Ragin cravin!

Today started out a little frustrating. 

Lefty was super annoying this morning at the park.  A nice gentleman with his well trained dog (who was off leash) warned us that the neighbors might complain(I told him I wouldn’t bring him again).  I was embarrassed because a) I don’t want him to distract us from workouts b) I would hate to bother those neighbors c) I second guessed my mothering skills. I know I should ignore him just being a yorkie, being himself, but when he gets loud and aggressive or rudely wanting attention or protective, it’s really tough. My husband agreed “Yeah, that’s rough, don’t even bring him back there again, don’t worry about it!” So I got over it. We finished the 21 Day challenge and are now moving into the end of year challenge:) Then when I got home my readings were All about this!!! Amazing. Faith and trust. 

My breakfast was so delicious. Eggs, avocado and salsa:)

Lunch was a salad. I did get snacky and min by in the afternoon. It was weird like a hormonal chocolate craving or something.

Work actually ended alright.  A patient brought me a beautiful scarf as a gift and my coworker texted me that I was super helpful (I thought that was really nice).

Dinner was Brussels sprouts, Cornish hen and veggies from the crockpot, and salad. 

Day Four – and a Party!

Not gonna lie. It might not be all that hard but it sho ain’t easy!;) If only I didn’t love variety so much! I love the new restaurants, new coffee shops, trying out a new cultural food, because that’s what foodies do, they taste and savor, enjoying each moment of every bite!
My salad was so boring. I was rushing around this morning so I didn’t get a chance to really peep breakfast, so a boiled egg had to do it.
I made it ok, even in Trader Joe’s where the land of every chip and cracker was calling my name…Finally I found this:

Hello! I have been looking for sugar free beef jerky all week!:)
Then the ultimate test: my husband’s work party slash surprise baby’s shower for his coworker! Man that Mediterranean food was so good! I mainly had meat and veggies saying no to the cake and drinks, be proud!!
Ended the night by massaging my knee (after Nov Project’s workout this am and tonight’s dancing!) with DoTERRA deep blue pain rub and my myofascial releazer.
All you local ladies check this out!:

Check out my friend Valerie’s 21 Day Scrumptious Body Challenge starting Monday!!

Hop on over to theseasonaldiet.com

Sprung4spring begins today! I want you, my fellow health nuts, runners, & plant based friends to know all about the lovely people behind Cooking with CSA
It’s not too late to go download the packet and jump on this 21 day challenge! I have thought about going vegan, vegetarian, but for now my diet is largely (75%+) plant based. I am going away from a lot of meats and processed foods because I feel better when I eat veggies!(And I happen to be A positive which means I need more green veggies than ever, according to the Blood Type diet).
I had the privilege of meeting The Seasonal Diet geniuses at a vegan blogger’s meetup at Golden Road brewery a few months back. Their idea is wonderful! They teach people (especially busy moms and kids, busy working class) how to use gardens, organic farmers’ market produce, and the like, with great recipes& ideas. Sometimes in my produce box or at home when I’m too tired, I can’t remember how a restaurant fixes a vegetable or I have never heard of this new herb or different breed of cruciferous vegetable! That’s why they created the seasonal diet. To change our thinking so we know to eat what’s fresh, raw, & clean.
Thanks Sarah and Peter for inspiring me! And since I really have to budget right now, this is a free opportunity to jumpstart a spring cleaning of my diet!