Get that aggression Out!

Look what our Trainer Valerie brought! 

We kicked it and whacked it and punched the heck out of that thing! It did help get my aggression out!

Then I went home and got Lefty and went by the store to refill my Kangen Alkaline water. I made a berry smoothie for breakfast.  Then I spent like 30min browsing Barnes and Noble!

I had a pretty good day at work (except for a minor printer frustration).  Lunch was a salad(I am getting tired of salad;))

My doctor’s nurse called with good news about my test AMH “egg health” being normal so that is good.

Tonight was “Spaghetti.” I had salad, bison and good sauce and made him the noodles, but I put mine over butter nut squash! Yeahhh!!! 

Lefty and I took a nice stroll to the park and now we are all going to hit the hay!

No stress, no hate, no judgment, no guilt!

A week of good-busy

So Monday-Wednesday was normal busy. I went to what I hoped would be the last trip to the store on Tuesday morning.
DEVASTATION: they were out of Brussels sprouts!!! I had this dream of making this Martha Stewart bacon dish with them. So I changed my tune:
I switched to 1 pot of steamed root vegetables and one pan roasted with a tiny bit of cheese. Then I made buttermilk pie (because I wanted to try something unique)! The latter was not healthy but I made up for it with all my vegetables. I enjoyed being back in spin class!
Tuesday night I didn’t have to do much cooking but my girlfriends brought over Turkey chili, guac, kale salad and Sprinkles cupcakes for a great girls night!!
We discussed how yoga and fitness can become a religion and a lifestyle – like football or an addiction like alcohol.
I think the rule is still
You can overwork yourself to death, you can overeat, you can overdose on even good things…
Yesterday was awesome!
I tried to tell each of my friends and relatives(even writing it on Facebook) that I’m thankful for them.
This morning we went to starbucks and both worked the morning just to get some little tasks done. I enjoyed a sweaty class with Jill from the cross training class at 24 hour.
Today I watched “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Lego Movie,” AND “Chef.” All three had some very meaningful life lessons in them! Favorite moments: “If you want rainbows you have to learn to deal with the rain.”-TFIOS
“Where there is no consistency, and never any negativity!”-Lego
Just seeing the Chef learning to have fun teaching his kid about cooking (and NOLA one of my fave places to visit!)
This year, a year of thanksgiving:
I am grateful for my family, for my blog buds, and that both of us have jobs, and I am happy and content and at peace!

Could I BE any happier?!

Titling a post with a Chandler Bing reference makes it seem pretty cheesy; I am quite content though. This morning I went to spin and Bodycombat at 24. The spin teacher shared his weight loss success, and his motto is “no excuses!” and the energetic BC teacher always says, “stay with the fight!”. They don’t let anything stop them or get them down. It really is all connected! Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual settings, are all about what you put in and how you use that. Next i got frustrated at Payless, Nordstrom rack, and then TJ maxx. I was trying to find Easter shoes and a hat, and no pale pink or gray(the colors of my dress and now nails:)) could be found, that were comfy and affordable. Finally found a pair for $30, that look and feel great! Considering we are “Eastering at the Hollywood Bowl” with one of my fave speakers, Francis Chan, and DH’s former church Christian Assembly, and picnic branching and lunch after with friends, I had to find comfy and nice:) and a floppy hat even!:) the 5 freeway was jammed, Jon’s grocery was crowded, but I got what I needed!
I did not let the frustrations of shopping get me down. I did come home to my amaryllis dirt allover the floor so i had to clean and replant it:( But hopefully it will reroot! I just had a great lunch, a nice, blissful spa-shower, meditated in the sun, and can see the mountains clear as day.
The reasons for telling you all this?
I’m going through a merger at work, and I have many things I’m working on to improve. Then poor DH is having a hard time at work too. He is actually thinking this isn’t for him, he is down, and really questioning someday moving somewhere cheaper and or even overseas. I’m thinking, “I’m so happy here(I did work hard to relocate here), can we enjoy it while we are here?” I don’t want to belittle his feelings or brush him off, I just don’t want us to stress and be discouraged or downcast. He just agreed with me, that we can hike Griffith more, relax in our lovely home, grill out more, enjoy our church and friends here, and not let stress beat us. Whatever we do we want to glorify God, whether at a secular job/school, or in ministry, whether we live here at my dream home base or have to leave, and when we start a family:)
Could I be any more happy?! Possibly but life does seem good right now:)

“Wherever you a…

“Wherever you are, be all there.” -my grandfather, Jim Elliot

I’ve tried xanga and facebook notes, blogger and google documents, but I always follow and prefer the look and feel of wordpress. Welcome to my blog – this is all about learning to love living life to the fullest !  I have days where I’m overwhelmed with all the many things I try to do, when in reality, all I really want is to be a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, and…I’ll stop right there.  I had been trying to come up with a phrase of what my daily grind consists of, when I spilled coffee as I went out the door this morning.  The daily grind is, I am spilling coffee a lot of the time!  I dribble water all over, I have spilled tea and soda, and I need to quit trying to do so many things all at once.  Multitasking is a gift and a blessing, but it can also be my weakness and a curse.  I thought my Bubba mug ( would help me (it looks like a beer keg, but it acts like a sippy cup for adults!) but sometimes I’m running out the door with the one from the Hamilton Beach coffeemaker we love, or the keeps-it-hot-for-5-hour mug my husband got from his business trip to googleplex up north.  

Yes, you read that right- my grandfather is Jim Elliot, the one who got a 5-man team down to Ecuador to spread the gospel!  He was killed in 1956 and now the killers are no longer savages, they are Christians who start their own churches, businesses, and have families of their own.  My granny is the beloved author, speaker and was on the radio.  “You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms.  This is your friend, Elisabeth Elliot…” Well, this is your friend, Christiana, and today we’re going to talk about juggling the many hats we wear as women! 

My friends have all tried to get me to blog or write more.  I can’t share the many details of my intimate testimony online because it’s too graphic, but also too good to be true- God has totally turned my life around, and now I’m more grounded (hence, my little ankle anchor tattoo!) and I want all to “taste and see” how good He is.

“I waited patiently for the Lord;
    He turned to me and heard my cry.
He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
    out of the mud and mire;
He set my feet on a rock
    and gave me a firm place to stand.
He put a new song in my mouth,
    a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
    and put their trust in Him.” -Psalm 40, NIV