Thanksgiving Part II

Breakfast today? Leftover baked stuffed apple of course!

Ran errands and went to a good strong workout with Valerie(gonna be sore tomorrow).

Walked my friend’s dog and fed my friend’s cat(two pet sitting jobs).

Finally we made it to like this five course meal with my sisters! And it was a m a z i n g!!!

Quality Time with these two gorgeous ladies made me a little homesick, but warmed my heart because we cooked, ate, cleaned and played Taboo and walked and ate pie together. This was my main cheat day;) I had so much fun laughing! Lefty was so excited!

Anyway, we talked newlywed life with my baby sis (visiting from AZ) and the hostess we talked with her about wedding planning.

I am super excited and hopeful about traveling to Mexico for her April wedding, but a tad nervous about Zika, so they let me have a good cry about that.  We walked by the Beach Boardwalk, we laughed at the dogs running around, and we got to know my sister’s future father in law.  Seriously, though, we ate everything from Appetizers to soup to lobster Mac n cheese to ribs to veggies to casseroles and pie…It was pretty heavenly!

What a fabulous day!!

Get that aggression Out!

Look what our Trainer Valerie brought! 

We kicked it and whacked it and punched the heck out of that thing! It did help get my aggression out!

Then I went home and got Lefty and went by the store to refill my Kangen Alkaline water. I made a berry smoothie for breakfast.  Then I spent like 30min browsing Barnes and Noble!

I had a pretty good day at work (except for a minor printer frustration).  Lunch was a salad(I am getting tired of salad;))

My doctor’s nurse called with good news about my test AMH “egg health” being normal so that is good.

Tonight was “Spaghetti.” I had salad, bison and good sauce and made him the noodles, but I put mine over butter nut squash! Yeahhh!!! 

Lefty and I took a nice stroll to the park and now we are all going to hit the hay!

No stress, no hate, no judgment, no guilt!

Walk to defeat ALS!

Why did I decide to skip my normal routine of rest on Sunday and drive out to walk(adding a few steps on my Fitbit pedometer!) in the heat?
Why would I walk two miles and eat pizza after?
Why did I leave my husband at church only to meet up with coworkers on the weekend?
Why did I set my alarm and arrive early for a walk?
Why does anyone do these supportive causes, raise funds, walk or run in organized hundreds or thousands out on the street, dancing or shouting whoops and hollers?
To support those we love and care about. To lift the depressed spirits of those suffering, to honor the memories of those who have gone before…
To raise funds for research so we can really feel like we are doing something.
ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) is an awful, horrible, terrible thing. It slowly robs you of everything while you’re still watching it take control if your speech, breathing, and your muscles. It is horrific to watch someone I look up to have to fight it alongside her partner, a lovely, strong, kind woman who is battling it. We celebrated with her, laughing over pizza, and hope that in some small way we can help.
I hate ALS! Why does our good and loving God allow this stuff? His reasons are sovereign, but I am having a hard time trusting Him when I see dementia and ALS and cancer take those that I love…
I had a really fun day, but the whole time I’m thinking and praying for the cure, for the answer, for encouraging words to say. I think we all know someone who has battled something dark and scary, and all of us could be doing more, but no guilt or judgment here. I love supporting a good cause (in any way I can, since I don’t have a lot of extra money right now), especially if I motivated by strong people around me. God grant us the serenity…the courage…the hope…the strength to fight this. He is love. He has the power to change, deliver, to rescue. All in his time.

It’s that Monday blues kinda day

Hi bloggers it’s been awhile and I miss this. All weekend I’ve had this slight cold. The kind that I think I can do anything but need to rest. The kind where I wake up and think I’m better then I move around and start coughing all over, or sneezing and feeling oogy (as Annie Wilkes would say in Misery )…. I’m flooding my body with garlic, vinegar, oj, tea, veggies, fruit, Reliv, vitamins, supplements, and all good things. I am relaxing, reading, watching, and sleeping. Today I want to enter into directed rest, as Dr Caroline Leaf writes about. I miss the busyness of work and my friends there, but they don’t want me spreading germs. I wanted to find a sub for Sunday school but I had to teach anyway. Our friends came and took us to Slaters where I had a delicious burger. Saturday I thought I was feeling better, worked out, started yoga, and went to a friends grad party (with vegan tacos and sangria!) but I only have gotten worse. I’m loving Runners World and Competitor magazine articles that make me laugh:) I did run a lot more than usual this past week!
Husband made me a delicious healthy breakfast today and a hot shower and Epsom salt bath helped.
For our second anniversary we had a lovely stay at Peppermill Reno, visited Virginia City, Genoa & a bit of Lake Tahoe. I am so happy here, thankful, in love, grateful for all that I have, but I want to learn more, see more, do more!:) I’m curious where God is directing my husband(looking for work)and thankful we aren’t depressed or anxious.
Just thought I’d update you:) see you on the other side;)

Take that, Monday blues!

I went to bed feeling a bit achy, so I thought I just needed rest. But the worst feeling in the world to me is waking up with a headache. Ick! So I figured I couldn’t do much in the gym or a workout at home, but took a walk with my husband and this really lifted my spirits! I came home and started the crockpot, made a delicious healthy reliv smoothie, coffee, and I’m watching a bit of LIVE with Kelly (the post oscars), after sending my husband off with a healthy lunch. I get so giddy when I realize I can do this! Phil.4:13- with His help, I can! Last week was rough (I cried going out the door or going to bed), & I thought, “is this depression sinking in?”
Am I forgetting the glory of the gospel?
The joy and love displayed on the horrific cross?
I was! I was acting like an orphan, like a slave still in bondage, wanting to go back to my Egypt.
I have noticed, in this budgeting class we are in, we will be eating less, eating healthier, so we MIT lose weight!:) I’m only one pound away from my goal, so maybe ill push it 5lbs more, or maybe ill be happier with just maintaining and staying where I am.:-)
Our church has been studying Galatians and this is chock full of spiritual vitamins- reminders of our adoption as sons & daughters into the loving family of God! I can’t let a headache get me down.
Good morning! Go out and keep the good fight of faith!