(his legs move)!

The rain started so we went home afterwards.

I made a healthy protein brunch (eggs, bacon, he had toast).  We drank tea like all day while the rain came down!  I colored and snuggled and caught up on my shows:)

Dinner was really good Turkey burgers and baked sweet potatoes and a small salad.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

Weekend Warrior

Oh man we were exhausted from our fun party last night, so we tried to sleep in.  Lefty doesn’t really get that, but we try.

I woke and had green tea while I read and cuddled Lefty, and then finally got moving and started housecleaning.

Next I got to go to Pop Pilates at my gym, 24 hour fitness!  I rarely get to just because of my schedule and I even had a few moments in the sauna.  This Pilates teacher is so funny.  She was doing this one move with us and said, “This is the part that’s ABSolutely Amazing!” And kept right on going but I pointed it out and laughed and said, “Oh! Getting it!  ABSolutely!” (Hearing from every teacher or therapist or trainer that Pilates works your abs, your core strength…:)) She laughed and said “Yes I love Puns!” 

Then I had a quick chia pudding breakfast and was on my way to teach Piano.

However, poor planning meant that I was hungry, my husband was starving after his bike ride, and we had no food!  So I went in to Chick Fil A. They were playing an instrumental version of Newsboys’ “Shine”! At that moment I looked at my phone and checked Facebook and it said “Happy Friendsaversary!” To my brother and Me!:) It was funny since he is into Music business and works for Live Nation and is into the Music scene and would get that reference because we listened to a lot of CCM growing up:) 

I went for the Cobb Salad with grilled chicken and no cheese and no dressing.  I think I made a wise choice! It was delicious!  I brought David home a Spicy chicken sandwich meal (tempting!):)

After lunch I went grocery shopping and planned meals.  Lefty and I walked to Starbucks and I had the Youthberry tea(no sweetener!) while I read, journaled and prayed.  My husband steam cleans the tile floors for me on Saturdays so it was nice to have time with Lefty.

Tonight we went to church and it was so beautiful and moving.  Juli spoke. She is a nurse at the Living Room hospice in Kenya!  I was really touched by this Aaron Keyes song she sang with her brother Joshua McGowan.

After our dinner of salmon, broccoli and salad (he had rice) we put our outfits together for tomorrow’s fun run!:

Flashback Friday

Today was fun; woke early and had a sunrise workout with my friends in the park. I ran two errands and got ready and went to the lab for some blood work before work.  Work was actually quiet and calm.  I had chia pudding and grapefruit for breakfast(light, I was hungry not starving).  For lunch? Tuna on top of salad. It is getting boring around here, to be honest.

I went and got my hair trimmed on lunch.

I went and got my hair styled.  I really wanted Farrah Fawcett feathers but those are tough. I ate Salad for dinner too! I was hungry but didn’t wanna over do it. 

My family has a running group chat message thread, and we were reminiscing about growing up, funny stories and sad stories.

After getting all gussied up, we went to my husband’s coworker’s 40th birthday at Chateu Marmont (the Bar) which was really fun! 

It was totally a Flashback Friday!

I was good but had one light citrus drink, not real strong or sugary, I had some nuts and olives, and was pretty good! We were dancing and laughing and carrying on!

You’re invited to…

A pity party. For me, Myself and I.

This morning I had a great workout but had to deal with a lot of phone calls and Adulting.  Good news from my husband’s doctor (his numbers are good!) so I refilled his RX.  I called my Ortho Doc for him to check my super swollen and tender knee(it’s been giving me trouble since June).  I called my car company to deal with the rock that dinged my windshield on the freeway yesterday.  I called and made a hair appointment.  I had a busy day at work.  I had an egg cup and chia pudding for breakfast.  For lunch I ate the leftover chicken and veg from our crockpot and some cabbage. We had a meeting and someone brought brownies (Dang it, didn’t even look at them!)! Confession: I had a weak moment and ate my coworker’s Skyflake:

Do you know how good these are?! They are the softest saltine and best cracker in a pinch! Like a pillow. Like a cloud:) Get it? Yes, I know it is processed Gluten, but man was it good.

Tonight I had leftover beanless chili:)! Walked Lefty and found shoes and earrings for this 1970s party we are going to on Friday:)

Just made the best nighttime tonic from Sara

I’m just feeling down. My cramps are raging, my knee is bugging me, feeling homesick because we won’t be able to go home for Christmas, and my mom is visiting my new baby niece!  It’s like, “ugh…” just wanna curl up in bed.

I’ll be alright. How do you stop thinking about something you’ve wanted all your life?  

Feeling old

I know I’m not old! I know I’m not fat! I know I’m beautiful! I know I’m a happy wife! I know I’m intelligent! I know I’m talented and strong!

Oh oops, hello there, you just got a glimpse of my mantras…! See, my knee has been giving me a lot of grief today.  I am grateful to be alive and healthy, but I just feel old.  I wish I was not only pregnant, I wish I had a kid already. I am going to be 35 next month, and it also marks my 9th year of freedom since my divorce, my 7 years working at the wonderful job that I love, and all the holiday parties are already starting!

So this morning I had grapefruit before my workout and then I made a good breakfast of eggs and a GF waffle with nut butter (I know, this is a cheat!). 

Lunch was the tuna cabbage slaw.

I love my snacks of apple, celery, cucumber and carrots!

