Meant to Post this!

I must have been tired last night and forgot to press Publish!
I started the day by thinking I had to be up early for a workout but I instead stumbled on a new Pilates class they added at my local Lil 24 HR fitness!!! It was wonderful!! The teacher went slow which is awesome:) Just what I needed!

It is Giving Tuesday so I wore my Reliv shirt, to share about my favorite charity, their Kalogris Foundation that feeds nutrition to the poor around the world. 

Breakfast was on the go an Egg Cup.
Lunch was salmon and veggies. I was tired of salad! Lol!
I smacked on Pistachios and black Sunflower seeds.
Dinner was turkey burgers and roasted curry cauliflower and salad.
Tomorrow will be my last day of this challenge!

Tonight I am mourning the loss of the Brazilian football team:(. Praying for that community:(

Fun Saturday!

Last night I had a very weird dream.

My BFF and I took a road trip in my old former Buick to an “Infertility retreat” or a women’s “infertility conference.”  Needless to say it broke down.  We found a car garage mechanic but it turns out in the dream he was a very rude, misogynistic stereotypical mechanic that took advantage of us just for more money.  He acted like we were stereotypical “dumb girls” who knew nothing about our cars.  I agonized over “Why didn’t I just drive my new Hyundai?”

Anyway, I just woke up.

I brushed it off, but it makes sense because it proves what is really on my mind and heart.

Ok so, all that aside. I had a wonderful time at Body Pump at 24 hour fitness! It was great to be pumping iron again:). I looked around the gym and thought “Wow America is already great; it is kind already!” Because I love the diversity here! I love how people ask nicely to borrow weights or speak in a loving manner in their native tongue.  I love being surrounded by immigrants and people of all types and ages and sizes!:). That’s how God designed it and how America was founded!

Then I was hungry but had to rush around on a couple errands so I downed the last chia pudding and an egg cup.  

After my errands and housecleaning I made a scrumptious lunch! I chopped cabbage and broccoli in my Ninja and mixed it with Tuna and vegannaise.  So delicious!

I then got to go enjoy Acupunture!

I went to the store.  I bought another yummy beef jerky stick (Chomps) and a Gerolsteiner for a snack/treat. 

Later we had a fun chili night at a work friend’s place.  Lefty even got a pic on Santa’s lap(don’t worry you will see next month!). I really tried hard to be good. I had a bite of my husband’s yummy cornbread.  Everything else was good (I didn’t have alcohol or Soda or pie or dairy!) ! Technically beans are like a once in a while thing on Whole30 right? But I had salad too.

Tonight we relaxed. Ready to crash. 

Have a good night! Sweet Dreams!

I’m back!

Hey guys,

So I got confused and frustrated and gave up on blogging for awhile. I didn’t stop, and you can always find me on Instagram, but I needed a break.  I was comparing myself to other bloggers, writers, fit peeps, and the like, and I needed to quit! Continue reading I’m back!

Totally Drenched Fitness

Y’all, I am totally DRENCHED!

Let me explain.  One of my favorite blogging friends, Melissa from thevalentinerd, kindly invited me to a Drenched Fitness event.  I had briefly heard someone mention “Drenched,” and have heard of these gyms such as Orange Theory or others that mix cardio and HIIT and strength training all in one action-packed workout, but did not know much about it.

From my own experience, all of these combined really give great results, and I have learned to love Tabata and other HIIT classes such as Nike Training at 24, or other bootcamps and plyometrics.  I have felt lighter yet stronger (more toned and sculpted) with these types of workouts than any other!  Women’s Health Magazine has an article on how Britney Spears feels more toned and fit doing DRENCHED than anything else, too!  So at this event, I got to take home their issue! Check this out:


What Drenched does, is, is pure genius.  They even have a kids club and even better, offer healthy salads and soups that fill your macro needs!  Drenched uses treadmills and free weights, balls, therabands, and more.  We warmed up on the treadmill, and the teacher calls out intervals, like sprint at this incline, or jog or walk at such and such incline.  Then we switched it up: A few of us would do bicep curls or abs with the ball, while a few of us did the Flexline which I’m about to explain:

NOW, drumroll, please:IMG_0567

I was one of the honored guests to try their brand new hydraulic system called “FLEXLINE” !  The creator of FlexLine had just installed it that day so that we could all try it out.  It is so unique!  It’s like a computerized cable system but with hydraulics, so you can plus or minus how heavy you want to lift!  It is SUPER AWESOME and you should GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW (if you live near Drenched!)!!!  I had a little trouble at first because I don’t think I had the right stance or form or technique down right away!  But the two teachers (one was the Owner) showed me and it was REALLY COOL!

