Giving Thanks

Well, I tried to sleep in a little:) I was tempted to stay in my Pajamas all day.

We had baked stuffed apples together this morning:)

Lefty and I went hiking:

Watched a bit of the Parade and some Twilight Zone!

Then we ate our fill at the Cousins’!

I did ok, but gave in with the whipped cream! I was good about grains and didn’t have a lot of sugar just a few bites of everything. Still feel very full.(Did I gain the weight back I just lost?!)

Tonight we watched the remake of Anne of Green Gables:)

I’ll close on what I started the day with:

Thanks to Gretchen for that quote!

Feeling old

I know I’m not old! I know I’m not fat! I know I’m beautiful! I know I’m a happy wife! I know I’m intelligent! I know I’m talented and strong!

Oh oops, hello there, you just got a glimpse of my mantras…! See, my knee has been giving me a lot of grief today.  I am grateful to be alive and healthy, but I just feel old.  I wish I was not only pregnant, I wish I had a kid already. I am going to be 35 next month, and it also marks my 9th year of freedom since my divorce, my 7 years working at the wonderful job that I love, and all the holiday parties are already starting!

So this morning I had grapefruit before my workout and then I made a good breakfast of eggs and a GF waffle with nut butter (I know, this is a cheat!). 

Lunch was the tuna cabbage slaw.

I love my snacks of apple, celery, cucumber and carrots!

Tonight was Girls night. Chili cookoff and Potluck. Oh man. I had beanless chili and veggies mostly, but I splurged on a GF cookie and even a couple GF crackers! So even when I cheat it’s within reason right?!

We had so much fun together. We shared what we are thankful for

Just iced and used my myofascial releazer but this time not only has it been swollen all day, it hurts. 

Thanks, dear readers, for letting me share my struggles and hopes today!