I made it!

The results are in:

I lost about 7 lbs!

I lost half an inch off my hips, thighs and calves! 

I can’t believe I made it all 30 days (give or take a Thanksgiving cheat day!) !

Now tomorrow I’m not gonna pig out but I will limit my Gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods if and when at all possible!

I don’t wanna gain weight back!

Today I went to the gym and did arms and core! 

I had a delicious berry kale collagen smoothie and an egg cup for breakfast. I had my veggie salad and bone broth for lunch. I had to work late so I made a quick shrimp and veg one pan dinner!

I did have a piece of dark chocolate to kind of reward myself:) 

Thanks for hanging with me on this ride!

Speaking of, will you pray for my family? Last week my brother in NC was in a car accident, my brother in law in UK was hit on his bike, and today my sis and brother in law in Boston were hit as they were crossing the street!

Thank God they are all ok and gonna make it, but please understand I’m a bit shaken and emotional!


Back on Track!

Time for a cleanse! I wanted to stick closer to Whole 30 today.

I only had a Cutie mini tangerine and a green apple because I wasn’t that hungry this morning. Housecleaned. Taught Piano.

I fixed a huge salad for lunch.

I went to Acupuncture.

When I walked out, the rain was coming down so that cancelled our workout plans.  We completed our 21 day Scrumptious Body challenge with Valerie!  But that was fine, I fed my friend’s cat and went to the bank and then wound up in the gym. I went to the Elliptical but I got so frustrated trying to play music!  Have you heard of Fit Radio? My trial was up, so I just deleted the app because I was annoyed.  I knew some of my apps would use too much data.  The google play app crashed.  For some reason my Music iTunes would not play! It wasn’t my headphones. I just couldn’t hear anything it was odd!!:( Then I spent about ten minutes in the sauna. 

Dinner was butter lettuce and a white sweet potato.  I wasn’t that hungry and figured it was better than nothing:)

I was tempted to make popcorn but I didn’t!

We watched “JuneBug” -it was so sad!

Goodnight all.

Giving Thanks

Well, I tried to sleep in a little:) I was tempted to stay in my Pajamas all day.

We had baked stuffed apples together this morning:)

Lefty and I went hiking:

Watched a bit of the Parade and some Twilight Zone!

Then we ate our fill at the Cousins’!

I did ok, but gave in with the whipped cream! I was good about grains and didn’t have a lot of sugar just a few bites of everything. Still feel very full.(Did I gain the weight back I just lost?!)

Tonight we watched the remake of Anne of Green Gables:)

I’ll close on what I started the day with:

Thanks to Gretchen for that quote!

Made it through the 1st Week!

This morning I woke sooo tired from our fun late night swing dance, all I wanted to do was cuddle my Yorkie.

But, it being the #Whistlefit challenge week, I put on my #sweatpink shirt and shoes and walked my Monday motivation, Mr Lefty the Yorkie himself!

First on Today’s agenda was Valerie’s 21 day challenge she’s doing to get her personal Training clientele started!  

Man what a workout!  We warmed up with Lunges and ended with Pull Ups! It was super fun too because the three of us had so much fun together laughing and cheering each other on.

By then I was hungry but I had to hurry and shower. I had had my Lemon Green Tea but I ate my Chia Pudding and an Egg Cup that I had pre prepped from yesterday:)

For lunch it was a salad with leftover chicken and some cauliflower “rice.”  

I had some nuts for a snack.

Tonight Husband got the Beef Stroganoff but I made Brussels sprouts and regular browned ground beef and some cauliflower rice for myself.

I am satisfied, and thankful.

Tonight I am praying for our nation.

Praying for unity and peace. Praying for people to go out and vote.

Praying for God’s will to be done.  


Day Four – and a Party!

Not gonna lie. It might not be all that hard but it sho ain’t easy!;) If only I didn’t love variety so much! I love the new restaurants, new coffee shops, trying out a new cultural food, because that’s what foodies do, they taste and savor, enjoying each moment of every bite!
My salad was so boring. I was rushing around this morning so I didn’t get a chance to really peep breakfast, so a boiled egg had to do it.
I made it ok, even in Trader Joe’s where the land of every chip and cracker was calling my name…Finally I found this:

Hello! I have been looking for sugar free beef jerky all week!:)
Then the ultimate test: my husband’s work party slash surprise baby’s shower for his coworker! Man that Mediterranean food was so good! I mainly had meat and veggies saying no to the cake and drinks, be proud!!
Ended the night by massaging my knee (after Nov Project’s workout this am and tonight’s dancing!) with DoTERRA deep blue pain rub and my myofascial releazer.
All you local ladies check this out!:

Check out my friend Valerie’s 21 Day Scrumptious Body Challenge starting Monday!!

Tres Dia de “Whole30”

Toi. Tri.

I’m listening to Carla Bruni so I’m in a silly mood…

Day Three has been hard, maybe because it was finally slower and quiet today at work (M-W were super busy), so maybe boredom made me munchy?

This morning I tried to sleep in (didn’t make it to Spin class).  I organized my Leggings drawer into Shorts, capris, and Long (lularoe, yoga pants, etc) πŸ™‚  Lefty my Yorkie has this thing about that drawer. He hears it open and runs to lunge at it, hoping to yank and pull to play tug as I try to put them on!

I made a smoothie and coffee, as well as packed a great salad for lunch.

I went to Yoga, which was hard maybe because I was tired, but it was so good.

The best part of today?! Acupuncture!!

I once went many years ago as a teen for headaches.  Today went to Ercaclinic community acupuncture but still so relaxing! I almost cried (emotional release -in a good way), I deep breathed the whole time, she gets me, it didn’t hurt, it’s affordable. I even had a slight out of body experience for a second too!!!  I bought a Chinese herb and two mini inhalers for calming and for female hormones and wellness.

Then work was actually ok: )

Next best thing?! My husband made me salmon and asparagus (and he had rice for himself)!  

Good night world<3

Day 2 of Whole 30

For some reason I was awake til midnight last night. Then I woke so early for November Project!

We did burpees and planks and ran relays with our friends but I jogged and it was fun! However, the knee has been swollen all day…:/

My friend and I went to Tierra Mia for coffee and I ordered an almond milk latte. Then the barista accidentally made it with whole milk and the other barista had to change it for me; I said “Normally I would have drank it but I just started on this diet so I better not.”  But they were nice and apologized and re made it!

Once I got home I made eggs and some broccolini.  It was delicious!

I made a salad but it was not filling enough, I still fought cravings.  I had an apple, but I still was hungry.  

I had a hard, long and busy day at work so I enjoyed coming home to my crockpot meat loaf and salad!  Yum!

Tired! Good night all!

Whole30 Day 1

I woke up after a restful night’s sleep, so that and the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing and water, are my five things I’m thankful for.

I survived Day 1! Tuesday’s tend to be a long day away from the home, so I forced myself to prepare- breakfast of a protein green smoothie, lunch was a big protein salad, and healthy snacks, and dinner in the crockpot. However, it was a full busy first of the month at work so after spin class I didn’t have idle time to really think about how hungry I was!

And I was late for my women’s Bible study, but I enjoy that group, they are so warm and uplifting! I made sure I didn’t partake of the sweet treats!

And I drank lots of water!

Not bragging just grateful πŸ˜‰