A post for the New Year 

December was tough. I tended to reach for comfort food and overate at parties.  I was working on Physical Therapy for my knee, so I didn’t do all the workouts that I really wanted to do. I was very saddened by the loss of some of my favorite celebrities and artists and the junk in the news (disappointed by the Election and deeply saddened by the tragedy all over the world).  I was homesick and hormonal and emotional, waiting for that Christmas miracle of Pregnancy, only to be dashed yet again.

I had a fabulous birthday getaway in Palm Springs! We decided to get tickets for my sister’s destination wedding in Mexico in April!  I pet sat and enjoyed a Cousin Christmas and New Years and date nights and drinking! I shouldn’t complain!  I did get some workouts in. 

I just now feel it’s time to go Paleo!

My word for this year? BELIEVE.

I tend to doubt and get down, so my way of coping is being a hopeless romantic and idealist who is optimistic about life to cover up the negativity.

Good books that I want to read or finish!:

In Due Time, Caroline Harries

Present Over Perfect, Shauna Niequist

The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp

When God Doesn’t Fix It, Laura Story

I still am reading a couple E book novels…;)

These are not really resolutions, just things I’m reminding myself to work on:

More breathing, less doing/eating

More reading, less screen time

More loving me, less negative self talk

More of Him, less of me

More “Thanks!” Less “Sorry” 

More time with Lefty less iPhone/TV

More prayer less chatting

More God less of my own self

More debt paid less junk

More date night less girls night

More girls night less me time

More hiking less lounging

More JESUS less social media

More Scripture less News

More church less gossip

More worship less talk radio 

More stretching less tension

More Heaven less secular

More Holy Spirit less politics 

More books less articles

More loving, less critical complaints

More social justice less shopping

More donating, less to clean!

More listening less advice 

More family time less binging at parties

More exercise less sitting

More vegetables less starch

More water less sugar 

More meditation less clutter
Oh and “Don’t take any $&/+!”;)

Happy New Year! I am so thankful!

Today was all about Rest

This morning I read and prayed:

I did a JessicaSmithTV 30min yoga video! I did 30min of finishing up work before the busy day/week tomorrow, and then I went to a beautiful church service.  

I visited Goldline church (different from my home church where my husband was serving and ushering).  My good friend from On Level Ground Storytelling class, Bianca, a Fuller student preached the good Word of God to us!  

I loved being surrounded by warm, loving people. I loved the Liturgy and responsive reading and the lovely praise chant songs.  The community prayer time gave me hope and refreshed my dark week and tired spirit!  

I really appreciate them and respect their mission and their ministry, it was very moving and comforting to see that in my local neighborhood.  

We had a healthy brunch of eggs, bacon and Trader Joe’s “Sweet Potato Ribbons.”

I fed my friend’s cats:). We rested allllllll afternoon(as you can tell if you’re a Fitbit friend of mine).  It was a warm day so we relaxed and read and snoozed with the dog. 

This afternoon I played piano and I menu planned and meal prepped.  I made chia pudding and I chopped celery, carrots and cucumbers for snacks.

Tonight we had leftovers we had to eat up: salad, chili, and man, oh man, my new favorite discovery: Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash “fries”! It actually feels like you’re eating fries!

Have a restful end to your Sabbath weekend all!

National run with your dog day!

Hey friends, and furry friends all around!  Since I’m a mommy to a fur baby…

Tuesday was National Run With Your Dog day! I know there’s so many national days now that it’s hard to keep track, but this one is worth it. Why am I telling you this late?! My friend(and blogfest buddy) Lea from runningwithollie is doing a virtual 5k giveaway till May 12th, which means you still have a chance to win!

I got excited and signed up to do it(but forgot to print my bib *sniff*) and then I got busy and almost forgot about it! Monday night I saw my friends from November Project jumping online and saying how they were gonna go run in the am(I thought they were bringing their dogs too but I think they were pulling my leg;))!

I ended up walking or wogging (jog walking) it because poor little baby Lefty is still so young, timid, short, distracted and new to the leash! So I went a little over 4miles to make up for it.

The best part was everyone ran ahead except one friend who had a hamstring strain and she walked with us which helped motivate me.  You can check out her blog at yllanol

I had so much fun introducing Lefty to my friends, to new dogs, to the dog park area(we didn’t stay long) and then we all went for coffee/breakfast!

It was fun and a delightful day! Thanks Lea!

My Sunday/Funday

Wow what a weekend! We had a great church service, breezed through a Pow Wow (we just walked through the Native American festival/fair before it), had a yummy brunch of chicken sausage, my cheesy spinach eggs, and krusteaz, and relaxed. We had some R’n’R just reading and I went to get some household cleaning staples at New Big Save(99cent store). Then we met our friends at Peets(I had to try the Dutch cocoa blueberry!) and went for a fun&beautiful hike in Eaton Canyon!! Their sweet lab came and we had fun. It was a little tricky because we first tried to find the main entrance with the lot, but we eventually found the main trail. Coming home, we had spaghetti, asparagus, garlic sourdough, then cocoa and Samoas and thin mints as we started the history channel’s “the Bible.” WHY DO THEY HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS?! I don’t get it! Doing laundry and finished the dishes with the DH helping me:) whew! I’m tired!