The DJ Cleveland Terry was there playing awesome tunes, the nearby smoothie place Nutrition Fix was there (check them out on Facebook and yelp), and everyone was so excited, friendly, and helpful.  QUEST protein bars let me sample and try out so many flavors and even a protein chip pack! (Have you tried their Protein Chips?!)  I got to sample this AMAZING vegan gluten free cookie from Karma Bakery too

All in all, we had a lot of fun and I got totally drenched!!

IMG_0570 me with the owner! IMG_0571 IMG_0576Me with the Valentine RD! 

IMG_0569 Preworkout  IMG_0568

A week of good-busy

So Monday-Wednesday was normal busy. I went to what I hoped would be the last trip to the store on Tuesday morning.
DEVASTATION: they were out of Brussels sprouts!!! I had this dream of making this Martha Stewart bacon dish with them. So I changed my tune:
I switched to 1 pot of steamed root vegetables and one pan roasted with a tiny bit of cheese. Then I made buttermilk pie (because I wanted to try something unique)! The latter was not healthy but I made up for it with all my vegetables. I enjoyed being back in spin class!
Tuesday night I didn’t have to do much cooking but my girlfriends brought over Turkey chili, guac, kale salad and Sprinkles cupcakes for a great girls night!!
We discussed how yoga and fitness can become a religion and a lifestyle – like football or an addiction like alcohol.
I think the rule is still
You can overwork yourself to death, you can overeat, you can overdose on even good things…
Yesterday was awesome!
I tried to tell each of my friends and relatives(even writing it on Facebook) that I’m thankful for them.
This morning we went to starbucks and both worked the morning just to get some little tasks done. I enjoyed a sweaty class with Jill from the cross training class at 24 hour.
Today I watched “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Lego Movie,” AND “Chef.” All three had some very meaningful life lessons in them! Favorite moments: “If you want rainbows you have to learn to deal with the rain.”-TFIOS
“Where there is no consistency, and never any negativity!”-Lego
Just seeing the Chef learning to have fun teaching his kid about cooking (and NOLA one of my fave places to visit!)
This year, a year of thanksgiving:
I am grateful for my family, for my blog buds, and that both of us have jobs, and I am happy and content and at peace!

Workout with my sis and then a workout with an Olympian!

Thursday night LAX was an absolute zoo. But I picked up my sister (ready to start her third year at ) and we celebrated her 21st with Rose wine and Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream.
(Late night rare treats!)
So Friday morning came early and we were so tired but I was so excited for her to check out my favorite teacher’s Nike Training Bootcamp at 24 hour fitness.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It was super hard, even harder than usual, and we all wanted to just drop, pass out, or throw up. We did not quit, but it was super crazy! Jill(my beloved teacher) said, “If you think you aren’t good at burpees, come to my class where we do thousands!”& I looked over at my sis and said, “Um, they still don’t get any easier!” She loves intense HIIT like me, but we felt out of shape and sore yesterday. I came home from work Friday and she had really organized my kitchen, telling me she had napped, but no, she surprised me by cleaning, husband did laundry, and they made gluten free veggie pizza!
Yesterday I had a busy day but you wouldn’t know it by my step count. I went to spin and did a little weights, and I had a couple piano lessons, face timed my friend in Ireland and talked to my sis in Boston (she blogs at ). Then I fed my friend’s cats and we went down to Orange County for a friend’s goodbye party. I’m sad they are moving to TX, but thrilled at the same time for them.
This morning after church I made a yummy brunch and then I was off to the gym for a workout with personal trainer and Olympian athlete, J.R. Wilson.
When I saw this flyer at the gym, I just thought it was a short abs workout, figured it might be some hard crunches and such, but no!

I WAS WRONG! It was the hardest CORE workout, not what I was expecting.
First, we warmed up with high knees and butt kicks. We did THREE rounds of the following with dumbbells:
– Bulgarian split squats
– Sumo squat jumps
– Partner squats with shoulder press
We weren’t quite done yet! We did the Abs Saw, partner plank with high five claps, and then we finally cooled down and stretched. I felt a little weak and queasy toward the end, but I was fine once I drank water.
I could barely walk down stairs and out to my car!
This evening we took a short stroll to the park because I needed to stretch and get a few more steps(my fitbit is charging now).
We relaxed a lot today, so I feel tired now.

But WAIT, don’t go! I still have lots to review from the fitness expo, yet tonight I have exciting news! Not only am I a sweat pink ambassador , I am now joining Girls Gone Sporty and ! I am truly honored! Thanks all!

My week thus far…

This is the one where I get to tell you about schedule changes, busy days, and mention how tired I am…

I used to exercise first thing in the morning to get it over with. Now that I work later, I workout in the morning because it would never happen after work! I have found morning gym classes I love, and I look forward to seeing my gym buddies in the morning. Getting there early means prime parking and first dibs on machines. (My 24 hour fitness gyms seem to be super busy in the after work rush hours). I was starting to get into a nice routine of trying to do my hair and makeup, jewelry and meals planned out also.

