A post for the New Year 

December was tough. I tended to reach for comfort food and overate at parties.  I was working on Physical Therapy for my knee, so I didn’t do all the workouts that I really wanted to do. I was very saddened by the loss of some of my favorite celebrities and artists and the junk in the news (disappointed by the Election and deeply saddened by the tragedy all over the world).  I was homesick and hormonal and emotional, waiting for that Christmas miracle of Pregnancy, only to be dashed yet again.

I had a fabulous birthday getaway in Palm Springs! We decided to get tickets for my sister’s destination wedding in Mexico in April!  I pet sat and enjoyed a Cousin Christmas and New Years and date nights and drinking! I shouldn’t complain!  I did get some workouts in. 

I just now feel it’s time to go Paleo!

My word for this year? BELIEVE.

I tend to doubt and get down, so my way of coping is being a hopeless romantic and idealist who is optimistic about life to cover up the negativity.

Good books that I want to read or finish!:

In Due Time, Caroline Harries

Present Over Perfect, Shauna Niequist

The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp

When God Doesn’t Fix It, Laura Story

I still am reading a couple E book novels…;)

These are not really resolutions, just things I’m reminding myself to work on:

More breathing, less doing/eating

More reading, less screen time

More loving me, less negative self talk

More of Him, less of me

More “Thanks!” Less “Sorry” 

More time with Lefty less iPhone/TV

More prayer less chatting

More God less of my own self

More debt paid less junk

More date night less girls night

More girls night less me time

More hiking less lounging

More JESUS less social media

More Scripture less News

More church less gossip

More worship less talk radio 

More stretching less tension

More Heaven less secular

More Holy Spirit less politics 

More books less articles

More loving, less critical complaints

More social justice less shopping

More donating, less to clean!

More listening less advice 

More family time less binging at parties

More exercise less sitting

More vegetables less starch

More water less sugar 

More meditation less clutter
Oh and “Don’t take any $&/+!”;)

Happy New Year! I am so thankful!

Thanksgiving Part II

Breakfast today? Leftover baked stuffed apple of course!

Ran errands and went to a good strong workout with Valerie(gonna be sore tomorrow).

Walked my friend’s dog and fed my friend’s cat(two pet sitting jobs).

Finally we made it to like this five course meal with my sisters! And it was a m a z i n g!!!

Quality Time with these two gorgeous ladies made me a little homesick, but warmed my heart because we cooked, ate, cleaned and played Taboo and walked and ate pie together. This was my main cheat day;) I had so much fun laughing! Lefty was so excited!

Anyway, we talked newlywed life with my baby sis (visiting from AZ) and the hostess we talked with her about wedding planning.

I am super excited and hopeful about traveling to Mexico for her April wedding, but a tad nervous about Zika, so they let me have a good cry about that.  We walked by the Beach Boardwalk, we laughed at the dogs running around, and we got to know my sister’s future father in law.  Seriously, though, we ate everything from Appetizers to soup to lobster Mac n cheese to ribs to veggies to casseroles and pie…It was pretty heavenly!

What a fabulous day!!

Super Mo(o)nday 

Last night had a beautiful moon and tonight it looks amazing too!  

Today was a MONDAY. It wasn’t a bad day. It just had one tiny bad part!

This morning I had to take care of a time sensitive lab specimen before I went to work out.  Of course they were shorthanded but there was no wait so I waited while she took her time. Of course she knew the “reason” as it was listed in the system from my husband’s specialist doctor, and so I said “Oh yeah, we have been trying for over 2.5 years…” but we left it at that and I rushed it to the lab (hoping I didn’t ruin it by wasting time)!

I went to work out. Lefty was loud, barking at everyone and everything, but it was a good workout then I rushed to hit the shower and run to work. I remembered my chia pudding but forgot my Egg cup and had a great cabbage and tuna salad for lunch.  

Then late in the afternoon, that same lady coworker from the other department from this morning rushes over some paperwork and when she sees me she says in front of the whole office, “oh how’s the new mommy to be doing?”

After my jaw hit the floor, I said “Well, we are hoping but still trying and it hasn’t happened yet so don’t say that! Please.”  She laughed nervously and then left.  Then I turned around to look at my supervisor who mouthed the ol’ “Wtf?!” Her face said: She should know better! I’m sorry that happened to you. She totally sympathized with me.  

AnywayZ! I finished work and ran to my friend (who is expecting)’s home for a Friendsgiving (where I tried not to eat everything in sight! I did pretty well- turkey and veg!) and I played with a baby there:)

All that to say, it didn’t ruin my day, it just annoyed me.  All day I got a lot done and had fun with friends.  But it still makes me sad inside!

Yes I am thankful. Sure I have a lot to be grateful about. But don’t ever say that, and not in front of other people! (Against HIPAA!)

Oh and another annoying thing? Knee! I didn’t think I had been running and my knee was so swollen today so I iced it.:/


Good night Moon. 

The Fitness Games (review of one fun little app!)

disclaimer: As part of the FitApproach, LLC Sweat Pink team, I got to test the premium TFG app for a campaign. I wasn’t compensated monetarily and all opinions are my own. As always, before starting any fitness program, please go talk to your doctor!

I was first introduced to tfgapp.com at IdeaWorld health and Fitness Expo. I downloaded it but…to be honest, got busy and forgot about it until Fit Approach’s wonderful sweat pink team allowed me to review it. So began my search for virtual friends to compete with!

Basically you create a profile, you choose a workout(create your own, strength/cardio, or choose a preset workout plan),&compete against someone online or even yourself!

I was thrilled about this idea! I am sad to say I didn’t make time to use it every day (due to work schedule changes or my other gym classes I usually attend). I enjoy little badges and points(I am a gold star girl), so this idea totally makes sense to me. In order for it to work, you must keep the app open and actively submit the workout right away when you complete it.(I was like 1 minute too slow so I lost the wall sit challenge that jennvossfitness.com first challenged me to but that’s ok).

I sweated and huffed and puffed through a bodyweight HIIT challenge with a user named URG, and I posted it on Instagram saying, I DONT CARE THAT I LOST, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT I DID IT!:) I was inspired and motivated by these challengers!

One of the workouts I did I forgot to enter the reps, sets&weights I did! But what does one do if they don’t have access to all the gym equipment? Now, once I did one against myself, and I had to wait in line, the gym happened to be super busy at that time, so that slowed me down walking to find the machine, a free bench, or the right size weight for me.

TFG is really helpful if you are like me and you walk into a gym without a plan. I usually rely on the class instructor (or a personal trainer) to do all the thinking for me, but this makes it fun.

Thanks for the opportunity TFG! Readers, go check it out at your App Store.