I made it!

The results are in:

I lost about 7 lbs!

I lost half an inch off my hips, thighs and calves! 

I can’t believe I made it all 30 days (give or take a Thanksgiving cheat day!) !

Now tomorrow I’m not gonna pig out but I will limit my Gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods if and when at all possible!

I don’t wanna gain weight back!

Today I went to the gym and did arms and core! 

I had a delicious berry kale collagen smoothie and an egg cup for breakfast. I had my veggie salad and bone broth for lunch. I had to work late so I made a quick shrimp and veg one pan dinner!

I did have a piece of dark chocolate to kind of reward myself:) 

Thanks for hanging with me on this ride!

Speaking of, will you pray for my family? Last week my brother in NC was in a car accident, my brother in law in UK was hit on his bike, and today my sis and brother in law in Boston were hit as they were crossing the street!

Thank God they are all ok and gonna make it, but please understand I’m a bit shaken and emotional!


Rockin the Praise

I woke up and prayed. I spent time snuggling and cuddling my fur baby.

We went to the Park. I had a great workout. 

I did well on my slow low down push-ups!:)

We rocked the Praise music the whole time. Breakfast was the usual.  I went into work a way better mood (not in such a funk) as yesterday.  I had a good grilled chicken salad.

Then at lunch I began seeing the posts and articles. Some still so full of hate and fear and some more nonsense of how this guy is choosing his advisors. But the worst?

A teen committed suicide because he was afraid that now he would be sent to conversion therapy.

A Trump support grabbed a woman in the street.

Children and students of all ages were scared to go to school. Afraid of being thrown out of their own country or of bullying getting worse.

Husband cooked salmon for us. I fed my friend’s cats and walked my dog.

This is only the beginning. We rise up. We stand for Love. We voice our concerns and pray for help and unity and peace.

Kyrie Eleison.