This summer we took a few pet sitting jobs which meant my schedule changed a little(I’d go back and forth to check on animals instead of showering at he gym or at my own place so I had less time at the gym, which is okay because I’d walk or hike the dog or I’d run a new trail).

Then boom! Monday until tomorrow I’ve had to do computer training at work, 7-11am classes, then go to my desk. Monday I was super bummed I didn’t get very far with my fitbit. I should have tied it onto my shoelace when I went on the elliptical on lunch. Even though we go to bed around 10-10:30pm, waking up before 7 is always hard for me. Do I shower at 5:30am? Do I shower at night? I have been doing well with meal planning! I just have had these super long, draining days! Yesterday I did the indoor bike. Today I had a great hard hilly run. Tomorrow I should do weights but I want it to be a tough(Pinterest maybe?) workout.

Then Friday, I wake up real early and jump on a plane for…


Oh by the way, do me a favor and go check out my sister’s new blog at

I joined Team EAS

I saw an ad in fitness magazine and again saw one at 24 hour fitness, for joining Team EAS. I am still loyal to my Reliv supplement but this was a great little package! I got a shaker bottle, a bag, coupons, and several sample packets of their vanilla. It tastes great in a smoothie! I don’t mind it by itself in water but I decided I prefer it with fruits and vegetables in my elite cuisine, blended up.
There’s still time to join! Go to eas

Surprising me with stereotypes and then again not

On Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class followed by body pump.
These bodypumpers are SERIOUS! I walked up withe two other girls joining one who was filling her barbell with plates, and I hear, “Excuse me!” So I jumped out of the way saying, “oh sorry you were here first”& she says, “uh yes I was here first!” When there’s about 5 of us clamoring to get our weights. I got over it, I didn’t mean to be in her way, didn’t want to make her more mad, so yeah moving on!
Today I visited a different gym and took a new spin class. It was so boring compared to my other one! Cyclists keep to themselves and don’t waste their words. This teacher was yelling in the same monotone every song, “Turn it up!”(meaning the resistance)
…”double!!!!”(pedal faster)
…”single.”(said so sadly, to slow us down). I’m used to my friendly, spunky and cute teacher from Tuesday. I must be spoiled. And some people prefer his style, so I shouldn’t judge.
Zumba people(are too coordinated for me!) are giggly and enthusiastic.
HIIT and Bootcamp and curves coaches are all loud and yell like drill sergeants and we tend to yell and groan back.
Yoga people walk gracefully but talk like they need to do more yoga;) I’m sorry I just have seen way too many harried rushed late people apologizing all over themselves lately as their mat and towel roll out.
Weight lifters like their selfies and try to come on to you or flirt. I am there to lift and then go home.
Runners and hikers are a mixed bunch. I know talkative ones that wave and I know quiet private ones too.

No really now, I’m merely making generalizations here! Sometimes I am surprised when I meet a friendly person at the gym because I’ve also run into some rude ones (I wanna shout back, “really?! I was so nice to you!”)
Most of us I understand are there to get our sweat on (please don’t hit on me or ask me out!) and pull out. We are tired and messy and smelly. Not there to hug our besties or sing as if we were performing or dance or stretch like the perfect athlete. Don’t compare yourself! Go out and do your best, not worrying about what the others are doing. As long as your form is good, you can do anything! 🙂

Notes on Les Milles Body Pump (24 hour fitness group Ex)

About body pump
The warmup is nice; start out with a light to medium barbell with a song to wake up the muscles. It feels like a nice stretch before the 50-60 minute sweat session.
Ok friends here goes: why I love this class and how it got me excited to try more group exercise classes! The First heavy squat & back track! It is exhilarating! They usually play an upbeat rock or pop song, and you just follow the teacher’s choreography. It’s not fast paced but it makes you feel strong, beautiful(or handsome), and sexy! After I put the weight down I feel like I can do and accomplish anything and my day is off to a great start! Complete with…ahem, elbow sweat!

Then comes chest. Try medium weight plates. You’re usually lying down on a step or risers/bench, and doing chest presses to the teacher’s count, to a fun pop or rhythm song.
Next up is Back so you can up your weight again. The Triceps make me happy because that helps me think I’m getting rid of flab! Lunges never get any easier! I love biceps too because the songs really pump you up.
Shoulders make you feel like you’re Arnold or another body builder, then when done do some Abdominals (planks, sit ups, crunches etc.). And stretch.
Remember to drink water! I usually do cardio before or on my opposite days because that’s what fits my schedule, but this class is so great (the teacher does all the thinking and hard work for you!:))