Cookbook review

And now, my little domesticated friends, I will tell you of Anahid and her cookbook.


I first met my friend Ann at the gym a couple years ago. She worked out with her beautiful daughter and they were this amazing mother daughter dynamic duo. I was kind of in awe of them!  I finally got the nerve to talk to them and we became fast friends.  We would get a great an workout because we would dance and laugh our way through the hard HIIT or Tabata classes at 24 hour fitness.

Little did I know my funny gym buddy wrote a cookbook awhile ago.

This morning I was really aggravated that twice now in the past week both mapmyfitness and Runkeeper  apps didn’t work for me (somehow they auto paused and didn’t resume after like first .2 or 10min they quit!). So I needed a pick me up!  I grabbed her cookbook and made her omelette and one of her smoothies.  Both very healthy and delicious!


I love how this girl did her research and has pages in the front about vitamin packed vegetables and she explains fitness and weight loss goals.

Overall she is a wonderfully enthusiastic friend and writer who knows her stuff!


I absolutely love this little book. It has invaluable info about vegetables, fruits, easy healthy recipes, and info about exercise too.
Ana is a wonderful writer and an enthusiastic chef. She has done her research. I especially love her omelette and smoothies. She’s an excellent cook and fun and friendly author.
Thanks for the excellent cookbook and helpful info, ANA!
I love trying new ideas in the kitchen and this is just the right book for that.
Why don’t you go do yourself a favor and buy this great book. Get it before all the Easter – Passover celebrations coming up!!
Get all your nutritious recipes from ANA!


Go check out her book on Amazon today! Just in time for Easter family dinners and brunches!

MealEnders *Product Discount Code AND GIVEAWAY!!!*

I think I have found the solution for us Overeaters Anons! I was grateful for the chance to test and review these little guys.  I wasn’t compensated and all opinions are my own.

MealEnders are a helpful little “healthy candy”(I call it that because you suck on it and it’s like a sweet sucker to treat yourself after a meal or as a mid afternoon snack).  They are a genius tool to help curb your appetite!

How in the world does it work? From their website: It is not a drug, supplement or stimulant. “MealEnders utilize both physical and psychological cues to help you avoid overeating and master portion control.”  This is exactly what I need!  It takes 20minutes for your brain to know that your tummy is full and this is how the MealEnder goes to work.  I have a couple bags at work and I have some in my purse and at home so that I no longer need seconds and thirds and can easily pop one in the car or at a party.  This way it signals my brain that I’ve had a satisfactory meal.

I loved the mint chocolate!  The mocha was good but at the end I had a bit of a strange after taste.

Last but not least my favorites were the lime and best of all, cinnamon.  I love cinnamon on a lot of things but this took the cake.  It was like a refreshing after dinner stick of gum but it was sweet and comforting too.

Best news ever!:

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How Taking the Leap changed my life

My phone dinged and buzzed while I was at work.  I was shaking as I read my friend THE BALANCED BRUNETTE‘S texts and I checked my email…

PrAna and Fit Approach had drawn my name in the Take the Leap Yoga challenge.  What does this mean?


It means I did yoga and or meditation for 30 days and I absolutely ate it up!  It means I feel stronger and healthier!  It meant that I am 100% more relaxed and at peace with things like:  financial anxiety, trying to conceive, work stress, my cousin’s wedding& other events, and my grandmother’s passing. All of these things in the past used to stress me out and I would turn to food. But learning more yoga and slowing down to breathe and meditate really have helped!!

The thing I’m learning about yoga…no, from meditation…no, about LIFE in general, is that we are all on a different journey and path in life…  We tend to compare ourselves, online, internally, in person, share openly or keep it private, but yes, we do compare… I know I do.  But when I do yoga, I finally surrendered all those thoughts.  I just gave in, I said, “No longer am I going to pick myself apart and say that I’m too crazy squirrel to do this!”  (We joke in my spin class that sometimes we go too fast like a crazy squirrel, like a crazed hamster in its wheel)!

For the month of February, I really did slow down.  I purposefully and mindfully walked and ate and tried to talk slower! I breathed more and listened more and took in more of the world around me.  For Lent I’m reading more and eating cleaner and less sugar.  It means that I don’t rush so much from room to room or place to place.  I also got more organized with the help of Thirty One bags and I am learning essential oils and doing more therapeutic things like stamps or scrapbooking.  In February I started using the Passion Planner and I do my to do lists daily.  I am learning to set achievable goals.  In February I set aside time to have real date nights and am making time for girls nights.  In February I became more Content – learning and listening to God’s love!  Yoga has helped me so much in this area- becoming more in tune with His Spirit and the voice of reason! Bringing awareness to good causes, to my husband’s voice and to positive thoughts!  I used to try and do, now I slowly take in.  I have heard “Christians shouldn’t do Yoga” or “Yoga is only for Hindu or B’Hai or Hippies or…” (fill in the blank!)  I have heard it all.  Now I believe that anyone can do it! I even tried Stick Yoga which is excellent for seniors, I tried different styles of teachers and videos and am now doing Osho‘s meditations and learning so much more.  I wanted to go to my new friend Spoken Yoga ‘s  event (but I had a family thing and didn’t make it) where they did WRITING AND BREATHING AND YOGA ALL TOGETHER!!


I used to think Yoga was only for strong people of a certain religion or its only for very slender people who don’t have ADHD:). Now I am getting it.  I am seeing that it’s good for everyone to do, whether it’s taking a class, finding a video, studying a word or a verse or holding a pose for a moment or a minute or for five.

I learned so many new poses and networked and followed some inspiring and motivational yogis!!  I met new friends and am enjoying this journey so much.

IT MEANS THAT one of my friends and I WON THE $$gift card$$ to PrAna!!!

Have you tried these cute little guys?

olivesIMG_0308Here I am watching the oscars preredcarpet show, and I’m thinking of healthy snacks! Have you heard of these little guys?
I got the cutest lunch bag (pockets you guys!) and several of their olives to try.
For a quick, fun, healthy snack on the go, choose Pearl’s olives!
I love them on salads, pizza, or just pop them open in the afternoon when I want something salty.
I love that this company is all about doing just olives and only olives and doing them right. They have a great history of moving from Italy to Cali, only to focus on one thing. They are green and environmentally friendly too! Head on over to their site Pearls to watch a little video, get recipes, and learn all about their story.
Thanks to Fit Approach for introducing me to a great company with resourceful ideas!