Back on Track!

Time for a cleanse! I wanted to stick closer to Whole 30 today.

I only had a Cutie mini tangerine and a green apple because I wasn’t that hungry this morning. Housecleaned. Taught Piano.

I fixed a huge salad for lunch.

I went to Acupuncture.

When I walked out, the rain was coming down so that cancelled our workout plans.  We completed our 21 day Scrumptious Body challenge with Valerie!  But that was fine, I fed my friend’s cat and went to the bank and then wound up in the gym. I went to the Elliptical but I got so frustrated trying to play music!  Have you heard of Fit Radio? My trial was up, so I just deleted the app because I was annoyed.  I knew some of my apps would use too much data.  The google play app crashed.  For some reason my Music iTunes would not play! It wasn’t my headphones. I just couldn’t hear anything it was odd!!:( Then I spent about ten minutes in the sauna. 

Dinner was butter lettuce and a white sweet potato.  I wasn’t that hungry and figured it was better than nothing:)

I was tempted to make popcorn but I didn’t!

We watched “JuneBug” -it was so sad!

Goodnight all.

Made it through the 1st Week!

This morning I woke sooo tired from our fun late night swing dance, all I wanted to do was cuddle my Yorkie.

But, it being the #Whistlefit challenge week, I put on my #sweatpink shirt and shoes and walked my Monday motivation, Mr Lefty the Yorkie himself!

First on Today’s agenda was Valerie’s 21 day challenge she’s doing to get her personal Training clientele started!  

Man what a workout!  We warmed up with Lunges and ended with Pull Ups! It was super fun too because the three of us had so much fun together laughing and cheering each other on.

By then I was hungry but I had to hurry and shower. I had had my Lemon Green Tea but I ate my Chia Pudding and an Egg Cup that I had pre prepped from yesterday:)

For lunch it was a salad with leftover chicken and some cauliflower “rice.”  

I had some nuts for a snack.

Tonight Husband got the Beef Stroganoff but I made Brussels sprouts and regular browned ground beef and some cauliflower rice for myself.

I am satisfied, and thankful.

Tonight I am praying for our nation.

Praying for unity and peace. Praying for people to go out and vote.

Praying for God’s will to be done.  


Cinco de Whole30! Pilates too!

I have made it five days. Even I’m impressed with myself!;)

This am my husband had the idea of going on a family hike! Griffith is nearby, so he usually bikes it or I hike or jog it, and so, it was very refreshing for us!:

Once we made it home, I made a healthy breakfast of egg and kale. My coffee with the last of the Nutchello was especially delicious(see my Instagram for the froth video;))

I went to teach piano then came home and made a huge salad.  I spent time chewing and savoring each bite, tasting each flavor and crunchy bit!

Ok you guys it has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I saw this Club Pilates open up near me (within walking distance!)…and (gulp sheepishly) I never made it a priority to change my schedule to actually make a demo class or try a real class! The other day I saw an email in my Inbox about their One Year anniversary party, teacher training info meeting, and a free demo class that just so happened to fit in my schedule today!!  I invited a few of my workout buddies but guess who actually committed and showed up. My blogger friend and workout bud Valerie!

General Manager Sara Pauley led us into an amazing 30minute session on the Reformer. Boy was it awesome! 

Afterwards, they let us fill up our water bottles with the cool FloWater cooler! They had leftover snacks from their party and chatted with us, listening to our stories of becoming fitness enthusiasts!  These ladies (Rebecca and Jeanine who also work there and teach) were so warm and loving and kind to us!

Right now they are offering a huge deal on their membership. Get the first month for $99 if you sign up for three months!

Now, after my shower I really did feel like a New Woman!:) Long, lean and aligned!

We went on a date to Joe’s in Burbank to hear one of our favorite local artists, Barbara Morrison sing with her jazz quartet.  This was a fundraiser for Barry’s Kitchen who strives to serve nutritious meals to the homeless and unfortunate in the greater Pasadena area! Also, Barbara’s non profit, her Performing Arts center, is helping with the proceeds towards the California Jazz and Blues Museum too. Barbara is so sweet and fun, she caught me singing while we danced, and even invited me on stage to sing with her!! Such a surprise dream come true to sing “Just the Way You Look Tonight”!

We ended the night by making these delicious Paleo Stuffed Peppers!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back and go out there and vote!

Day Four – and a Party!

Not gonna lie. It might not be all that hard but it sho ain’t easy!;) If only I didn’t love variety so much! I love the new restaurants, new coffee shops, trying out a new cultural food, because that’s what foodies do, they taste and savor, enjoying each moment of every bite!
My salad was so boring. I was rushing around this morning so I didn’t get a chance to really peep breakfast, so a boiled egg had to do it.
I made it ok, even in Trader Joe’s where the land of every chip and cracker was calling my name…Finally I found this:

Hello! I have been looking for sugar free beef jerky all week!:)
Then the ultimate test: my husband’s work party slash surprise baby’s shower for his coworker! Man that Mediterranean food was so good! I mainly had meat and veggies saying no to the cake and drinks, be proud!!
Ended the night by massaging my knee (after Nov Project’s workout this am and tonight’s dancing!) with DoTERRA deep blue pain rub and my myofascial releazer.
All you local ladies check this out!:

Check out my friend Valerie’s 21 Day Scrumptious Body Challenge starting Monday!!