Sundays are our rest days:)

Today marks the first Sunday in Advent. Advent means arrival, appearance, emergence.

Today we rested and read. I just had a little fruit.

We went to a wonderful church service.

I went to Yoga.

We had brunch of eggs, bacon and a little sweet tater.

We put the tree up!

I went to Target(which was a zoo).

We relaxed and read and had more Tea.

We finished with the best thing ever:

Paleo nachos from Pinterest! Thanks Sam!

Today was all about Rest

This morning I read and prayed:

I did a JessicaSmithTV 30min yoga video! I did 30min of finishing up work before the busy day/week tomorrow, and then I went to a beautiful church service.  

I visited Goldline church (different from my home church where my husband was serving and ushering).  My good friend from On Level Ground Storytelling class, Bianca, a Fuller student preached the good Word of God to us!  

I loved being surrounded by warm, loving people. I loved the Liturgy and responsive reading and the lovely praise chant songs.  The community prayer time gave me hope and refreshed my dark week and tired spirit!  

I really appreciate them and respect their mission and their ministry, it was very moving and comforting to see that in my local neighborhood.  

We had a healthy brunch of eggs, bacon and Trader Joe’s “Sweet Potato Ribbons.”

I fed my friend’s cats:). We rested allllllll afternoon(as you can tell if you’re a Fitbit friend of mine).  It was a warm day so we relaxed and read and snoozed with the dog. 

This afternoon I played piano and I menu planned and meal prepped.  I made chia pudding and I chopped celery, carrots and cucumbers for snacks.

Tonight we had leftovers we had to eat up: salad, chili, and man, oh man, my new favorite discovery: Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash “fries”! It actually feels like you’re eating fries!

Have a restful end to your Sabbath weekend all!

My Sunday/Funday

Wow what a weekend! We had a great church service, breezed through a Pow Wow (we just walked through the Native American festival/fair before it), had a yummy brunch of chicken sausage, my cheesy spinach eggs, and krusteaz, and relaxed. We had some R’n’R just reading and I went to get some household cleaning staples at New Big Save(99cent store). Then we met our friends at Peets(I had to try the Dutch cocoa blueberry!) and went for a fun&beautiful hike in Eaton Canyon!! Their sweet lab came and we had fun. It was a little tricky because we first tried to find the main entrance with the lot, but we eventually found the main trail. Coming home, we had spaghetti, asparagus, garlic sourdough, then cocoa and Samoas and thin mints as we started the history channel’s “the Bible.” WHY DO THEY HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS?! I don’t get it! Doing laundry and finished the dishes with the DH helping me:) whew! I’m tired!