I made it!

The results are in:

I lost about 7 lbs!

I lost half an inch off my hips, thighs and calves! 

I can’t believe I made it all 30 days (give or take a Thanksgiving cheat day!) !

Now tomorrow I’m not gonna pig out but I will limit my Gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods if and when at all possible!

I don’t wanna gain weight back!

Today I went to the gym and did arms and core! 

I had a delicious berry kale collagen smoothie and an egg cup for breakfast. I had my veggie salad and bone broth for lunch. I had to work late so I made a quick shrimp and veg one pan dinner!

I did have a piece of dark chocolate to kind of reward myself:) 

Thanks for hanging with me on this ride!

Speaking of, will you pray for my family? Last week my brother in NC was in a car accident, my brother in law in UK was hit on his bike, and today my sis and brother in law in Boston were hit as they were crossing the street!

Thank God they are all ok and gonna make it, but please understand I’m a bit shaken and emotional!


Pre Turkey Burn

I was in the Sauna by 6:25 am! It was very nice and quiet.  Then Valerie and I worked out and did our Pre Turkey Burn!

Next I had my quick shower and breakfast of boiled egg and grapefruit.

I went to the MRI for my knee. At one point I moved so he had to do that one over again but other than that I was fine:) I will find out results Monday.

This means I made it to work early!

I had avocado and salad for lunch. 

I had to stay a little later than I wanted for a late patient though. 

Dinner was shrimp and salad(he had rice).

Now to start on pre cooking/baking for my cousin’s tomorrow.

Thankful for you, my readers. Grateful for my husband, family, friends, my job, apartment, car, for church, for so many things!!

BE FIT Product Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Sweat Pink and BE FIT teamed up so that I was chosen to review this product for free. Please check with your medical doctor before starting any diet supplements or new workout routines. And all opinions are my own.

I love the ease and simplicity of this product line.  Continue reading BE FIT Product Review and Giveaway!

Once upon a time…

There was a little golden haired princess who loved to sit on her daddy’s lap. He would tell her stories and take her by the hand for walks, and make her laugh. They would watch movies and even the Los Angeles Lakers playing basketball on television. “One day, she said, I want to go there and see a live professional game!”
She ran long distance track and field and dreamed of being a Dodger diamond girl or an LA lakers girl. She wanted long blond curls and wanted to learn how to dance and cheer and sparkle like they did. She wasn’t very fast or super athletic, but running gave her energy and helped lift her spirits.
In college she fell into depression and gained weight. She didn’t have a team or any close friends she could confide in, and fell into financial troubles.
All of a sudden, one friend who happened to be a personal trainer, got her off the couch and into a gym.
She had found that with proper nutrition and exercise, she could have her wish of the LA Laker girl confidence she had seen on television.
Two years later a handsome Prince Charming danced his way into her life. He took her to a LA Kings game and a Michael Buble concert – both at the Staples Center where the Lakers played.
She didn’t give up on her dream. She became a serious gym fanatic and started this fitness blog and networked her way to a Lorna Jane active nation day where she met Christine Bullock.
One day she saw a post about trying out a fabulous fitness app called “BodyStream” and that Christine Bullock was doing a fitness challenge with them…
Guess what the prize was?!
Two tickets to a Lakers game with Christine! This girl won!
I tried the app while I was also doing the diet bet game. It’s a fun app especially if you enjoy posting your fit stats or a workout or getting fun easy recipe ideas.
I got to enjoy the game last night with my Prince and with Christine!
Thanks again Sarah from BodyStream, and to Christine for all the helpful tips and inspiration!

Surprising me with stereotypes and then again not

On Tuesday I went to my favorite spin class followed by body pump.
These bodypumpers are SERIOUS! I walked up withe two other girls joining one who was filling her barbell with plates, and I hear, “Excuse me!” So I jumped out of the way saying, “oh sorry you were here first”& she says, “uh yes I was here first!” When there’s about 5 of us clamoring to get our weights. I got over it, I didn’t mean to be in her way, didn’t want to make her more mad, so yeah moving on!
Today I visited a different gym and took a new spin class. It was so boring compared to my other one! Cyclists keep to themselves and don’t waste their words. This teacher was yelling in the same monotone every song, “Turn it up!”(meaning the resistance)
…”double!!!!”(pedal faster)
…”single.”(said so sadly, to slow us down). I’m used to my friendly, spunky and cute teacher from Tuesday. I must be spoiled. And some people prefer his style, so I shouldn’t judge.
Zumba people(are too coordinated for me!) are giggly and enthusiastic.
HIIT and Bootcamp and curves coaches are all loud and yell like drill sergeants and we tend to yell and groan back.
Yoga people walk gracefully but talk like they need to do more yoga;) I’m sorry I just have seen way too many harried rushed late people apologizing all over themselves lately as their mat and towel roll out.
Weight lifters like their selfies and try to come on to you or flirt. I am there to lift and then go home.
Runners and hikers are a mixed bunch. I know talkative ones that wave and I know quiet private ones too.

