Sundays are our rest days:)

Today marks the first Sunday in Advent. Advent means arrival, appearance, emergence.

Today we rested and read. I just had a little fruit.

We went to a wonderful church service.

I went to Yoga.

We had brunch of eggs, bacon and a little sweet tater.

We put the tree up!

I went to Target(which was a zoo).

We relaxed and read and had more Tea.

We finished with the best thing ever:

Paleo nachos from Pinterest! Thanks Sam!

Weekend Warrior

Oh man we were exhausted from our fun party last night, so we tried to sleep in.  Lefty doesn’t really get that, but we try.

I woke and had green tea while I read and cuddled Lefty, and then finally got moving and started housecleaning.

Next I got to go to Pop Pilates at my gym, 24 hour fitness!  I rarely get to just because of my schedule and I even had a few moments in the sauna.  This Pilates teacher is so funny.  She was doing this one move with us and said, “This is the part that’s ABSolutely Amazing!” And kept right on going but I pointed it out and laughed and said, “Oh! Getting it!  ABSolutely!” (Hearing from every teacher or therapist or trainer that Pilates works your abs, your core strength…:)) She laughed and said “Yes I love Puns!” 

Then I had a quick chia pudding breakfast and was on my way to teach Piano.

However, poor planning meant that I was hungry, my husband was starving after his bike ride, and we had no food!  So I went in to Chick Fil A. They were playing an instrumental version of Newsboys’ “Shine”! At that moment I looked at my phone and checked Facebook and it said “Happy Friendsaversary!” To my brother and Me!:) It was funny since he is into Music business and works for Live Nation and is into the Music scene and would get that reference because we listened to a lot of CCM growing up:) 

I went for the Cobb Salad with grilled chicken and no cheese and no dressing.  I think I made a wise choice! It was delicious!  I brought David home a Spicy chicken sandwich meal (tempting!):)

After lunch I went grocery shopping and planned meals.  Lefty and I walked to Starbucks and I had the Youthberry tea(no sweetener!) while I read, journaled and prayed.  My husband steam cleans the tile floors for me on Saturdays so it was nice to have time with Lefty.

Tonight we went to church and it was so beautiful and moving.  Juli spoke. She is a nurse at the Living Room hospice in Kenya!  I was really touched by this Aaron Keyes song she sang with her brother Joshua McGowan.

After our dinner of salmon, broccoli and salad (he had rice) we put our outfits together for tomorrow’s fun run!:

My Sunday/Funday

Wow what a weekend! We had a great church service, breezed through a Pow Wow (we just walked through the Native American festival/fair before it), had a yummy brunch of chicken sausage, my cheesy spinach eggs, and krusteaz, and relaxed. We had some R’n’R just reading and I went to get some household cleaning staples at New Big Save(99cent store). Then we met our friends at Peets(I had to try the Dutch cocoa blueberry!) and went for a fun&beautiful hike in Eaton Canyon!! Their sweet lab came and we had fun. It was a little tricky because we first tried to find the main entrance with the lot, but we eventually found the main trail. Coming home, we had spaghetti, asparagus, garlic sourdough, then cocoa and Samoas and thin mints as we started the history channel’s “the Bible.” WHY DO THEY HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS?! I don’t get it! Doing laundry and finished the dishes with the DH helping me:) whew! I’m tired!