Back on Track!

Time for a cleanse! I wanted to stick closer to Whole 30 today.

I only had a Cutie mini tangerine and a green apple because I wasn’t that hungry this morning. Housecleaned. Taught Piano.

I fixed a huge salad for lunch.

I went to Acupuncture.

When I walked out, the rain was coming down so that cancelled our workout plans.  We completed our 21 day Scrumptious Body challenge with Valerie!  But that was fine, I fed my friend’s cat and went to the bank and then wound up in the gym. I went to the Elliptical but I got so frustrated trying to play music!  Have you heard of Fit Radio? My trial was up, so I just deleted the app because I was annoyed.  I knew some of my apps would use too much data.  The google play app crashed.  For some reason my Music iTunes would not play! It wasn’t my headphones. I just couldn’t hear anything it was odd!!:( Then I spent about ten minutes in the sauna. 

Dinner was butter lettuce and a white sweet potato.  I wasn’t that hungry and figured it was better than nothing:)

I was tempted to make popcorn but I didn’t!

We watched “JuneBug” -it was so sad!

Goodnight all.

Fun Saturday!

Last night I had a very weird dream.

My BFF and I took a road trip in my old former Buick to an “Infertility retreat” or a women’s “infertility conference.”  Needless to say it broke down.  We found a car garage mechanic but it turns out in the dream he was a very rude, misogynistic stereotypical mechanic that took advantage of us just for more money.  He acted like we were stereotypical “dumb girls” who knew nothing about our cars.  I agonized over “Why didn’t I just drive my new Hyundai?”

Anyway, I just woke up.

I brushed it off, but it makes sense because it proves what is really on my mind and heart.

Ok so, all that aside. I had a wonderful time at Body Pump at 24 hour fitness! It was great to be pumping iron again:). I looked around the gym and thought “Wow America is already great; it is kind already!” Because I love the diversity here! I love how people ask nicely to borrow weights or speak in a loving manner in their native tongue.  I love being surrounded by immigrants and people of all types and ages and sizes!:). That’s how God designed it and how America was founded!

Then I was hungry but had to rush around on a couple errands so I downed the last chia pudding and an egg cup.  

After my errands and housecleaning I made a scrumptious lunch! I chopped cabbage and broccoli in my Ninja and mixed it with Tuna and vegannaise.  So delicious!

I then got to go enjoy Acupunture!

I went to the store.  I bought another yummy beef jerky stick (Chomps) and a Gerolsteiner for a snack/treat. 

Later we had a fun chili night at a work friend’s place.  Lefty even got a pic on Santa’s lap(don’t worry you will see next month!). I really tried hard to be good. I had a bite of my husband’s yummy cornbread.  Everything else was good (I didn’t have alcohol or Soda or pie or dairy!) ! Technically beans are like a once in a while thing on Whole30 right? But I had salad too.

Tonight we relaxed. Ready to crash. 

Have a good night! Sweet Dreams!

Tres Dia de “Whole30”

Toi. Tri.

I’m listening to Carla Bruni so I’m in a silly mood…

Day Three has been hard, maybe because it was finally slower and quiet today at work (M-W were super busy), so maybe boredom made me munchy?

This morning I tried to sleep in (didn’t make it to Spin class).  I organized my Leggings drawer into Shorts, capris, and Long (lularoe, yoga pants, etc) 🙂  Lefty my Yorkie has this thing about that drawer. He hears it open and runs to lunge at it, hoping to yank and pull to play tug as I try to put them on!

I made a smoothie and coffee, as well as packed a great salad for lunch.

I went to Yoga, which was hard maybe because I was tired, but it was so good.

The best part of today?! Acupuncture!!

I once went many years ago as a teen for headaches.  Today went to Ercaclinic community acupuncture but still so relaxing! I almost cried (emotional release -in a good way), I deep breathed the whole time, she gets me, it didn’t hurt, it’s affordable. I even had a slight out of body experience for a second too!!!  I bought a Chinese herb and two mini inhalers for calming and for female hormones and wellness.

Then work was actually ok: )

Next best thing?! My husband made me salmon and asparagus (and he had rice for himself)!  

Good night world<3