No really now, I’m merely making generalizations here! Sometimes I am surprised when I meet a friendly person at the gym because I’ve also run into some rude ones (I wanna shout back, “really?! I was so nice to you!”)
Most of us I understand are there to get our sweat on (please don’t hit on me or ask me out!) and pull out. We are tired and messy and smelly. Not there to hug our besties or sing as if we were performing or dance or stretch like the perfect athlete. Don’t compare yourself! Go out and do your best, not worrying about what the others are doing. As long as your form is good, you can do anything! 🙂

Yoga:a much needed practice

I had been looking for a running buddy on Thursdays. I didn’t see any classes that fit my schedule so instead of going in and getting bored with an elliptical or weights, I finally decided to try this yoga class at 24 hour fitness this morning. Oh it was weird but good! Breathing through different nostrils! Rubbing warmth back in to your body! Breathing positive in and negative out!
We are going dancing tonight but I knew I needed a good stretch. I could have tried running but when I wake up with a headache I give up on that idea.
The idea of pushing yourself so hard, through the pain so you cannot even think about work or family or your costume and candy. That’s all you got! To go breathe and put your body in different positions and just lie down for the sole purpose of relaxation.
What a novel idea!:) I had been wanting to find a yoga class I could fit into my schedule but just hadn’t figured out how or where yet. I know there’s DVDs and YouTube videos but unless I find a teacher, friend or class it probably won’t happen. And after class I could do weights or treadmill till shower&work time.
My friend Annie (while we sat over delicious Blaze pizza!) said “it doesn’t matter whether you are Eastern or not, yoga can be good for all of us” – it has a way of transcending the religions or jargon; I know what I believe so I might tune out something the teacher says that I disagree with.
This teacher played a little Smokey Robinson and James Brown so “that can’t be all bad”!:)
Have a great Halloween, All Hallows’ and all Saints! Don’t touch that candy;) or just have one:) Oh and by the way the purpose is to slow down. Don’t we all need that?

Ok I can’t keep my excitement hidden any longer…fitness blog event!

But I’ve been invited to attend this Fitness bloggers’ event !
fitness magazine blog event
So if you live in the area and blog about fitness, I want to see you there!:) I love Fitness magazine and reading other fitness blogs so I hope I can meet and network. People used to tell me they could see me as a fitness instructor, I just never focused in on educating myself in that area.
I had a rough end to the busy work week, so I was nervous sharing this news since I do have to request the day off from work, but my boss is okay with us taking a personal day when we need one, so that we are re-energized for the rest of the week.
I am an independent distributor for Reliv international (reliv.com) and I am a secretary for a physical therapy facility, and my new passion lately has been health, nutrition and fitness. I have enjoyed running off and on since middle school, but I always struggled with my weight. In college I fell into depression and comfort ate myself into trouble. With Reliv’s slimplicity, I lost 40 lbs., was off the couch and into the gym which is my second home. I don’t mean I stay all day there, but it have reached a comfort level with fitting it into my schedule and I love the new friends and instructors who help me.
My mama was always into nutrition and I just thought it was a bunch of herbs and “eat your greens,” boring and tasteless. But learning from her, getting help and results with Reliv, and reading blogs and pinning recipes and ideas from Pinterest, are all helping me toward my goals.
My coworkers are very motivating! A lot of them work out on lunch breaks, they help with stretches and tips, and we tend to all eat healthy or want to meet specific goals. My supervisor got us into the Fitbit pedometer, which is now my third arm.
Because I was a nanny and am now in healthcare, I see the good of exercise and nutrition, and it breaks my heart when I see someone suffering from poor nutrition, poor health, and lack of exercise. Even someone in a wheelchair can exercise! When I hurt my back I found fun YouTube.com videos of arm, back, ab exercises for immobile types.
I am so thankful for my health and for group exercise classes that have helped me. Today I am tired and headachy but maybe a walk or tea will help. I know water and prayer will:)
Enjoy your week, stay motivated! Get out there and be safe, healthy, strong and fit.