Tonight was Girls night. Chili cookoff and Potluck. Oh man. I had beanless chili and veggies mostly, but I splurged on a GF cookie and even a couple GF crackers! So even when I cheat it’s within reason right?!

We had so much fun together. We shared what we are thankful for

Just iced and used my myofascial releazer but this time not only has it been swollen all day, it hurts. 

Thanks, dear readers, for letting me share my struggles and hopes today!

Super Mo(o)nday 

Last night had a beautiful moon and tonight it looks amazing too!  

Today was a MONDAY. It wasn’t a bad day. It just had one tiny bad part!

This morning I had to take care of a time sensitive lab specimen before I went to work out.  Of course they were shorthanded but there was no wait so I waited while she took her time. Of course she knew the “reason” as it was listed in the system from my husband’s specialist doctor, and so I said “Oh yeah, we have been trying for over 2.5 years…” but we left it at that and I rushed it to the lab (hoping I didn’t ruin it by wasting time)!

I went to work out. Lefty was loud, barking at everyone and everything, but it was a good workout then I rushed to hit the shower and run to work. I remembered my chia pudding but forgot my Egg cup and had a great cabbage and tuna salad for lunch.  

Then late in the afternoon, that same lady coworker from the other department from this morning rushes over some paperwork and when she sees me she says in front of the whole office, “oh how’s the new mommy to be doing?”

After my jaw hit the floor, I said “Well, we are hoping but still trying and it hasn’t happened yet so don’t say that! Please.”  She laughed nervously and then left.  Then I turned around to look at my supervisor who mouthed the ol’ “Wtf?!” Her face said: She should know better! I’m sorry that happened to you. She totally sympathized with me.  

AnywayZ! I finished work and ran to my friend (who is expecting)’s home for a Friendsgiving (where I tried not to eat everything in sight! I did pretty well- turkey and veg!) and I played with a baby there:)

All that to say, it didn’t ruin my day, it just annoyed me.  All day I got a lot done and had fun with friends.  But it still makes me sad inside!

Yes I am thankful. Sure I have a lot to be grateful about. But don’t ever say that, and not in front of other people! (Against HIPAA!)

Oh and another annoying thing? Knee! I didn’t think I had been running and my knee was so swollen today so I iced it.:/


Good night Moon. 

Today was all about Rest

This morning I read and prayed:

I did a JessicaSmithTV 30min yoga video! I did 30min of finishing up work before the busy day/week tomorrow, and then I went to a beautiful church service.  

I visited Goldline church (different from my home church where my husband was serving and ushering).  My good friend from On Level Ground Storytelling class, Bianca, a Fuller student preached the good Word of God to us!  

I loved being surrounded by warm, loving people. I loved the Liturgy and responsive reading and the lovely praise chant songs.  The community prayer time gave me hope and refreshed my dark week and tired spirit!  

I really appreciate them and respect their mission and their ministry, it was very moving and comforting to see that in my local neighborhood.  

We had a healthy brunch of eggs, bacon and Trader Joe’s “Sweet Potato Ribbons.”

I fed my friend’s cats:). We rested allllllll afternoon(as you can tell if you’re a Fitbit friend of mine).  It was a warm day so we relaxed and read and snoozed with the dog. 

This afternoon I played piano and I menu planned and meal prepped.  I made chia pudding and I chopped celery, carrots and cucumbers for snacks.

Tonight we had leftovers we had to eat up: salad, chili, and man, oh man, my new favorite discovery: Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash “fries”! It actually feels like you’re eating fries!

Have a restful end to your Sabbath weekend all!

Fun Saturday!

Last night I had a very weird dream.

My BFF and I took a road trip in my old former Buick to an “Infertility retreat” or a women’s “infertility conference.”  Needless to say it broke down.  We found a car garage mechanic but it turns out in the dream he was a very rude, misogynistic stereotypical mechanic that took advantage of us just for more money.  He acted like we were stereotypical “dumb girls” who knew nothing about our cars.  I agonized over “Why didn’t I just drive my new Hyundai?”

Anyway, I just woke up.

I brushed it off, but it makes sense because it proves what is really on my mind and heart.

Ok so, all that aside. I had a wonderful time at Body Pump at 24 hour fitness! It was great to be pumping iron again:). I looked around the gym and thought “Wow America is already great; it is kind already!” Because I love the diversity here! I love how people ask nicely to borrow weights or speak in a loving manner in their native tongue.  I love being surrounded by immigrants and people of all types and ages and sizes!:). That’s how God designed it and how America was founded!

Then I was hungry but had to rush around on a couple errands so I downed the last chia pudding and an egg cup.  

After my errands and housecleaning I made a scrumptious lunch! I chopped cabbage and broccoli in my Ninja and mixed it with Tuna and vegannaise.  So delicious!

I then got to go enjoy Acupunture!

I went to the store.  I bought another yummy beef jerky stick (Chomps) and a Gerolsteiner for a snack/treat. 

Later we had a fun chili night at a work friend’s place.  Lefty even got a pic on Santa’s lap(don’t worry you will see next month!). I really tried hard to be good. I had a bite of my husband’s yummy cornbread.  Everything else was good (I didn’t have alcohol or Soda or pie or dairy!) ! Technically beans are like a once in a while thing on Whole30 right? But I had salad too.

Tonight we relaxed. Ready to crash. 

Have a good night! Sweet Dreams!