ALIVE was my word (from #cslentipj one of the Instagram Photo Challenges I’m doing) for today.  It makes me feel so alive, when I set everything (I mean everything!) out last night (put out gym clothes, shoes, clean outfit for work, both our lunches, my Lean cuisine for dinner) and this morning I made a delicious smoothie with Reliv, my coffee stayed hot in my Google travel mug, and my Contigo Water bottle and set off for the gym.  The day is beautiful, we had a tough but wonderful spin class (great music!), and I got to stay for 45min. of weights class, and I feel great:) I WILL BE SORE TOMORROW.  I had oatmeal and half a grapefruit and I’m high on LIFE!:-)

We had a good financial meeting last night (with a counselor) and tonight is our Dave Ramsey class.  I’m so thankful for my husband:)

This Shane & Shane/Hillsong song keeps running through my mind:

When I Think about the Lord,
How He saved me, how He raised me,
how He filled me, with the Holy Ghost.
How He healed me, to the uttermost.

When I Think about the Lord,
how He picked me up and turned me around,
how He placed my feet on solid ground


It makes me wanna shout,
Thank you JESUS,
LORD, your worthy, of all the glory, and all the honor,
and all the praise… (Repeat*)
Lyrics from <a href=”http://www.elyrics.net”>eLyrics.net</a>


One of the reasons I started this blog is because I have trouble getting ready in the morning.  AND I WAKE UP IN PLENTY OF TIME, mind you.  For all the time I spend getting to work, it should show (I should look more put together;-) HAHAHA!) I tried googling and researching some other women’s blogs with this idea, so I need your help!  If it’s not too personal, and you don’t mind commenting, what are some of your healthy & quick breakfast ideas?  What do you lay out the night before (full complete outfit with all the accessories? Gym workout garb? Hair stuff?) What do you travel with (in your purse/gym bag/work bag?) How do you get it all in there & keep it organized?  I have arrived at the gym and had a great workout, jumped in the shower and realized: “I have no clean _ (insert lingerie item)!” And I panic. I’ve had to go buy extras or tried to keep things in the trunk of my car (I don’t want to keep a messy car) all for the prepared girl scout “Just In Case”!  It’s comical, really. I have forgotten necessary things that I left out somewhere, but left it and didn’t add it to the bag or get it in the car.  I have to check things off my reminder list, tried to remember to check my iphone lists, prayed and journaled about this problem. 🙂 I do not want to walk into work with my hair all wet (SHOWERHEAD!) and disheveled, or no makeup, or forgetting an important accessory like a belt.  

So far this is what a normal-but-crazy morning for me would look like:

7am read Bible/pray/journal (with the Youversion Holy Bible app, it has great reading plans and notifies you).

7:30 hopefully am up getting my gym bag together (if I didn’t pack it the night before) and taking Reliv (my powder supplement) and have weighed myself.  I am making my coffee and getting my lunch bag packed, grabbing a water bottle and making a smoothie (Elite Cuisine is like a competitor to Magic Bullet/Nutribullet = personal size version of Vitamix or other big blender).  

8:10 am usually out the door for an 8:30 gym class (24hour fitness) or for the Friday class I teach.  If it’s Tuesday, I wake up 6:30 and try to get a bike early for 8a spin.  

This means I have to do quickie eye makeup in the car, try to blow dry my hair before I leave for work (I don’t have to be there til 10:30!  You’d think I should be able to do it!), and be fully showered/dressed (with moisturizer :)) by 10/10:30 (depending on drive time or wherever I’m coming from).  

Here’s some reminder tags I’ve tried to put up (all over the house;-) no, just kidding!):




healthy breakfast 


cleanse, tone, moisturize


accessories (lingerie, socks, shoes, belt, hair stuff, scarf)

gym bag

The next blog post will be about BED TIME ROUTINES! 🙂 hahahahahahaha

THNX LADIES (I’m lumping you all together, but if any men want to help that’d be fine too!  My husband always smells nice, has perfect oral hygiene, helps me with dishes, and gets his coffee free at work!:) But us women have more things to take care of I suppose…?)